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  1. So for the internationals: in Hungary it is/was called “Negro Kiss” (not “niggah kiss”). But hey that is okay since we have even today a bag of sweets branded as “Negro” with a chimney cleaner mascot in every grocery store. 50 cent approved it. Cool post. Love to see that the germans invented this shit and not some idiots came up with the name in a soviet gulag in ‘60s.

  2. بستنی تابستانی Persian: Summer Ice cream Edit: Winter Ice Cream is correct. بستنی زمستانی.

  3. adoro que os outros países com nome parecido falam do quão nojento é ter a n-word no meio e é a coisa mais natural no brasil

  4. I... never thought of it that way. I guess yeah technically, but wouldn't it be better translated as "cream in him"? ...that's not much better, huh

  5. יהודי! מדוע אינך משתתף באחד מהתתים הישראליים? או שאתה כן, אני לא בטוח לפי הפרופיל שלך.

  6. I'd actually argue that Schwedenbomben are kinda different. The Austrian ones I'm familiar with, all have much lighter filling compared to the heavy and dense filing I've seen in other countries. So lecker.

  7. Eller Negerkys, klovnekys, Lækre Mulatter. Kært barn har mange navne. Og alle dem jeg nævner var skam officielle og ikke slang.

  8. Я прогуглив троха, це все ж таки називається "Шоколадний поцілунок". Смішна застаріла назва у нас теж є "Поцілунок негра" 💀

  9. Трошка прогуглив, це виявляється "Шоколадний поцілунок", ну або ж "Поцілунок негра", на що й байтив ОП :)

  10. I don't know what those are, I've never had them and I'm pretty sure it's my first time seeing them.

  11. Mohrenköpfe (it’s an old Austrian name for them and it basically means n-word heads. I have never used it but it has been popular in Austria in my lernte generation.)

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