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  1. Fun Fact: Venus is bright enough that if you're out on a perfectly dark night with a clear sky and a good vantage point to see it. It will cast shadows on Earth, they can be kinda hard to see without a white piece of paper but it does happen.

  2. I dunno how popular The X-Files is these days, but your comment made me think of one of the comedic episodes where Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek were Men in Black. Whenever they would arrive, Ventura's character would start with:

  3. In our family it only changes after it's rendered useless in some years and in general it is passed down to younger generation.

  4. Imma start downgrading my phone every year until eventually I'll just be sending smoke signals to communicate

  5. If you feel like you need a phone upgrade, buy a new case and change the wallpaper. Freshens it up and makes it feel new for a fraction of the price.

  6. As a massive phone nerd, very true! For most people, you don't need to upgrade till you're facing bad battery issues or constant storage issues. If you buy a newer good midrange to flagship phone, your phone is very much capable to work for more than 3 years

  7. Had iPhone 8 since 2019 (first time I got a phone even tho I was 15 at that moment.) still using it to this day and type this comment with it rn.

  8. I have been sick for a week. I miss my friends. I hate it when I have to stay home alone. It is very lonely. I have my Dogs but it is not the same. Reddit and YouTube are the only things keeping me going. I assume it is because I am interacting with someone.

  9. I feel like people take virginity as a way bigger issue in the west whether to have sex or not should not matter that much no one os lesser for focusing on other aspects of life.

  10. I believe if your opinion is hateful and hurts others for no other reason other than they exist, then you should be harassed for your opinion.

  11. This is loosely relevant but I saw a guy at school and he looked like corrupt politician. I don't know why I thought he looked like that. It was just that one day he really looked like that.

  12. Do you know how to do a polite, elegant, constructive political debate? I failed the first step - choosing the topic to talk about

  13. What kinda day did you guys have today? Mine went alright. A bit of a bumby ride ig But it’s fine. Also, whats your favorite food?

  14. I believe that Abortion should be a thing. HOWEVER you are still killing another human therefore while currently we shouldn't get rid of abortion because there is not other alternatives as humans who strive for a better world we should create alternatives so that a person doesn't have to choose between ruining/losing their life or taking another's life.

  15. Improving your social skills and building a good physique are the most useful things to do rn boys and girls. We're still young and it's the best time in life to develop good habits.

  16. Nah bro, I think that God exists. The perfection required for survival and life in earth is really minute, so there is some controller for sure, who is described as God by many.

  17. People on Reddit after complaining that twitter is a echo chamber acting like Reddit isn’t just as bad are hilarious

  18. People don’t do what they want to, but do what is more socially normal or accepted. I wish people just did what they want regardless of what people think. I ride scooters. I do tricks and jump off of stair sets and gaps and go to skateparks and shit. I do it because I love it. And I made the choice to continue it because I love riding scooters more then anything else so I don’t care what someone thinks of me for doing it. But most people just conform and do what everyone else does. Not only is this just not good for society because everyone will loose their own personality and a lot of people will become the same. But it makes everyone loose their sense of individuality. Just imagine if everyone did what made them happy instead of doing what everyone else is doing, I personally think the world would have way more interesting people.

  19. There's millions of studies regarding the difference between sex and gender and that is a known fact so if you still dispute it despite having so much scientific backing then you are close minded and i do not like you

  20. pineapple on pizza is actually ok. it's not my first choice, I personally prefer meat lover's, but it's not as bad as people think

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