What is the most intense episode you have ever seen in a tv show ?

  1. That has to be the biker gang robber/shootout - holy shit that is an incredible ride the whole time.

  2. Hannibal's season 2 finale, shit hits the fan almost immediately culminating in one of the most goddamn intense final 20 minutes I've ever seen on TV

  3. I saw a reflection of myself in the screen when I was watching Hannibal and realised I was curled up perched right on the edge of my sofa and hadn't even noticed I was so tense. It's an incredible episode of television.

  4. Ah I’m watching season 2 right now, hell the first few minutes of the 1st episode of season 2 were ridiculously intense. Now I’m getting hyped for the finale.

  5. Surely they must have edited the light out of Mads' eyes in the season 2 finale, he looks positively alien and absolutely terrifying in the episode.

  6. Honestly, I'm surprised to not see Person of Interest anywhere in this thread. Definitely not the same degree of prestige as Breaking Bad, but more than capable of pulling out all the stops for a heart-pounding hour.

  7. Also Better Call Saul, S5 E9, “Bad Choice Road”. The end of that episode was so intense, I was on the edge of my seat.

  8. I'm not a very reactive person at all when watching stuff, but even I yelled out at the TV when Mark was like

  9. That whole episode felt like a fever dream. I read some comment saying that “she’s alive!” as it cuts to black is the new “Not Penny’s Boat” and it all clicked for me

  10. I was pacing back and forth the whole time! I couldn't believe it was one of the shortest episodes - they managed to fit so much intrigue and suspense in!

  11. I’m not really one to display my emotions out loud during tv shows/movies but I screamed at

  12. Yes! Came here to say this lol. Such a good episode, thought I was gonna have a panic attack after the 3rd time Mark tried to talk to his sister or Ricken and someone would come up and interrupt them

  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/SeveranceAppleTVPlus/comments/tzb1hu/everyone_watching_the_finale_like/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  14. My wife and I thought we had one more after we watched it…so amazing yet so disappointing after we realized. Can’t wait for season 2.

  15. My answer was going to be the episode “Two Storms”, the sixth one I think, in the funeral home where most of the episode is in a few super long takes. One of the best episodes of TV I’ve seen

  16. That scene made me so sad. How inevitable and pointless things ended up being for her. All that terror and misery and the fact that it ended up being sort of self-inflicted.

  17. That show was brilliant. I could not handle more than 1 or 2 episodes at a time though because the images would get stuck in my head and mess with me. The funeral episode in particular has a certain person crawl out from the darkness…the thought of it still gives me chills. There’s a subconscious uneasiness even in non scary scenes because there’s subtle hidden “ghosts” in the background.

  18. As someone who suffers from sleep paralysis they nailed those scenes and when we find out who the bent neck lady is and why Nell has been seeing her, her whole life I was shook. I think about that scene often!

  19. This is it for me. I’ve gone through a lot of trauma so I very rarely cry anymore and sometimes I feel like I need to. At those times, I watch The Body.

  20. Major respect on going with the s2 finale of the Leftovers. Most people go with international assassin (which is definitely a great episode, don't get me wrong) but the finale that year was incredible. The scene with Regina King on the bridge might be the most I've ever gotten choked up by a TV show.

  21. Finally I see The Leftovers in one of this threads. Some of those episodes were unbelievably emotional. Nice list!

  22. I just started watching The X-Files because I've never seen it and I remember it being SUCH a big deal when I was younger. Just looked up this episode because of this comment, and yup... even though I am a 34yo grown man, I think I am going to have to stop watching the show because I'm pretty sure I would have to sleep with the lights on after watching this one. I ain't even embarrassed.

  23. Fuck that episode. My brother and I watched it while our parents were out on date night, and they wondered why every single light in the house was on when they got home.

  24. I didn't know that episode was titled "Home" but I immediately knew which one you were referring to. The Peacock family freaked me the fuck out.

  25. Yeah, I immediately know what you’re talking about. That episode was horrible, it’s one thing for bad things to happen to someone in a horror movie. But this was 4 seasons in and you loved this person, it was so traumatic to watch. It just broke my heart. I had to take a shower after I watched it. It was so emotional and sad.

  26. Oh man, I forgot this one. 100% the craziest episode of the series and an amazing stray from what it usually was. Michael C Hall was goddamn amazing in it.

  27. This is it. I didn't even remember what it was called, but I know exactly the episode you mean. My stomach was in my throat the entire time.

  28. It's Ozymandias for me but as soon as my brain read the title of this post, Walter's unhinged maniacal laughter from Crawl Space came to mind

  29. The most recent aside from the finale of Barry, was episode 7 of The Bear. That show normally gets me tense, but the way things unfolded was absolutely intense to watch go down.

