'Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' Early Reactions Call It a Breathtaking Spectacle

  1. For $500m it should bypass my 2016 Hisense televisions capabilities and blow bubbles, serve sushi, and finish me off during the battle scenes build ups.

  2. Okay, but how's the story, writing, and acting? I think it being a visual spectacle is simply to be expected.

  3. There's a few comments on the plot in the article. What I've seen is the first two episodes are almost all introduction and not much really happens. It's not that exciting but it could take off in the middle episodes

  4. Take any post from Collider with a grain of salt. They constantly use reddit to advertise and you'll see a lot of posts talking about cult movies suspiciously right as those movies are getting blu-ray/4k re-releases.

  5. Is that why the last couple months there always seems to be some mediocrely received 90s sci-fi movie plastered all over Reddit?

  6. I hate to break it to people, but this is all of reddit and has been for a long time. Even the lesser known subreddits have been infected now. This place is a truly a shithole now.

  7. If it's not absolutely amazing for how much money they have spent on this, then I really don't know what we're supposed to expect. For the most expensive TV season in history it better give me so many feels that my feels have feels. Plus, potatoes.

  8. You’ll be surprised how Hollywood throws money at something by instead of a less costly slightly more time consuming creative fix

  9. That's a silly take. Money doesn't buy good ideas and creative genius. The writing could just be okay, because we're still getting it from humans. There could be dumb action sequences, dumb quips and dialogues, all kinds of things that make people cringe...look at action/superhero movies.

  10. Agreed but i think it's the more intelligent option to drop our expectations down a little. Not because of whatever people think is wrong with the show, but because how it's almost always impossible for these entertainment medias to match our expectations, no matter how much money was spent. Still since this is Lord Of The Rings we're talking about, it's in our hearts to expect a proper show after the success of the masterpieces that were Pete Jackson's Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

  11. I dunno, sometimes throwing a lot of money at something can actually hurt rather than help. There are a lot of forgettable, cookie-cutter movies, games, etc. with huge budgets. And conversely, many things with small budgets that end up amazing.

  12. Man yall are really setting yourselves up to be disappointed lol. I'll be happy with an ok trip to middle earth. Idgaf how many bezo bucks it cost.

  13. Whenever I hear more money is being spent all I can think is there are executives willing to go with "safer" or basic options and writers/ directors they can control... also VFX focus instead of decent writing.

  14. There was a Duckman episode ages ago in which he rants that spending the most money on a production is basically a fast track to buying credibility. Because the biggest numbers are obviously the best.

  15. When was the last time one of these big TV/movie projects had negative early reviews? They nearly never do. If you judged modern television and films on early reviews, they should all be ranging from 8/10 to 10/10.

  16. That’s what happens when you look to social media for tweets and posts to measure how people feel about anything. Not just movies btw, “Twitter outraged over X Issue” is pretty much all news today

  17. It’s amazing what the allure of a free movie does to your brain. Also, a free major movie like Suicide Squad was. Once you pay for it, snacks, and spend half your day out and about, where that movie is central to your plans….now the thinking hat comes on. Obviously also the audience is different and more specific. If you get an email or a flyer about a free screening and it’s a superhero movie…..MOST will not watch it, only the hardcore or committed fans of these types of movies will. And these folks tend to like the movies more by default.

  18. Early screenings are for fans and "journalists" who have shown they know that they need to call it amazing if they want to be invited back for another early screening. It's pure marketing.

  19. Journalists are positive about a product they've been given early access privileges to report on - im shocked.

  20. I feel like anytime any tv show or movie is hyped enough to get 'early reactions' those reactions are almost always exceedingly positive. Seems like a ploy at this point

  21. Yeah, referring to something as spectacle doesn't exactly have me intrigued. I would still refer to a lot of the absolute worst action movies that have come out recently as "breathtaking spectacle" but it doesn't mean they're good.

  22. The access media strikes again. Breath-taking spectacle is such a vapid description. Two girls one cup is a breath-taking spectacle, doesn't mean I want to see it.

  23. From what I've read, it seems most of the critics were impressed with the scale, scope of this massive TV production, but some feels that pacing was off and/or the plot could fall apart in later episodes.

  24. It's kind of unbelievable how much they fucked up the trailer given all the reviewers are praising the grandeur of the visuals. All they had to do was tease the visual elements with an appropriate track and they would have built some real hype. Or just go all in on an action based trailer with a banging track. Instead they put out whatever the fuck that trailer was and turned off half their potential fan base. I still can't get over how bad that track was.

