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  1. Im angry that PA is literally the ass. Well…maybe that could be fun. If we twerk hard enough they will be distracted long enough for the killing blow!

  2. As a lifelong Michigander myself, I am furious we’re not the hand slapping the shit out of…Alabama/Arkansas/whatever flyover welfare red state that is.

  3. The south lost the war last time because civil wars is not a fought by just citizens but with militaries made up of citizens..

  4. Right this what I don’t get. The red states keep talking about seceding or rebelling which means they’d just fight the US military. And I’m sure they think the military is in their side but that’s not really how it works.

  5. And those fighting for the south were not the rich plantation owners. They were pour white manipulated by the rich to fight to keep the rich in the south rich. Easy to manipulate.

  6. What makes you think the next civil war will be the result of rebellion? If anything it will be terrorist attacks and counter terrorist attacks from both sides. And than when the military gets dissolved because of all the civil unrest America will be invaded by its Adversaries in the name of ending violence

  7. Ok, if they want to win and get rid of us so badly, let's see what happens when the next virus or asteroid comes along. I bet they'll want our doctors and scientists then...

  8. Literally the second that California, aka “the bread basket of the US” embargoes exports of food, those cousin kissers would tap out in a week.

  9. Something like 3% of Americans own almost 50% of the weapons because they’ve been stockpiling for a collapse. Now here’s a fun fact, all of them still only have two hands, which means they’ve drawn a target on their backs for the government and for any citizen groups that may form during periods of unrest and find themselves in need of a few hundred weapons

  10. Kinda makes these public romanticism pics of their guns spread across the bed or yard in a American flag or U.S.A even more fucking hilarious!

  11. Right? Once the war starts, you go after the guys with the stockpiles first. Everyone else I’m just leaving alone.

  12. Of those %3 like half of them are on insulin and blood pressure meds. They would die really fast in a collapse.

  13. They genuinely believe that a) noone but they have weapons and b) if there was a civil war, the military would side with them.

  14. For real. What the conservative right doesn’t seem to understand is that the left is also well armed. The second amendment is for us all. I’m pan and my partner (a veteran) is mtf trans. I lived in a hostile area of Africa for many years. We’ve got printed copies of the Anarchist’s Cookbook. We are armed to the teeth. We just don’t advertise it.

  15. Conservatives can't understand how someone can own a gun without getting all fucking toxic about it. To them, unless you brandish in public and talk about how much you want to have an excuse to kill someone, you must not own any firearms.

  16. I imagine that the moment war starts, Alaska and Hawaii are like "mmmm, that's going to be a no from me. Here's a check though."

  17. Alaska has the most gun deaths of any state but it’s because of depression and suicide… they would just off themselves

  18. Seriously, the issue had always been grand people know what bathroom to use but conservatives don't want to meet them use it in peace. Meanwhile they are absolutely baffled by the concept of pronouns.

  19. Hahaha yes but that side without the bullets is about 90% of the economy. What happens when they can’t ship anything out? 🤣🤣🤣

  20. I think it'd be weird for an entire state to choose one side or the other. Lots of rural california is conservative. They'd probably side with the traitors.

  21. One side represents 70% of the U.s. gdp, the other side wouldn’t be able to find their way out of Mississippi

  22. That side which doesn't know how to use the bathroom also knows how to not run a statewide deficit for decades, produces half of the food for the country, contributes the most to the national budget, owns about 2/3rds of the US GDP, has a larger overall population...I could go on mentioning things Republicans don't like thinking about when this comes up every few months.

  23. If you think us liberals don't have guns, you will be sorely disappointed. If the label of liberal means that I don't let my personal beliefs or ideologies control who or what someone else wants to do with their own bodies then I'll be a liberal. I'll fight for their right too. And trust me, I have more guns than a Texan and I live in Cali. Especially in light of roe. I'll be waiting, with glee.

