Who will pay for all the electric car chargers? Pretty much everyone

  1. the government has a history of funding things that are in interest to the general public but not companies because they are early stage research / adoption. GPS, the internet, everything NASA, airplanes, radar, vaccines, computers, barcodes, wind turbines, baby formula, lead free solder, self driving cars, etc.

  2. Almost like they're investing in a nation or something. Funny how that built a country that then decayed when they stopped.

  3. As the owner of an electric vehicle, they're going to help, but they're not going to save the world. What we need is more investment in transit, walkable cities, bike lanes, etc. Something that's sadly been lacking so far.

  4. 20.5B in direct subsidies. We know CC is real and have started to model the future costs. The real subsidy is that we are not pricing in the cost of externalities and are just pushing them along to future generations to pay for. If we properly priced it in green energy would be even more cost effective then it already is. It is nuts that we all know this, yet we are talking about gas tax holidays or paying for FF infrastructure out of public money. Our grandkids are going to look at us like we are monsters.

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/wjcc9c/who_will_pay_for_all_the_electric_car_chargers/ijjm414/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

  6. Who funds oil and gas subsidies? Who funds cleaning up all the environmental damage they caused?

  7. Then there was that whole trillion dollar war over Iraq oil. All the military ships to defend oil in hostile countries. Saudi bombed us on 9/11 and we just have to smile and take it cause oil.

  8. This is too...obvious? We already pay for everything, always have. We built every piece of infrastructure we've ever had this way, and the alternative is something that has never existed. We built and propped up car companies, oil companies, electric companies, nothing about any of this seems surprising, or new, or unexpected. We know we will pay for it. We always intended to.

  9. I'm inclined to agree. Government subsidiaries lead to unfair competitive market advantages for big business. It's anticompetitive and bad for the consumer.

  10. We need a way to swap batteries. I know there are challenges but that’s kind of the point of batteries. We need battery swapping stations.

  11. My Ioniq 5 charges from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes. That is fast enough that I don't think it is worth the added complexity to manufacturing and reliability. Also, battery swapping technology necessitates an abundance of batteries, but right now the main problem with EVs, is that there simply aren't enough batteries being made fast enough to meet demand.

  12. "Everyone deep down..." - This is how you try to sell a viewpoint when you don't actually have an argument based on evidence. Appeals to the nebulous populace aren't impressive. Who is "everyone"? Why exactly are EVs "shitty tech"?

  13. There is a little talked about feature of the Tesla destination chargers (not the super chargers, the smaller ones). They are wifi enabled and will have the ability to let the owners of the chargers, profit on people charging. So people can pay to charge at your apartment building or store and you get a cut. This incentivizes putting in the chargers.

  14. Well yeah and eventually we will all drive electric cars. Im fine with the infrastructure being put into place to make it more accessible now, gives me all the more reason to buy electric the next time i need a new car.

  15. Oh look, Axios being... Shitty. Shocker. That title is loaded as fuck. Guess the owner also owns a lot of Big Oil stocks.

  16. While some chargers are free at the moment, it's to encourage people to adopt electric vehicles, they also have free road tax and congestion charge in the UK. Once electric vehicles become mainstream those perks will disappear like snow in a heatwave.

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