My brother started vaping 😭😭

  1. Educate him on the dangers of nicotine then shame him because it looks fucking stupid then remind him there's better drugs out there

  2. Tbh no matter gow easily I can pull myself out of amphetamine or drinking binges, I can never seem to manage to quit nic once and for all.

  3. Here's something from someone who does vape (not proud of it. Made a mistake a while ago and quitting is not as easy as I thought it'd be.) People who vape do not care about the dangers. They know. They know this stuff. If you let them know there's better stuff like weed or something they'll do that and still vape. If they're a very environmental person though, tell them about the dangers it can bring to the birds and fish and other wildlife. That's why I wanna quit bc I like the birdies

  4. "educate him" he knows. Almost every smoker know that nicotine is bad, do you think you'll blow their mind? Like "Omg is smoking bad for you???? Who would have thought, I'm now gonna never approach a vape ever again"

  5. You sit him down… and you tell him that you’re his friend, and that you care about him… and that everything’s gonna be alright

  6. telling on him won’t do anything but make him good at hiding the vape. they rly need to try snd educate him and convince him to not vape. parents will just make him more sneaky

  7. depends on the parents and the rules they set in place. if the parents are strict no vaping, then the brother will resent his family, lose trust in his sibling, and continue to secretly vape.

  8. You’re a piece of shit. The hatred would be deserved. It’s not just about 40 years down the line from now it’s about the probable and most likely extreme punishment that will come now from that. If OP really cares about they’re brother, they’ll have a one on one with him and explain it’s not safe and their feelings. If all else fails you can threaten to tell parents but betraying trust like that is messed up so to go through with it would be insanely fucked. Siblings can have hold over each other. Don’t risk ruining the relationship over a fuckin vape. Who cares anyways. It’s his choice. If he’s over the age of like fuckin 14 then he knows the risks.

  9. the last thing he wants to hear is the dangers of vaping from his sister. honestly most people who vape know that it's dangerous and addictive and they don't care

  10. As someone who does vape, I agree, I understand what i'm getting into, I don't do it because it's cool or whatever, because I really don't care about my reputation, I do it because i'm addicted, and I know the risks of it, but I did go into depth on researching all about it and asking my med term teacher about it, so I do it somewhat safely👍

  11. Addictive, absolutely. Dangerous? Not really. Only time vaping is ever dangerous is if you're vaping unregulated products (counterfeit) that could potentially contain vitamin e acetate or other dangerous chemicals. But if you're buying stuff that's regulated and sold at the store (like a gas station or smoke shop) you're fine. There is no evidence whatsoever to show that vaping has harmful long or short term effects (yet). But use this information how you like, I'm not trying to advocate for vaping just trying to inform its way better than cigarettes if you're gonna do something.

  12. Take away his vape. Talk to him and tell him it does not make him look cool and tell him that he will be at higher risk of cancer, seizures, heart attack, shortness of breath etc. If he did not stop tell your parents.

  13. Take away and charger compatible and watch him suffer before his vape dies or maybe put something small in the charging port so that the cable can't fit

  14. Not really at high risk but definitely increased. Also if he has any chronic diseases or heart problems he really should stop because as you said he has a high risk of even worse heart problems

  15. Just talk to him and if he doesn't want to stop don't force him. It should be your parents' job to teach what is bad etc.

  16. shame him or get other girls to shame him, if he is doing it to fit in he's probably insecure so play off that, if not then its his own choice to make

  17. This is the way. A blood eagle execution is the ideal way of making evident the damage that vaping has done to his lungs. Any other way, the damage remains unseen, and he might think he's not doing himself any harm by vaping.

  18. If you're the older sibling, assert dominance. If you're older it's your job to force him out of it. If you're younger, bring the issue to your parents. Yeah some call it snitching but vaping is not ok in any circumstance.

  19. Buy another one. Kids who get access to stuff like this at an early age are usually not around very good people, so I don’t think it would be hard for him to get another vape

  20. Don’t for some people it’s a escape from reality. I just use it to calm down my adhd but I’ve quit for about a year now just because energy drinks are a better and cheaper method

  21. Honestly if he's young, go parents. I started at 17 and quit 3 days ago (now 18, the actual legal vaping age) The withdrawals suck but I'll thank myself for it.

  22. my bother does. parenta found it. next i saw him with one on the school bus and i threw it out the window then i saw him with one in school and i threw it on the roof but he just keeps getting new ones. its those shitty chinese disposables which definetley give you cancer. idk where hes even getting the money for them from.

  23. Your brother brings great dishonor to the family. You shall slay him with no mercy. (I've been playing ghost of Tsushima for way too long)

  24. No listen to me yeah you need to make a stop to get nicotine is a shitty fucking stimulate your time. Did you probably extreme instead? Purple hexagon, green purple, hexa, dream, purple extreme propylhexedrine problem extra proper

  25. I thought I couldn’t understand this because I was skimming but then I went back and read it and realized that it still made no sense.

  26. Push them onto the ground. And lay your hand on your his back with every ounce of strength you can. And don't let go until he does 29 pushups [yes, 29, i didn't mistype, also, make sure to verbalize this.]. And make him do an extra each time you catch him. For example:, if you catch him doing it ONCE after. He does 30 Instead of 29, if caught again, it's 31, then 32 and so on.

  27. Ass beating, belt slapping, ass kicking, face punching, body ramming, body slamming, arm barring, ankle locking, torso punching, limb breaking, vape confiscating, mom telling

  28. These comments are such a big L. It’s his business if he smokes and if he’s over the age of like 13 (cause they tell you that shit in school too) then he knows the risks. Let him do what he wants who gives a shit. Leave him alone. No shit there are health concerns but again, he most likely knows that and if he doesn’t, explain that to him and if he still continues than leave it be. Downvote this if you want but maybe y’all should have the common decency to not “break that shit so he can’t use it, steal his money so he can’t buy a new one, shame him or get other girls to do it, humiliate him” or any of this other wack shit. Y’all are depraved lmao. I do see some funny ass comments in this thread here and there so I’ll give that to you guys lol. Y’all are comedians.

  29. thank you for being one of the few sane people on this post. i completely agree i feel like a lot of these people were bullied by people who vape and this is all they can think about when they read about or see someone vaping.

  30. You don't. Either he wants to quit but can't or just doesn't care. Either way, it's not your business. If he wants help, alternatives and help groups exist.

  31. I think everyone has a reason for starting drugs. You can only truly help him if you know why he's doing it. Also, expressing a deep and heartfelt concern for him might make him rethink his decisions. You both can work through alternatives to vaping once you know his reasons. Good luck helping your brother, he's pretty darn lucky to have a sister like you!

  32. Let him? There's way worse things than vaping lmao, if he doesn't want to there's not much you can do to make him stop

  33. Do an intervention. Break it in front of him. Tell him he will fucking die if he keeps doing it. Show him popcorn lungs. Don't hold back. Scare him shitless.

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