Nature is healing.

  1. Wait patiently in line for 4 hrs, finally hit the front of the queue, just as lock-out curfew hits and you get told to go home.

  2. When I was 18 I was told by my friend to just hang out at his place because the Ivy wouldn't let in big boobed Asians because we didn't fit their 'demographic'. Never went for fear of public humiliation.

  3. Is it? I thought the same, but it has been 12 years since my last visit. But immediately it felt like Ivy

  4. That’s a shit take. It may be Sidney’s only big night club made for wankers, but there are plenty of good small clubs in Sydney.

  5. The security don't allow you to smoke/vape in the lines. It's fucking annoying, because step 1m to the side of the line and suddenly it's magically fine.

  6. They don't even play music or anything for the people in the line, it's just standing around in the cold.

  7. As an old cunt, I can whole heartedly say that the musty wet smell of that place would be awful.

  8. My god, girls wear such sensible shoes now. Back in my day we were obligated to wear heels and walking from George st to Oxford St was always the worst 😭

  9. I just donated all of my Tony Bianco 2010/2011 clubbing heels and wedges the other day and it was like the end of an era. A kitschy, uncomfortable era.

  10. Meanwhile, if you're a guy, it appears you can get away with wearing whatever shit you dug out of the bottom of the laundry pile 5 minutes before you left the house.

  11. I did notice the distinct lack of totally inappropriate clothes and footwear. "Back in my day" you'd have girls in mini skirts, those whatever they're called... slips that are a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen and stilettos, shivering outside in 10 degree weather.

  12. I remember back in Uni a guy friend said he’d never date a girl who wore flats. Times have changed (thank god).

  13. Was going to comment on this, clearly the secrets memos are back post-Covid, the ones that tell girls “ok from this weekend you all have to wear , pass it on.”

  14. Exactly. At their age, even though I wasn’t really into clubbing, we had all the options of Kings Cross and the city available AND we could go backpacking in Europe or Asia and experience all kinds of fun nightlife there.

  15. The thing I've seen quite interestingly is that a lot of people turned 18 during lockdown and weren't able to go out and drink. The result is that a bunch of people are celebrating belated 18ths at the same time and are getting absolutely wrecked because they didn't have the gradual introduction to bars and drinking they would have otherwise

  16. I didn’t think of it from this perspective. I’d done so much parting between 17-20 that I gave up drinking for good by my 21st birthday. Go and have messy drunk fun young kiddos.

  17. I’ve worked at ivy for many events & whilst obviously those horrid things happened & should never happen again, some of the security there are the best I’ve seen. They often have to deal with flack from customers as they try to control people (who need controlling).

  18. Even when I was young enough to care about clubs, a line more than 20 deep was a dealbreaker. Why the fuck would I want to waste a large chunk of my night standing in a fucking line. God damn it this just makes me feel old.

  19. The line was moving, the club had 2500+ people on the guestlist. I am so stoked they can go out and enjoy themselves again.

  20. maybe because when you were young there was an active club scene and you didnt have a pandemic for 2 of your 3/4 prime club years. some of these people may have never even been to a club before

  21. Nature is healing, the nocturnal fiends migrate once again. They will brave many perils in an attempt to mate, devouring nose beers for sustenance they perform a bizarre ritual dance. When the sun is almost beginning to rise, they regurgitate a 17 dollar kebab and go back into hibernation.

  22. I remember turning 18 and trying to get into all of them with a mate of mine and no girls, I wore a nice silver chain, point leather shoes and plenty of hair gel… I now know why I never got let in…

  23. My first experience at Sydney club was standing in line outside a place called Birdie or Birdie's and watching the bouncers going up and down the line, picking out the hottest chicks and letting them in first. That was the moment I twigged "ah, this is just a giant machine designed to extract the contents of wallets in exchange for perceived closer access to women's bodies", bounced out, went home and played Xbox 360

  24. Good to see. Hope they make the most of it. I miss these days of my youth where even standing in a line with your mates while it rains was a good time. Let the youth do their thing.

  25. Absolutely! It makes getting into the club that much sweeter, it's all a good story the next day.

  26. Hot Damn was a Thursday night. Friday morning was a baaaad time for a while there. Can't think of anything worse now, though it was fun while it lasted.

  27. Since covid-returning-to-work, many just WFH on Fridays so now Thursday seems to be the new Friday.

  28. yes all the people there will just go in and that gen z generation get drunk after sipping half a beer then its sexy times in the bathrooms

  29. Nothing like waiting in line only to drop your card close to the front and the bouncer not letting you in. I miss those days.

  30. ITT: a lot of people who don't remember lining up in a club in the Cross back in the day. Let these kids have their moment and soak up the social setting of a club where they can meet new people, far out ya old bastards!

  31. So many curmudgeons! Ivy's definitely not my go to spot but it can be fun in its own special way.

  32. I think it's more the fact that's it's pissing down, the line seems impossible, and people rightfully bitching about lockdown laws having destroyed most other venues to provide alternatives. I mean, the Ivy? lol fuck that even without a queue. I used to work around the corner from there, so we'd have our thursday/friday drinks there. God I hated every bit of that place.

  33. Only thing better than this would be standing in the line all night only to get to the front door and ya mates don't want to pay the $20 cover charge...

  34. You'd hate to be that guy that queues up for hours, only to be rejected when you get to the front as you are "wearing the wrong shoes".

  35. I’m a 21M in Sydney who has never done the clubbing scene (I don’t drink, broke, too busy trying to make ends meet). Will I look back and regret not going to places like this? Or is it just a crowded room with flashing lights and EDM?

