The FTC is suing Microsoft to block its Activision Blizzard purchase / It’s a major challenge to Microsoft’s planned $68.7 billion acquisition of the massive gaming company.

  1. Guess what how much Sony, Microsoft, Steam, and Android take for every game/app sold through their market places?

  2. I hate this logic and I’ve seen it everywhere regarding this. Because the FTC didn’t do anything in the past isn’t a good excuse for them to not do anything now. If they want to actually get back in the business of regulating businesses they have to start somewhere.

  3. So what is the 'correct' amount for Apple to charge, then? Remember, they are providing a service by managing the app store, however little you may value that it's beneficial for the marketplace to have guardianship. As the creators and stewards of that marketplace, are they not allowed to decide what they'd like to charge?

  4. Because that 30 cents is industry standard and isn’t anything they consider anticompetitive or anti consumer. But Sony has poisoned the FTC against the Microsoft deal.

  5. Just to clarify here - Microsoft would of had to file with both the FTC and the DoJ. The FTC chose to do the merger review and are now filing a complaint.

  6. Everyone on reddit wants trusts to be busted and then the moment the FTC starts busting a trust the gamers are mad about their exclusives.

  7. Honestly, given the shitty management culture happening at Blizzard and Activision I don't mind them specifically being bought out. We'll never get Blizzard as it was pre-Activision, but at least Microsoft will keep them more in line is my hope.

  8. Sony is the only one making noise about this acquisition. They did it in Europe and now the US. Microsoft shouldn’t lose cause “exclusive” is not covered cause Microsoft has said it will make games available on Steam for PC and even Nintendo. They asked Sony to sign an agreement that they would keep games especially Call of Duty on PlayStation for 10 years. Sony declined to sign but Nintendo jumped on that offer.

  9. It really is maddening how ineffective nonexistent our antitrust enforcement is in this country. The comments section here are full of a bunch of examples, and even Kroger is trying to buy Albertsons, which would drastically reduce competition out in the West.

  10. The FTC rarely ever does their job and now when they finally do, people don’t even know how to react.

  11. I think, generally, consolidation is bad, but i also think calling AVBK/Microsoft merging a monopoly is also a bit of a stretch..

  12. I generally would agree but blizzard is a shit company. There are so many companies worse than Microsoft that i would break up first. Microsoft is on the more ethical side of unethical mega corporations imo.

  13. This is NOT a monopoly. I am so fucking tired of mornings who don't even know the basic definition of the word screaming about monopoly in relation to the Microsoft + Act/Blizz merger. Together they'll STILL own less than 10% market share. That is in NO WAY a monopoly, by even the most extreme stretch of the definition.

  14. I don’t think you understand what monopoly means. Isn’t the point of competition to put pressure on competitors to improve, to offer better services to consumers?

  15. Normally this is a hugely bad thing. But Microsoft games generally are well done, and not too greedy. Activision has sucked the soul out of so much, that M$ couldnt make it worse. At least I would hope. Basically so many want Bobby Kotick gone, at any cost.

  16. A guy in the EU staff even said "my playstation" on Twitter and a woman who is part of the commission had to fix saying that guy isn't part of the commission analising the deal. I can't recall the names, but pretty sure it will pop up easily if you google it

  17. If you mean the acquisition, a lot of people. Will likely mean Blizzard/Activision titles will be available on GamePass.

  18. Me over here playing games on pc and never heard of the games you're talking like.... I want popcorn tonight. Yeah. No, I don't play WoW. My neck is smooth.

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