Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+

  1. I don't think it's weird. Daredevil on Netflix was absolutely amazing, critically acclaimed. So people really want more of that and are excited. Disney is going to clean it, soften it, dumb it down and serve it up to parents and their kids.

  2. I'm guessing that the training portion of the show takes place during the Blip. We know from Shang-Chi that his arm is still messed up. Whether the main meat of the show takes place then or in the "present day", I'm not sure.

  3. Maybe this show takes place during the 5 year timeskip, so before the events of Endgame. Or at least the training parts.

  4. I’m stoked that Josh Segarra is in this. He was my favorite bartender at my local haunt/happy hour spot in Manhattan about 8-9 years ago. Got to know him pretty well and he’s a genuinely great person.

  5. He was also a major villain in Arrow and crushed it there. Been following him since Sirens and it's been great seeing him get bigger and bigger roles

  6. It's cool seeing Tim Roth return. Hopefully this will tie into the Incredible Hulk (2008) rather than reintroduce him.

  7. It definitely will. This is the same Emil Blonsky from The Incredible Hulk. Everything in The Incredible Hulk is still canon even if it’s Edward Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo. Same as Terrence Howard being Rhodes for the first Iron Man movie is still canon.

  8. “There’s a major conflict of interest. That man tried to kill my cousin”. It’s definitely the same character.

  9. CGI on She-Hulk looks fine but it has a bit of Uncanny Valley on it because she looks more elongated than normal but without the extra mass to make it look balanced.

  10. Yeah the suits agreed to tall but wouldn't budge at making her wider, just super model skinny so she looks like a fun house mirror

  11. Little too uncanny valley ish. I get that they aren’t going to spend blockbuster money animating for a Disney+ show but you gotta do a little better when your lead character is mostly animated.

  12. It looks so weird, hopefully they fix it because it felt like avatar lol. Even Bruce looked strange.

  13. I'm probably gonna see this just for Tatiana Maslany. She was amazing in Orphan Black, so I gotta see if she can carry another show.

  14. Man she was so good on the show. I would so often forget there weren't multiple actresses playing the different clones. It was especially really good when one clone was pretending to be another and there was enough subtle mannerisms that we could know who it is.

  15. I somehow forgot that the clone sisters on Orphan Black were, in fact, not played by different people on more than one occasion. If that's not a testament to Tatiana's acting skills, I don't know what is.

  16. It felt to me like you saw a lot more of Tatiana in She Hulk than in the prior trailer. Don't know if it's the selection of clips, or just the additional time that's been put in since the previous trailer was put together. I imagine they'll still be working on it up until just before release.

  17. I just want to see her go full Helena on some bad guys, given that she's a Hulk, we might get to see that.

  18. To be fair, this is close to comic accurate. She’s not stronger in the comics, but Jen has her shit together. Banner typically doesn’t ever have his shit together and is awkward

  19. In the MCU you either die a serious character or live long enough to be a quippy buffoon. Hulk hit the latter stage.

  20. TBF, I think that scene wasn't implying she's stronger. He was throwing the boulder nonchalantly and she obviously had to try pretty hard to throw it further.

  21. That’s been Marvels whole deal with she hulk since the 90’s, she’s never been close to as strong as hulk though, her portrayal has always intended to make her seem sassy, funny and smart, not sure anyone has ever thought she was a cooler character than the hulk

  22. Pretty sure that She-Hulk is only stronger because Banner put himself in control over Hulk. Hulk is fueled by emotions (mainly rage). Makes sense he's "weak" right now.

  23. When they were throwing the rocks, She-Hulk clearly wanted to throw it past Bruce's rock. She's sassy and is more competitive - doesn't mean she's stronger.

  24. Not everything is an attack of on the male ego. She was literally like this in the comics. Her having a personality is NOT GOING TO MAKE YOU ANY LESS OF A MAN.

  25. I'd be surprised if Damage Control became a thing in the MCU at this point. They tried to get a comedy series off the ground at ABC some years ago, but it was never ordered. Now the Department of Damage Control is a government organization and based on what we saw in Ms. Marvel, they might become an antagonistic organization.

