The End of Manual Transmission

  1. I’m a naturalized US citizen with tons of driving experience back in India; I literally had to fight with the car rental guy in Europe to have him give me a manual after all.

  2. I live in the US, and all my cars have been stick. It becomes increasingly harder to find them, but I still prefer them.

  3. I’m renting a manual in Berlin right now… but let’s be real - manual is just about dead. The irony is that we all thought automatic would kill it but in reality it’s the electric vehicle that just gets rid of the entire transmission.

  4. I'm from the US and drive a manual. Now that I live in Asia I never see them. There are actually two different licenses where I live. One for driving only an automatic and one for a manual as well.

  5. I’m in the US and I just bought my first automatic. I’m 36 and spent the last 20 years exclusively driving manuals. Part of me really misses manual, but it’s like when an air conditioner or fan you’ve gotten used to hearing finally turns off; you never realize how annoying it was until it’s gone.

  6. US dealership thought I was crazy when I wouldn't buy one of their automatic MX-5s in 2018. Eventually they worked a deal to get a manual brought from a city away. That was a deal breaker for me, whether automatics are faster or not. Paddle shifters are boring af on those automatics. Not speaking for super cars though, I have never had an experience with one of those so maybe I wouldn't mind if I was ever lucky enough to pick one them.

  7. Not really. Manuals are inferior in almost all cases, and automatic is required in every hybrid. Not to mention that EVs don't even have them.

  8. I learned and drove manual for many years, but when I got my first automatic I was amazed at how relaxing it was. I will never go back to manual, but to each their own.

  9. Yeah, I also learned manual to start and whenever people start talking about how good manuals are it's just baffling to me.

  10. Same, and considering I can still shift my automatic into specific gears when I need to, I'll never go back. Plus, a permanent spinal injury makes it painful to be moving both legs constantly for shifting.

  11. My dad for years was upset he didn’t have a manual. He finally got one and hates having to shift constantly just because how our roads and stuff is. Lots of straights and then sharp turns and a lot and I mean a lot of stop lights there like 5 on 1 road in my town

  12. I drove my uncle's manual since he was getting a new clutch. It was only fifteen minutes, and it was a little terrifying, but really cool when my understanding of how controlling it actually coincided with how my body was working it. It's hard to explain but I felt like I was actually controlling the car versus directing it. It's sad to think I may never have that experience again.

  13. You can always buy a cheap fun manual car and you'll have that experience whenever you want.

  14. Being Irish, I drove manuals for 20 years and was never interested in an automatic (“too boring”). Then I drove my family and I from San Francisco to LA in 2019 and actually drove an automatic for the first time…I bought an automatic A6 the following January and haven’t looked back!

  15. English person here - I do not understand the obsession with manual gearboxes. I’m self employed and drive my van around Essex / London and I would happily never change gear manually ever again. After fifteen years of using a manual I bought an automatic car because it happened to be the model I liked and it was at the right price and the moment I drove it I wondered why anyone ever wants a manual. The auto shifts quicker, smoother and driving is just so much more pleasant. A friend recently got an auto Ford Transit and that is absolutely what I’ll be buying when it’s time to replace my van. I realise I’m somewhat in the minority here but I just wanted to say I absolutely hate changing gear. :)

  16. Maybe the minority here, but not in general. I grew up driving sticks, but have an auto now. I just don't like sore knees in traffic.

  17. I’m completely with you on that. Driving is steady unpleasant enough, why would I WANT to make it more complicated on purpose?

  18. Thank you. It seems like a lot of people in this thread are the fans of manual. Personally, even though I do drive a manual, it's exhausting changing the gear multiple times a minute while driving in the capital. Can't wait to get an automat. Each to their own.

