Name this character , Wrong answers only

  1. don’t have a clue but i found this book in his house: i woke up, 1:47 am and i was really hungry, i had gone to get cereal for my breakfast, but when i had gone for the milk in my refrigerator, there was none, then i went, grabbed me keys and went out to get milk. i was just heading into the store. when i got in there i looked around to see a few other people (it was currently 2:29 am) . i was really tired and wanted some breakfast, so i tried to put in some effort to get the milk. when i got to the isle, there was i kid grabbing it for his grandmother, but he was too short, i limped over to grab the milk, and then the grandmother thanked me. i stabbed both of them, and knew that it was a price to pay for one life like mine, but i knew it wasn’t going to be a easy task to get out alive. i ran into a storage unit, and grabbed my lighter. i ran out to get a propane tank, and as i walked out, i bumped into a little girl, i shame myself for what i had done but it was needed. i carried the body and dragged it so then it would leave a trail of blood to deceive the police that would soon arrive, i grabbed a propane tank, and was shot in the hand, almost hitting the propane, i ran with the tank and grabbed a knife and hid above a shelf, as the cop passed by, so did his life. i got down and ran to the storage unit and place the propane tank and lit my lighter, i walked out of there and then a rumble crackled through the empty halls of the store, the power went out, and i knew how to get out. special units came in through the entrance and from the back, so i grabbed the grandmothers corpse, cut myself and laid there with the child’s eyes staring, as if it was looking through me like it had seen the darkest pit of my heart, i can assure you, this isn’t. as one of them passed by, i let out a graspy help, and he came to my aid, unfortunately for him, this was a time he shouldn’t have been friendly, i stabbed his arm and broke his neck, and i put on the uniform and suit, and gave myself wounds where the suit had received, so i could convince them, i had to cut me neck a little so i couldn’t talk and they wouldn’t need to hear me speak, i walked up to the entrance, found a special unit, and pointed to my wounds, he called for help, and it came for me, but why? to someone like me, they would help such a sinful man, they didn’t need to, when i got into the ambulance truck, once they removed the mask i stabbed the man in the chest and knocked out the woman, i drove home, i carried the poor girl into my home to experience something worse than death, i grabbed my milk and went inside, police cars followed me to my house, and this is where i am now, i was hungry, so knowing that i got to eat one last time was perfect, the girl woke up, i told her “the empty grave makes not a sound, so does our mind once our lifeless body hits the ground” and let her experience something far more worse than death, a life she could not save.

  2. the dude who jump while swinging a block sword, while drinking lean and also while eating crack apples

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