  26. Ruffalo's Bruce has basically been a joke since Stark called him a pussy in the first Avengers movie. Such a large contrast from how Norton played him in the standalone movie and it's irritated be ever since

  27. Tbh, i hate Ruffalos Hulk. He only worked for me in the first avengers movie, and in that movie he's out for the majority of it, and then he's there smashing shit. It was a good payoff for waiting for it the whole movie... Ever since that, the character was misused and I never felt the satisfaction of the mayhem Hulk can cause.

  28. Can they just for one second not make Hulk being the lesser version? Right from the get go they feel the need to show Jen's Hulk being better than Banner's Hulk at everything, ffs.

  29. He’s a buffoon and she’s immediately better than him at most things. What a surprise. They just made Thor a bumbling idiot so why not Bruce next

  30. Bruce is scientifically brilliant but socially kind of a goof. Plus, her immediately excelling at these things is to convey the more comedic tone of the show. I don't think Bruce looks exceptionally stupid here or anything.

  31. Im fine with him being weaker/worse than Jennifer in that scene since Jennifer is supposed to have her shit together as She-Hulk. Well, as long as the show uses that to give Bruce a moment of reflection later.

  32. God they are gonna make Matt spew some dumb fucking MCU joke every five minutes and one of them is going to be a blind joke

  33. Eh Daredevil teams up all the time. He's always more light hearted in team ups than in solo books. He's not Batman you know, Daredevil can take and make jokes.

  34. The tone of this show looks like the exact opposite of Daredevil - it's the worst place for them to put him in. They did the same fucking thing with Kingpin in Arrow.

  35. I'm so worried about how they're going to Disney-fy him. I realise that he sadly won't be as gritty as he was on Netflix or else he wouldn't fit in this universe but if they turn him into a quip machine I'll be so mad and disappointed... It's already concerning to me that his first proper appearance in the MCU will be in the comedy show...

  36. I wasn’t into the first trailer at all but this looks fun. I guess I was more excited about her interacting with all the MCU cameos in this. It looks like it has a lot more than the other shows

  37. Remember the days when we were happy to talk about the stuff we liked and generally ignored the stuff we didn't.

  38. Wait she breaks the fourth wall in this? And Wong is in it? I think this may have won me over. CGI also looks slightly better. Would be awesome if they brought Hellcat in. And Howard the Duck.

  39. I would love to see Hellcat show up since she and Jenn are so close in the comics. Hell, bring back Jessica Jones for a bit. And then have Jessica Drew show up. There are so many characters connected to She Hulk that would so fun.

  40. If this takes place before Shang Chi, I wonder if Wong is part of the reason Abomination is at that fight club. Maybe he magic portals him out of prison.

  41. This is an odd thing to point out, but I like that they give her different hairstyles. It's so easy for female characters, particularly, CG ones to just be stuck with the same hair but it's nice to see some variety.

  42. I hate when a show introduces a new character and they feel the need to make the new character better than the old one at everything as if they think it makes them more likeable and well-written. It's just lazy writing. She-Hulk seems genuinely likeable but seeing that is kind of a turn off as it's one of the tropes I dislike the most.

  43. Ehh, let's be real here. The fans will still praise this to heaven and back. Did you see what Star Wars fans think of the Kenobi series? Disney knows exactly how to keep the fans happy with minimal effort.

  44. People are going to bitch that She Hulk is going to get control over her powers way quicker and easier than Hulk and thus call her a Mary Sue eventhough...well, She Hulk has always been like that? She has always been shown as having more control than Hulk?

  45. I think the main problem with the comparison is that since we’re in professor hulk stage, Bruce doesn’t have any downsides to his transformation. Which I’ll admit feels a bit awkward.