  19. I drive VW with DSG and like it a lot. I was driving manual in past, but I like automatic more. I won’t ever said that I am not connected with the car. I enjoy driving it. DSG is a robot gearbox on top of manual one. I know when and how it changes gears + there is an option to do it manually which I use rarely. I don’t even drive cars with manual anymore. I don’t like how they are going back if you start uphill. If the car has system which prevents it - I would drive it. Also, I think that for most people auto gearbox is much better since you are more focused on the road rather than changing gears + it’s just simpler to use. Also, my friend who was driving Uber and Bolt in Kyiv had a problem with his left knee from pressing clutch too much in traffic. Which I think is ridiculous and obviously not worth it.

  20. If you only drive rural, manual is more fun. But I agree that as soon as you have to do any significant amount of urban driving, auto is the way to go. I say this as a person who lives in an urban area with a manual :-)

  21. I have driven both manual and automatics, but there's something about manual gearboxes which is just... satisfying for me. Flawlessly changing the gears, the amazing control over the current RPM of the engine, being able to take it to high (or low) RPM in a gear if I need to without changing gear, these are all things which you "feel" when you drive a manual which you will never experience on an automatic.

  22. I think a big issue was that automatic gearboxes 25-30 years ago were just diabolical. I remember renting a couple of automatics in the US and the gears were jumping all over the place the minute there was a slight undulation in the road.

  23. You're not really in the minority. The majority the world over prefer automatics. It's really just Europe where you might be in the minority.

  24. We're at the stage now of car enthusiasts sounding like vinyl record enthusiasts. They acknowledge that everything about the modern alternative is better and yet they'll die on the hill that they prefer the old way.

  25. This is like saying “would would anyone ever want to drive a herky-jerky sports car when they could simply drive a smoother economy car”. You can’t understand why someone would have different driving preferences than you?

  26. Realistically, I don't hear anyone around me ever wishing* for a manual transmission with the exception of having a fun car like an S2000, Miata, Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 etc...

  27. "More control", i.e. the car changing gear when you want it to, is the main attraction of manual gearboxes. I found even in an E-class Mercedes, while it might be capable of making a gear change faster, on things like roundabouts it would change at a time when I didn't want it to, then have to change back, leaving more time without power to the wheels than you would have on a manual.

  28. Never cared either, but part of it is when auto was first marketed here it was more expensive and seen as a things for old people or shit drivers. So it simply got a bad reputation, like a negative status symbol. That lingers to this day, even when it makes no sense anymore.

  29. Driving a decent manual is more fun but, to be honest, most of my driving is done in cities or motorways/freeways where fun doesn't really exist, no matter what type of transmission you have.

  30. Idk, I find that a manual can make driving fun in areas where it otherwise wouldn't be. My city isn't bumper to bumper traffic all the time though, I might feel differently if I lived in a major metro area.

  31. My eldest kid has just turned 16 and got his learners permit. I’m teaching him firstly in my MT car so he can learn feel and touch of using the pedals (clutch and accelerator). Like I tell him, it’s like riding a bike, once you learn how, you’ll never forget.

  32. Yep my parents made my sister and I do manual licences and both of us now have auto cars but it's good to have the knowledge there

  33. This was my plan for myself but it never happened and I’m stuck renting auto cars when we are in Europe or Central America, which is limiting. I did realize that the scenario where I know manual so I’m ready to jump in the drivers seat in an emergency has a double edged sword as I could’ve been the owner of the manual car and none of my friends would’ve been ready to jump into the drivers seat in an emergency. I’d still like to learn some day

  34. I had owned a standard when I was a teenager. I had driven automatics through my 20’s and early 30’s. I got another standard when I was 36, I remembered everything about driving a stick before I left the lot. As you said, it’s very much like riding a bike. Once you know you never forget.

  35. I have adhd and kept fucking up the manual when I was learning. No matter how much you tell me not to I’m looking at the damn stick. Had family go off at me for getting my auto license but at least I can around.

  36. I think you'll find your reason for teaching him manual will end up bring somewhat similar to teachers who told us "you won't have a calculator".

