4 years today. If I can quit, you can quit. Don’t focus on forever, focus on today. And eventually you’ll be 4 years smoke free. And you’ll be nearly $10,000 richer.

  1. Question! Did you guys have anxiety after quitting smoking? if you have, how long did it last? And how do you guys deal with it?

  2. I experienced the anxiety of a missing routine. You replace it with other routines. I chose, in increasing order of time commitment: mindfulness exercises (for something like the first seven weeks, I was pretty diligent about this one, at least a few times each day taking the time to sit with the anxiety and observing how a craving builds, peaks, and recedes without responding to it in any other way, was cool to see that sometimes this took like 12-15 minutes, sometimes it took 1-2 minutes, had me paying attention to triggers and associations), reading (any time I wanted to hop out for a smoke after the first few days, I committed to 6 minutes of reading one specific book, set a little visual timer and picked up the physical book, helped me understand that I could respond to anxiety/urges with another activity and defuse the urge-smoking connection with a new association), making tea (y'all I had never had chamomile tea before I stopped smoking but now I keep it in a huge bulk jar, it was handy to get up and go through the process of boil kettle, get jar, fill tea ball, steep, stir, drink—it's nice to have a process because sometimes it seems like that's what I was using smoking for, to have a little process routine... now I'm a chamomile connoisseur), and at the other end an exercise routine (I went through C25K). Hang in there, it all changes for the better.

  3. Congrats, but focusing on each day sounds miserable. Better to shed seeing yourself as a smoker, or a recovering smoker altogether. You’re just a non-smoker. Eventually days pass without the thought of a cigarette because you’re identifying yourself as a non-smoker. Your self-image aligns with your actions.

  4. I'm saving over 5g a year. Chain smoker who's quit for 2 months now. Smoked 21 years chained for 10. Anyone can do this if they are ready.

  5. I was a smoker for 10 years (hashish and cigarette) but now i decided to stop so i'm at my fifth day without smoking and i don't feel the big symptomes that people get should i expect them in the next days or i'm not that dependant even if i was a big smoker of hashish . Ps : i'm still learning english sorry for the mistakes

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