  46. I mean, isn't The Hulk like...a manifestation of Bruce's trauma from the horrible abuse he suffered as a child and just a super-charged dissociative identity? But characters like She Hulk and Red Hulk don't have that so they don't lose control

  47. I think it's more about how we never got a movie or tv series focused on Ruffalo's Hulk and now it looks he's going to be brushed aside for a replacement that's better, faster, stronger than him in one episode.

  48. I hope this ends up with Bruce realizing that Hulking out into a blind-rage monster has more to do with Banner himself than it has to do with the essence of Hulkdom.

  49. The thing is She-Hulk in the comics is flat out weaker than Hulk. Yes she get's control Bruce could only dream of and actually likes her transformed state but that's the trade off.

  50. Honestly, would be more interested in whether or not this means Charlie Cox will be voicing Matt Murderdock (Spider-Gwen’s archenemy) in the Spider-Women film (animated, a spin-off of Spider-Verse currently in-development).

  51. It's kind of funny how certain things from the comics are important to preserve but other things aren't. Seems pretty arbitrary.

  52. I think it's two things: First, just because "it was like that in the comics too" doesn't necessarily mean it's not grating and silly for a narrative - comics can get all sorts of things wrong that we could amend, update, and fix with the gift of hindsight.

  53. CGI is way too uncanny valley, not sure why they had to try so hard to make her attractive, it's probably the thing that makes it as bad as it looks if anything

  54. It seems to be using very predictable Marvel tropes. The female replacement for the legacy character is smarter, stronger, more successful and more capable than the one she is taking over from. Lots of jokes, quips and snark. It's a shame because the Dan Slott run this is based on was very good and based its appeal on strong characterisation, novel legal situations and comedy which flowed naturally. This feels like it was put together by people instructed to write a dumber version of Ally McBeal with superheroes.

  55. She's neither stronger nor smarter than Banner. In the comics at least, she's an excellent lawyer. But Bruce has multiple PHDs and can build a time machine. "More successful" is debatable as well since she's only just now gotten her powers vs. Banner being on the run for years due to his.

  56. Don't worry, halfway through its run, you'll see swarms of Marvel fans posting all over Reddit about how "actually, She-Hulk is great and the best show to date" just like they did with Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel.

  57. Eh. I mean it looks like it could be a bit fun at least. Apparently it's accurate to the comics so it gets kudos on that.

  58. Jennifer being blessed while Bruce is being cursed is straight up from the comics. As long as they address that in the show and give Bruce a serious moment about it I'm completely fine with her being "better" than Professor Hulk.

  59. Looks entertaining and somewhat influenced by the John Byrne run on She-Hulk. Great casting choice for the lead too. After being a bit disappointed by Doctor Strange 2 this has me hopeful for the remainder of phase four.

  60. I've been waiting for She-Hulk to appear since the MCU began, but I no longer have faith in Disney to get it right. They've already ruined Hulk, skipped over most of his arc, and made him a clown.

  61. Glad to see they're keeping her 4th wall-breaking powers from the comics. Can't wait to see her and Deadpool in the same scene.

  62. Ehhh, Marvel seems to be in a funk. Also Phase 1-3 there was no breaking of the 4th wall, or unnecessary comedy. It was organic comedy. They outpaced deadpool and everythingb with sales but it seems they are really just going to this. It's not bad but it just doesn't seem to fit.

  63. She Hulk is the character that can break the 4th wall. It’s like you complain about breaking the 4th wall in when Dead pool is introduced….

  64. There's just no way to say it without being accused of misogyny but I will say it regardless: I am not ok with She-Hulk being superior to her male counterpart in every way imaginable from Day 1 without any training.

  65. Bad quips that kill any sense of sincerity? Check. Rookie woman outperforms experienced man without breaking a sweat? Check. A bunch of random guest appearances? Check. Established formerly serious character is now a bad joke? Check.

  66. Eh. Bruce acting like a five year old, Jen somehow being stronger than Bruce because GurlBoss Yas. There’s a lot to be exciting about in this trailer like the CG looking tons better, but Marvel can’t stay out of its own way long enough to drop these clown shoe antics and just tell a good story.

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