  37. Don't do the test in an Auto then or he won't legally be able to drive a manual. Unless that law is diferent in other states, WA will only let you drive a manual if that is what you use for your test.

  38. Like pretty much every Australian of my vintage, I learnt in a manual and considered it to be "proper driving". But I'm currently teaching my kid to drive, and I can't think of any good reason for him to learn how to operate a manual.

  39. If you live in a place with lots of traffic then automatic is just the way to go. Otherwise manual is just a great feeling. It s bit like pushing the power handle in movies when they are on plane of in a spaceship.

  40. I do about 80 miles a day city driving and still love my manual. I do understand that I’m an insane person for that and super in the minority. The manual enjoyer community is terrible sometimes, the memes are like “you’re not a man and are soy af if you drive automatic”… brother, I got news for you, women HATE manuals. All my girlfriends have complained and actively tried to avoid taking my manual car whenever possible. It’s something you really have to enjoy because it’s super inconvenient. Most people in your life can’t just hop in your driver seat if the need arises and that’s something to think about.

  41. They’ll never know the joy of standing in front and turning the crank till you get that satisfying ending turn over sound. Starter motors, bah.

  42. I don't understand the complaints about automatic. Do these people want roll up windows back so they can manually raise/lower the window? Do they hate anti-lock breaks because they want to pump the brakes themselves? Do they hate forward collision prevention? Adaptive cruise control?

  43. People still ride horses for fun and sport. There are horse and buggy events included in those.

  44. Meh. It's not like North America had a huge love affair with manual transmission. What worries me is that here in Europe, where finding an automatic was hard, now it's becoming harder to find manuals on newer cars, which sucks

  45. I live in the US, it's kind of difficult finding new manual cars, when I first started looking for a car, most of the new ones were too expensive for me so I went to just buying older used cars, not having to deal with all the tech in there is great and I learned a lot. When my late 80s Toyota's transmission shit the bed, I was able to fix it over a weekend with a friend. My brother had some mechanical issues with his '16 Subaru and tried bringing it to me, I could not make heads or tails of it.

  46. There are plenty of manual options in regular cars in Europe. You still pay a premium for an automatic model on new cars for the most part.

  47. I don't get it. I learned to drive stick out of necessity at around 40. Yes, it was a little awkward at first, but I grew to like it. At least for city driving, it gave my ADHD brain just enough to do to be engaged with driving and not meander off into the ether of daydreaming.

  48. Opposite. I started manual and have had a few over the years. At 40 my knees just aren't what they used to be but mostly my city is so congested I can't stand stop and go in a manual. As fun as they are I don't ever want a manual transmission again. I'm glad to see high performance cars like the gt500 phase them out. Used to be a manual was the only option and that eliminates lots of potential buyers

  49. I'm upset that I can just double click on an icon instead of typing the full name of the folder and file into DOS. We really lost something there. I used to feel like I was operating the computer, not just using it. Kids don't even know what to do when I put command prompt in front of 'em. What are you gonna do when your computer breaks down and the only one available is one that doesn't have a graphical interface? Huh? That's right, you wouldn't even have a computer at all, would ya!?

  50. So i'm reading alot of people here loving driving manual, as long as it's not in the city. Extrapolating from that thought, what you're suggesting is you hate having to shift alot.

  51. In the US "driving in the city" is code for "sitting in rush hour traffic on the highway." And there you're not shifting frequently, instead you're slipping the clutch constantly. Especially miserable when the clutch is heavy, like you'd have in a high horsepower muscle car (or truck/SUV) that's also popular in the US.

  52. No it just sucks ass to go between neutral and first over and over and over in bumper to bumper traffic.

  53. I love this logic. For real. "You like driving stick when you don't have to shift too much". Stick lovers should love traffic

  54. I assume you drive an automatic and have no idea what driving a manual feels like. Also it’s the constant half-clutching we hate in traffic not shifting :))

  55. As an American, my first and second cars were manual. I enjoyed driving them, but managing a stick and clutch in a city, or even in the suburbs, was borderline infuriating at times -- and this was on big US roads with long straightaways.

