Record efficiency of 26.81% for large silicon solar cells

  1. If you have never experienced having some solar panels with an inverter and a small inexpensive battery like a $30 10 amp hour lithium iron phosphate battery then you really can't understand the dramatic gains that have happened in solar panels lately. Suddenly you have an immense amount of power being put out by something that's just sitting there in the sunshine that's not even very big. We're talking about power that can kill you coming out of an inverter. We're talking about power that can make a Big Arc of electricity. Two or three Solar panels today can make whopping amounts of power and not even in bright sunshine. They'll make power even in cloudy skies.

  2. Interesting. It makes me wonder if some boats will move to at least partially electric motors. Keep the diesel for when it's needed.

  3. When can I buy one? I'm about to install a roof worth of solar but this stuff could probably just use 1 or 2 panels. Worth waiting vs electrical savings now??

  4. I, personally, prefer seeing an image of the actual technology that's being reported. Couldn't care less about the guy, who managed the engineers.

  5. I just keep the thumbnails as small as possible, completely removed when just viewing the whole subreddit and such. It's quite often they're really not related, showing some random picture of a dude or something like this. At least in my experience.

  6. It is amazing how 'inefficient' power 'generation' seems to be. Imagine if they were 99% efficient. I guess that would be like imagining I was 26.81% efficient.

  7. There is a technical limit, about 34%, so we are 80% there. To go beyond that you have to use multi junction cells, which are a lot more expensive. Perovskite does multi cell, but with efficiency level similar to conventional methods

  8. Photosynthesis in plants is typically 3%. Solar cells are fighting thermodynamics, so almost 27% is extraordinarily good.

  9. I think it means there’s lots of room for further efficiency improvements. And solar is already the cheapest way to produce energy…imagine what will happen if efficiency continues to rise

  10. Probably a full wafer. There are a few different standard sizes nowadays, but all of them are around 6-8 inch squares or rectangles.

  11. I guess if your goal is to pay many times as much for the same amount of energy, sure... it's pretty "green" when the waste is handled well, it's just suuuuper expensive compared to solar right now.

  12. If you had a field of these 26.81% efficient solar panels in the same footprint of a nuclear power plant (including all off limit areas and borders), this would generate the same amount of electricity. Throw some batteries in there and you've got yourself a much better system in that you don't need to wait 10 years to put it up.

  13. I just wish the prices would come down. I still got quoted over $20,000 for a 6kW system for my house. The payback time was 30 years with only a 25 year lifetime on the panels.

  14. They have come down in cost rapidly, and don’t seem to have stopped. The cost per watt is about a fifth of what it was a decade ago, and we’ve blown way ahead of forecasts from that period. Also 30 year payback time? That’s extremely atypical from my own research into this.

  15. Name me one company in the world. That doesn't use the Chinese slave labor getting the minerals. China has the rare minerals market cornered, because its polluting as fuck and no one wants it in their country.

  16. Now we just need some cheap batteries, current solar pannels are at 22% so i dont see such a big efficiency increase

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