  36. $1 drinks on Tuesdays back in the day at Sweethearts. Before RSA. 10 Bourbon and Cokes please. And they would have a band on also. I remember " Tuesday all month SPYvSPY and dollar drinks"

  37. In my mid 30’s now, absolutely no clue what club is in. The Ivy came into the scene towards the latter end of my hey days, but everything relatives or friends in their 20’s tell me is the Sydney nightlife is legitimately dead. I feel spoilt now given the options I had back in the day.

  38. Jesus there is some pathetic comments here don't any of you remember lining up like that when you where young and clubbing

  39. Nope. Fuck all the way off. Glad everything’s getting back to normal but that is close to my definition of hell

  40. Ahhh I remember these day.... only to get denied entry because we weren't wearing the right shoes or something. Have fun kids, you deserve it!

  41. Sigh. That brings back memories of the -one- time I went to a club. My friend was rejected for having "unsafe" (i.e. open toe) shoes. In our naivety, we went all the way back home to change into closed shoes, and returned to the club. Needless to say, every single other woman there had open shoes. Never went clubbing again.

  42. Went out on Halloween, couldn’t get in anywhere cos the lines were so long and then was told it was a two hour wait to get into Sidebar.

  43. There’s like a certain demographic then every so often. Middle aged rack head appears in the line. Love to see it.

  44. So many people I talk to have never been there or don’t know where it is, and I’m like “but it’s literally under the Ivy? You’ve been past it? The birdcages?”

  45. Holy fuck and i thought waiting 10mins to get in back in my day was bad. That's fucking crazy waiting that long in the rain 🤣

  46. Seeing this brings back so many memories of queuing for clubs, peaking on the natural hormones, frustration at just wanting to get in and let loose, I’m kinda glad I’m old now and can’t be arsed! Lol. Hope they all smashed it.

  47. ahhh I miss doing this back in the uni days. I remember my mum thinking 'what is even opened at this time?!' and it's not like now where I could snap a photo and send to her. It was back in the pre-smart phone days where Nokia dominated the cellular market

  48. The convenience stores along George st used to sell cheap plastic raincoats (if you can call them that) - they put them out front when it was raining and it saved my friends and I many a time when we had spent hours on hair and makeup ready for pool bar only for it to start pissing down

  49. Wow this made me feel old. The phase of my life where I was willing to do this was verrrrry short lived.

  50. Lmaoooo, here I am at home on reddit on my couch with my partner sleeping next to me and the cat in front of the heater enjoying and then there’s all them 😂

  51. People ragging on the kids, but I’ve seen just as lengthy lines for older folks to get into the jazz club in Marrickville, and the line stretches all the way around two corners. Waiting for stuff is just how Sydney does.

  52. I'd love to see people's reaction if this was a line for a rock show at the hordern. Some people are just old and bitter smh. Let the kids have their awkward loud nightclub experience. They're not hurting anyone. Fills my heart with joy man..

  53. Clubbing was never a good experience for me. I'm too old for it now and when I was young, I'm so short that I looked under age all the way until I was in my 30s. I also have a strange tone of voice and bouncers would accuse me of being intoxicated when I'd had 0 drinks. Bartenders would also make this accusation. On top of that, I'd have to present ID every time and they would fuck with it to try and check if it was fake. So I would have to keep getting new ones cause bouncers and bartenders were fucking up my cards. On top of that, I never once picked up a chick because chicks don't like young looking short guys (or old short guys for that matter). So my mates would one by one peel off with chicks and I'd end up on the night rider bus going home with drunk teenagers throwing up and getting the splash back on my shoes and stuff. A couple of times I caved and went to the brothel instead of just going home and the same shit with the ID checking would happen. There was one time when a cute Asian "girl" singled me out and was dancing with me a lot and then she took me to a quieter venue and made out with me. Then she put my hand on her crotch and said "I take you home and fuck your arse". I never knew I had hairs on the back of my neck until that moment.

  54. Nah man, don't despair, you'll be alright. Feel free to reach out and have a chat. This worlds tough enough together let alone on our own

  55. One of the guys who runs the Ivy party on Sundays is quite short, don't let it get in your way my friend.

  56. I'm 20 I've never gone clubbing the idea id being around a bunch if strangers dancing is not appealing. But it seems like a great place to meet women. Maybe I should go. Id prefer a disco tho

  57. You have to go clubbing in the US or UK the culture there is if your single you can go out on your own to meet new people maybe a girl for a one night stand, but in Australia now they will only let you in if your with a massive group of people

  58. I’m so glad I’m too old for that shit. Give me an evening and morning of chill relaxed conversation and whisky at Baxter’s any time

  59. Jesus Christ is Ivy entry so expensive on Fridays and the weekends that people are lining up in the rain to buy $20 mixed drinks with half a shot of alcohol?

  60. I've been to the Ivy only once: to see Prince play. That's how good of an excuse it has to be to get me into that shithole.

  61. Where else is there? They sold the cross off to developers. 333 is now a NAB. Argyle might be the only other place that side of town.

  62. Have not been in a while but I remember walking right in and then going to vip section and rooftop 😍

  63. Isn't it sad that people stand in a line for an hour plus to have their nights entertainment And many do this every week Then drink to severely over loud music, bit of ecstasy, more drink. Loud music, hangover in the morning, Our future is secure Our leaders are getting better aren't they! .. Aren't they?. Oh Oh dear

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