  56. Or if you have a ton of hills and blind curves (looking at you Ireland, with your beautiful, yet terrifying, roads)

  57. If I had to drive in a city I’d be in the first electric car I could afford. I don’t though so my current daily is an Abarth 595 manual and it’s a laugh

  58. My Honda has a pretty light clutch compared to most manuals I've driven, I genuinely don't mind stop and go traffic. In fact I still prefer my manual in traffic. In my wife's automatic, I find I hate holding down the brake in traffic.

  59. I find it weird when they have the R to the right of the 3rd or 5th. R on the left can be next to 1 (up) or 2 (down).

  60. I learned how to drive a manual as an adult, in my 20s. I can do it, but I've never enjoyed it. I love driving, and have driven across the US, Australia, Italy, and Israel, so it's not a matter of needing a manual to love driving.

  61. I drove my first 10 years cars with manual stick and I liked them very much. Actually I only shopped cars with manual transmission, I was under assumption that automatic gearbox is just something that would break eventually and was clunky to use, no way a computer could be better at changing gears than i am.

  62. I had a friend who jumped in my 1999 Evo for a spin, he changed gears at 3000rpm. I said have you driven a turbo before …. nope. Ok so don’t change gears till you hit 5k 🤣

  63. I had an automatic for a short period, it was really nice in rush hour stop/go traffic. But otherwise I don't care, driving manual becomes pretty automatic after a while 🤷

  64. When I was driving a manual van every day for 3 years with deliveries every 10-100 meters and doing so for 7h each day, you start to feel it, but it’s not until you experience a proper automatic or just electric that you realize how much better they are in comparison.

  65. In Sweden majority of people taking their driving licenses are taking automatic ones. To those who are saying this is the case in the US only are clueless.

  66. The electronic manual shift is more efficient for most. I used to drive a stick and it was so much fun. The only sticky situation is stopped traffic on a steep slope. The rolling back is cringe (when there is a vehicle too close behind you).

  67. I love my manual car (Canadian) and have been driving them for the last twenty years. But I also realize my 2017 is probably my last manual car as electric cars will kill manual and that’s the plan for my next car. I’m a bit disappointed at that fact but..

  68. I learned on a manual but otherwise have driven automatics my whole life and prefer it much more. Like sure manual technically gives you more control over the car but control to do what? You just put in more effort and the reward is the chance to do it wrong and fuck up. It only makes sense if you are playing around with some sport car but not for most daily drives. The only real exception is the motorcycle market or toys like dirt bikes and 4 wheelers where it just isn’t really offered at an comparable price to manuals.

  69. I let a car dealer convince me to get a Manual and I regretted it all 12 years I had it. I was so glad to be rid of it. Such a nuisance.

  70. I had a car with an Auto tiptrpnic developed by Porsche. The gear change was perfect like a manual. was as if I could have my brain changing gears. It has a satisfying clonk, and behaved exactly like I would drove a manual agressively. The downshifts at the exit of corners for acceleration it was wonderful the upshifting was a joy in its timing. I felt as one with the vehicle. Modern auto is just a variator, like a gearbox that lags, shifting too late or not at all when it should. A terrible design not what an auto should be.

  71. This is only the 375th article/video I've seen on manuals dying out, within the past ten years. Even though Toyota Honda Nissan Porsche Subaru Chevy Ford Mazda Fiat lotus Volkswagen Dodge BMW (and maybe more) all sell at least one car with a manual transmission. Even if the percentages go down, manuals will never die.

  72. That's a weirdly specific number. And no, new manual transmissions will be a thing of the past once all you can obtain is an EV brand new.

  73. In 2000, more than 15 percent of new and used cars sold by the auto retailer CarMax came with stick shifts; by 2020, that figure had dropped to 2.4 percent.

  74. I don't like what you're saying any more than anyone else who loves driving a standard does, but I'm not sure why you're being down voted for saying the truth.