  30. I just watched the entire first season in a day and that episode was on another level of what has been one of my favorite shows of the year.

  31. I was impressed that it was a one shot, then thought to myself that as cool as it was, they cheated by making it a ten minute episode.

  32. The final episode of Devs. They had built up so much tension throughout the series, leading to a literally inevitable confrontation at the end. I can't say anything more for fear of giving anything away, but let's just say it was one of the rare times I yelled at my television. I can't recommend that show enough..

  33. Devs was such a fucking mind trip of tv show. I may have to rewatch it again to fully comprehend what I saw because as it was airing, I was completely lost but loved some of the topics it tried to cover. Damn shame it basically went unwatched

  34. Most penultimate episodes of BoJack Horseman seasons, but especially Season 6’s The View From Halfway Down

  35. I love BJH. It's so fucking good. My 20 yr old started watching it first and then introduced our whole family to it. Best show ever.

  36. It’s honestly so sad how little The Shield gets mentioned in threads like these. I truly believe it deserves to be mentioned alongside shows like Breaking Bad and The Sopranos as one of the best shows ever, but it feels like it’s been forgotten about.

  37. I feel like nothing lived up to that first episode, but I reference it all the time as a metaphor when people make mistakes which make themselves look justifiably guilty with having done nothing actually wrong

  38. Yeah I'm struggling to pick one out of the season, the underlying sense of dread in that show is just ... indescribable.

  39. The manager in denial forcing those two guys to walk into the reactor chamber. The fucking hospital scene. The helicopter breaking down because of radiation. The hunt for the livestock that might have been contaminated. Intensity was off the charts in this show.

  40. Mr. Robot S3/S4 is absolute perfection. I don't think TV gets any better than that, and a messy S2 doesn't change the entire package from being a 10/10 for me. Cried my eyes out so many times during the final season.

  41. ER - "Love's Labor Lost". The episode where Dr. Greene delivers a baby. Great great writing, directing and acting.

  42. White Bear was intense from start to finish. But few episodes of TV have given me such a sense of dread as White Christmas

  43. This came to mind immediately. I haven't rewatched in probably a dozen years and I can still recall the sense of panic and exhaustion and desperation. One of the few times a single episode drew me in and I never missed an episode from then till the finale.

  44. Full Measures from breaking Bad, that whole episode is just stress, the last 20 minutes alone is just so so good and gripping, Cranston and Paul earned those Emmy’s

  45. The Grey’s anatomy season finale with the shooter. Don’t remember which season, just that my stomach was in knots for 2 hrs.

  46. S3E4 of The Walking Dead, “The Killer Within” — back when TWD just killed off people whenever they felt like it, and didn’t save a big character death for the start or end of a season. They just said “fuck it, let’s kill off two main characters and leave you concerned for a third…and let’s have the son watch them perform an amateur c-section on his mom and have her bleed out in his arms…AND make the son shoot her in the head so she doesn’t turn in to a zombie.”

  47. It's been memed to death at this point, but Rick's breakdown at the end of that episode is pretty intense. A combination of personal loss and grief over what his son has gone through.

  48. Numerous episodes of the 70's show MAS*H had doctors performing surgery while being bombarded. Pretty intense...

  49. While not normally an intense show like the dramas listed, I felt the season 2 finale of Silicon Valley was crazy. I was on the edge of my seat.

  50. I’m gonna deviate a bit and say the S2 finale of For All Mankind, it was a relatively slow season with odd plot points but the way the finale brought them all together in a way that kept it tense especially when every character was put in a situation where survival was not guaranteed was just amazing.

  51. Sticking with recent shows episode 7 of The Bear made me really anxious. It was nonstop and you just knew it was all going to explode.

  52. Good choice, I'd pick this or Rue's special episode. The truth Ali drops all over her and the intensity of her acceptance of what she is and where she's heading is just brutal.

  53. While the show itself is pretty mediocre most of the time, The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is one of the most intense 46-minutes of television there is out there.

  54. The Wire S4 when Chris absolutely beats Bug’s father to death. Chris knew Bug’s dad was abusing the kids and I guess had some history of that himself. Even Snoop is freaked out by rawness of the beating.

  55. As great as Letterkenny and Shoresy are, it's a shame that more people aren't aware of what a fantastic dramatic actor Jared Keeso is, and how good he was in 19-2

  56. This would be the highest comment if more people had seen it. Easily the most tense I’ve been watching TV. I’m not sure I could ever rewatch it.

  57. A lot of good choices already, but I gotta nominate that episode of Euphoria where Rue goes off on her family and friends, and then goes on a panic and drug fueled run from the police. I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode.

  58. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will’s dad abandons him again. The world got to see the exact moment that Will Smith went from a rapper starring in a sitcom to an acting force to be reckoned with.

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