  25. Love the reference. But it was actually the hideous baby’s doctor, Ben, who used that word to describe them both

  26. I'm not saying it's going to be bad, I have no clue... but early reviews are almost always bullshit. It's mostly reviewers and influences so happy to get an early release, and want to keep it that way for future releases that they gloss over the negatives and speak highly of it no matter what.

  27. It's the story of the forging of the rings of power and Sauron's rise to main bad guy after his former master was defeated at the end of the first age. Along with the consequences of the above events. The other major plotline is the fate of the island nation of numenor.

  28. Waiting for the real reviews, not the early paid shills. I've seen this too many times with garbage films that were heavily hyped by studios, using cherry picked reviews...

  29. rings of power is so good the main reddit sub of the tv show lotr prime is already gaslighting and banning any negative reviews...and saying stuff like it will continue even if the first season bombs

  30. It's success is ultimately going to depend on how well the respect Tolkien's works. If they are faithful to Tolkien's world it may do fine. If the writers try to do what I've seen to often - try to make the story "relevant for today," it is going to fail. Badly.

  31. I’m so excited about this but I’m expecting it to disappoint me so expectations are low so that when I actually watch it it’ll be like the best thing ever. But expecting that might bring my expectations back higher… but then it’ll be low… but then high… and there’s the headache.

  32. I mean the Marvel movies are all a breathtaking visual spectacle and they fucking suuuuuck. I hope they saved a little money to hire some good writers.

  33. To be fair the writers' room is drawn from a pretty impressive array of shows. No guarantee of success though.

  34. Just a reminder that Tim from the channel "HelloFutureMe" was approached by Amazon for an early review and when he basically said "sure, as long you don't get any input over what I say about the show", Amazon ghosted him.

  35. The hivemind of reddit will turn quickly since visible opinions are determined by popularity (upvote/downvote) so if enough people think it's good it will appear like reddit thinks it's good.

  36. I saw this exact article about she hulk the day before it came out. Me thinks the PR machine is trying to compensate for all the early hate from the pre production stuff we've seen.

  37. I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan, but there's no way in hell I'm letting myself get excited about this until I watch the first few episodes. I've been burned too many times.

  38. As if they dare say anything else. Unless they want to be Bezos’d. It involves taking a person and dropping them in the depths of space where they are kept alive but also frozen in time. There they must endure all the Amazon Originals until they are reprogrammed. They return as warehouse workers if they pass. No one has yet to pass.

  39. I saw a review on Twitter that said it was the 'best thing ever', then the tweet ended with 'great to see women in power #girlpower '

  40. It's an interesting economic exchange. They're exchanging their credibility for money. "Yes, I'll say your fanfiction is excellent. But if you agree on this package, I'll say it's "breathtaking". I would advice the insurance add-on, in which case I'll actually watch it in case someone asks questions

  41. Did they hire the same “superfans” that were in the teasers? The ones that talked about diversity more than the actual lore and characters? Also notice how they said “spectacle” and “scope”, but no one said “true to lore as Tolkien wrote it”?

  42. Good news, one reviewer said it was so packed with lore they were slightly lost at a few points as someone who knew little of the era.

  43. I probably spent hundreds if not thousands on Tolkien literary work. It looks fine. I expected certain liberties when they announced it was Second Age.

  44. A lot Tolkien fans and folks with a lot of appreciation for the books and lore are saying it's better than expected and that it absolutely delivers

  45. TV show reviews are worthless, we can already see it when they applaud the visuals which we can see in the trailers are on the level of The Hobbit (2 and 3)/Marvel. Too much green screen and not enough props, everything is too clean and tidy, LOTR was much more lived in, even as a high fantasy film series. I guess its due to Amazon not having the huge prop departments that established film studios have.

  46. Basically free advertising for it. Not really a story. Previews always get good reviews you never hear anyone say it’s shit.

  47. Spectacle does not mean good. Hopefully this fanfiction won’t be as terrible as I think it will be.

  48. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Is like Avatar- SPECTACULAR! BIGGEST BUDGET EVER! THE VISUALS WILL ASTOUND YOU!

  49. They let a bunch of people who they knew would give positive reviews the opportunity to watch the episodes in advance. This shouldn't influence anyone's decision to watch or not watch

  50. I worry about the characters. LOTR had likeable characters that were distinctive. The Hobbit movies did really not, most of the dwarves blended together though I thought Martin Freeman was a great Bilbo. If these characters work, the show can work for me.

  51. TBH some things in the trailer look exactly like the movie trilogy. The appeal is that it is telling another earlier part of the story. I do wish Peter Jackson's team had been involved on some level but the world is full of good writers. This will show in part the history of Galadriel, Elrond, Isildur, and others so I am jazzed.

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