  75. Just bought a brand new stick shift golf last year, the 6 speed is really nice and I return some truly insane mpg numbers. Average 42 and the occasional 62. Gas, mostly commuting.

  76. I used to think of myself as a "car guy". Owned several light weight, rear wheel drive sports cars that were manual. They're fun for a while. Recently got an EV with no gears at all. I would never go back.

  77. Yeah I’m so sad when my Civic dies some day I probably won’t be able to find another manual vehicle 🥺

  78. Born and raised in the states. I’ve never had an automatic transmission. Can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy it. Lots of stop and go traffic where I live. My knee would probably thank me but, I’ve found it’s $2500 dollars I don’t have to pay for an auto trans when I buy a car.

  79. I miss cars with manual spark advance. I think we really lost something beginning with. Vacuum advance distributors. I feel so disconnected from the essence of driving now.

  80. As the first car I owned was a 1969 VW Beetle, I feel the author’s pain. That said, these days I have a 2014 Prius and a 2020 Bolt, and I feel much more in tune with the Bolt when driving. The instant response and low-speed torque of the electric car is really nice, especially compared to the I’ll-accelerate-someday response of the Prius in “Eco” mode.

  81. Recently learned how to drive manual, but only because I bought one off a family member to our mutual benefit. They needed to sell it, and I needed a second vehicle.

  82. Ahh that’s okay soon we won’t be driving the car anymore anyways so who really cares about learning stick. Especially once we go electronic.

  83. I had the pleasure of driving a porsche boxter turned EV. It had the original gearbox mounted to the EM and it worked just fine. Fun how you could just leave the 3rd gear on in lights, wait for the light to turn and push gaspedal, just like premade EV. The owner had tweaked the control system for the car so that when you turn the key in the ignition you hear this scifi beam sounds and then a cyborg like woman saying "drive mode engaged". Hilarious and cool! :D

  84. Manuals are great for the open highway and small towns but they’re pointless if you live in a city like Dallas.

  85. I drive a stick. It's tons of fun on highways/open roads but makes traffic 10x worse and red lights on hills terrifying.

  86. Good riddance. I purchased stick shifts back in the day for financial reasons (they were cheaper). What a pain. Glad to see them heading off into the sunset.

  87. IMO, automatic drivers are lazy. They don't maintain speed, don't use speed control, don't pay attention to what's going on around them, behind them etc. They rely on safety features instead of properly learning to drive. I own both a manual and an automatic and I honestly wonder what's going on in most people's cars that they don't pay attention to the road. Dropping 15-20 mph suddenly on the highway where everyone around you is going a specific speed is dangerous and there's way too many people who drive big SUV's and drive them like they're sports cars. I attribute at least some of this to the fact that people aren't paying attention to their tach or speed gauges as well as what's going on around them, and one thing I will say for manuals is you have to pay attention to driving the vehicle.

  88. Driving a standard makes you feel like your actually doing something. Downshifting around corners is the best.

  89. Drove a manual for many years when I lived in a relatively rural area and it was a joy. Moved to a major city and the congestion makes driving manual a chore (stop and go traffic). I drive automatic now, but if I ever have the means for a "fun" weekend car I'd like it to be manual.

  90. Hey something I know something about! Been driving almost exclusively manual since I was 16(I’m 31 now). Way cheaper to buy and repair :D. I love them. People say they take concentration to drive but other than traffic jams on the high way it really is awesome. And they are better at gas mileage too :D.

  91. Can someone explain to me the benefits of manual other than esoteric ones? Why would I want to have to manually shift when the car can do it perfectly for me without me having to think about it? It feels like pro-MT people are saying that they want to put unnecessary effort into something.

  92. The car can't do it perfectly. Every automatic I have driven has a significantly perceptible lag between me apply pressure to the gas and getting that power at the wheels.

