Botanical black work cover-up by Kerry Burke, Heart of Gold Body Arts, Hendersonville, NC (IG: @kerryburketattoos)

  1. This is gorgeous! I saw it on her Instagram when she posted it, and I was in love. I have an appointment with her on March 12th, I'm so excited! Very happy for you and your beautiful new piece.

  2. YES! I've been looking for her. She left the shop in Asheville, NC that I knew she was at and I couldn't remember her last name to look her up!

  3. I think I was there in the summer. Is that the town with all the bears? If so, it was probably the cleanest town I've ever been in. Everything was so neat and perfect it reminded me of the Truman Show.

  4. See, I've always wanted tattoo, but I want something stunning and classy and that looks like a piece of art. And peonies are my favorite flower. I would love a smaller version of something like this, really beautiful!

  5. I really want a botanical tattoo like this, but I don't know how to find an artist who is skilled in this style in my area. Does anyone know of any artists in LA who can do something this beautiful?

  6. I'll check Instagram for you. Edgiest place, imo to keep track of great artists. LA should have a ton of super skilled artists to choose from. Brb

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