  93. I live somewhere manuals are still very common, and there is nothing worse than when someone can't sober drive for the team because they never learned to actually drive. It's considered embarassing here.

  94. i doubt it. 80% of cars in Mexico are manual... that's not going to change any time ssoon. Besides Manual is soooo much more fun.

  95. BS. As of 2019, 50% of new cars sold in Mexico were automatics. In 2020, it jumped to approximately 53.5%. It’s even higher now.

  96. Let’s be real here. Manual transmissions just make very little sense anymore. 90% of people just want to get from point A to point B. Automatics make that so much easier, and probably more efficiently than a human. Some people want to get there a little bit faster or in a little bit more luxury, but too few people genuinely enjoy the act of driving to the point where they truly need or value the engagement of a stick shift. For the other 10%, and speaking from experience, very few are probably to go out of their way to get a manual car when only allowed one daily driver. The choice is even harder with the recent proliferation of EVs.

  97. Good. Its like saying "we have had dvds for several decades, but some people would still rather use vhs". Its just not profitable to keep making vhs.

  98. Good... I finally won't come across yet another person or article complaining about the loss they'll feel when they won't be able to pretend to jerk someone off while they drive anymore.

  99. The first car my husband and I owned together was a manual. We loved it. It was our little go-kart. Then we became Adulty Adults and had to buy automatics because driving a stick with a baby in the back would be a nightmare.

  100. As a mom, i'm so grateful for an automatic since we always live in places with traffic. But there is something wonderful about a manual. learned on an 82 toyota - and a 100cc dirtbike before that. as a kid I got to shift (from the passenger seat) my uncle's RX-7. Speaking of dying things, a Wankel (rotary) engine and a stick shift. sigh

  101. I love manual trans and sadly, I agree. The death of the manual cars in europe will be the law to produce only electric cars by 2035.

  102. I’m done with mine. Owned it for 4 years now but got over it in a new months. I only bought it cause I fall asleep behind the wheel a lot back then. Sucks more that my wife can’t drive it.

  103. Teach her to drive it. I taught my wife to drive stick in my sti, then in my 72 datsun, now shes driving the new manual corolla.

  104. Couple years ago at an oil change place I had to drive the car into position - something staff usually does - because the one guy they have who can drive stick wasn’t in. You know I was strutting slightly as I went to move the car. #savethemanual

  105. When my girls reached driving age, I purposely bought a manual shift car for them to learn on. Not only is it fun, but they will never be stuck if they can't get an automatic...

  106. My next car is going to be a Toyota GR86 with MT. Might as well go out with a bang in probably the finest drivers car for the money.

  107. Newer automatic cars are greener. For example, the 2022 Subaru automatics are about 20% more fuel efficient than manual (Crosstrek eg).

  108. My wife pulls a horse trailer with her truck. We bought the last 2018 ram manual around back then. The manual cost an extra ~$1k or so. It’s much easier to pull weight with a manual.

  109. Stick shift is by far the best thing for me. The feeling you get when rev matching while heel toeing and down shifting can never be replaced. Such a loss to those who never felt this pleasure. My manual 991 S Carrera is a keeper.

  110. American here. All 3 of my kids (all girls) drove a stick as their first car. I keep telling them that they should put that on their resume, but they don’t believe me.

  111. Manuals have been dying for a while now. All the fun cars have gone to flappy paddles. I don't give a fuck that it's faster around the nurburgring I want to feel the car. EVs are just accelerating the decline even further.

  112. Same guys were whining when horses were replaced by cars, and black and white photos went out of fashion, and when bikes got derailleurs, and flat screen computer monitors came out, and digital cameras replaced film, and when LED lights killed off incandescent bulbs, and...

  113. I'm never giving up a manual transmission. It's the most connected you can feel to the road through the driving experience. I can hold a car perfectly in place, on a hill, without the brake, by only the slip of the clutch. That's vehicle control and I love it. I own a couple of 5-speed manuals and I'll drive them until I can't drive anymore.

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