  24. I like to think that most conservatives do not want civil war. While the number of extreme conservatives has grown hugely as of late, they still are not actually shooting people and forming militias in large numbers. It does only take a small number to say, attempt to install a dictator by assassination of the VP and democrat congressmen, unfortunately.

  25. I have more guns than any conservative I know, but you wouldn't know that, because I'm never like "Look at this picture. It's me and all my guns. This is who I am. Part man, part steel. I am gun."

  26. Peeing is a universal human right. I'm sure the Supreme Court will oneday side against me on this, but I currently live in a state that says I can piss in whatever bathroom I want, whatever the sign on the door says. It's the right who doesn't know which bathroom to use. Ever seen a line of old men waiting to use an occupied men's room while the women's is open? I walk past them and take a piss all the time. Stupid is doing something that benefits no one, not even yourself. This argument is stupid.

  27. I like how people who post things like this specifically always seem fairly okay with the idea of just being able to massacre people who were fellow Americans. I don't think most people, on either side, realize how fucked we all would be if a genuine civil war broke out today. And yet so many people, mostly the right from personal experience, talk about it as if it's going to be a field day.

  28. Ya seriously. Or, that the rest of the world would just sit idly by watching it all take place and do nothing. A real American civil war would likely be WW3 and that’s not hyperbole.

  29. If the US were to go into a second civil war, at best it would look like the Troubles and at worst it would look like the collapse of Yugoslavia, but 14x bigger.

  30. Wait til they learn about population density of Liberal cities vs rural conservatives. I'm sure Chicago alone as more guns and ammo than Arkansas.

  31. If the south decides to go to war again their precious AR-15's won't really do a lot against drone strikes. As destructive as they are they won't really beat a tyrannical government tbh

  32. All you have to do to wipe out red states is have another pandemic. No one will enforce safety measures and the states will collapse within months.

  33. I don’t know, the left is fairly well armed also, just isn’t nearly as vocal about it. I own several firearms and am an avid shooter, it just isn’t the sole aspect of my personality trait.

  34. Red states can hate on CA all they want but they would learn reeeeaaally fucking quick what CA being the largest economy in the US and 5th largest in the world would mean for them if they tried anything

  35. The military will crush any attempt at civil war . We will be under martial law in a millisecond with restrictions on travel . And then the AirPower will kick in. An AR - 15 is no match for a specter gun ship .

  36. What part of this post is wrong though, actually? Cause it's at least 95% true. If there was a Civil War II, the shit would be over in one day with millions of anti-gun liberals as casualties.

  37. If you can’t win and election, you want a Civil War. Arizona and Georgia went blue the last couple of elections, so did PA. Texas is starting to get a little purple even and so is NC. Might have to start something soon so you don’t lose at the election box.

  38. It amazes me that they think the MILITARY is going to just abandon their duties. Even non military services have billions of rounds. And even if they did manage to have enough armed individuals and ammunition, what they DON’T have is logistics. And even if they DID have the logistics, if they seceded from the US, they wouldn’t have MONEY. Or foreign military support. And even if it’s a civil war, the rest of Western civilization has a vested interest in the US’ money.

  39. Yeah, you don't know which bathroom to use. It's very clear (I mean this in that they don't understand which bathroom to use coz their so bigoted that they can't understand trans people

  40. You know. Half the red states women will gladly take their families guns and show up in a blue state to kick some right taking mother fuckers ass.

  41. It’s an Obama-era map. Obama won Florida twice. Kentucky is the red foot. Arizona and Georgia went blue in 2020 but are on the red guy. So it’s an old meme.

  42. Hey remember that time mit Romney got booked off stage because he dared to suggest that trump should be held accountable for his sexual assault allegations?

  43. There is actually pretty good precedent to suggest that the cities would win the fight because the Democrats would start with large population centers of young people that could be drafted much more easily. During the Russian civil war, the Bolsheviks just had control of the cities and the white army dominated the military and countryside and still lost. The Spanish civil war might seem like a straightforward comparison, however, it does seem like the republic was winning and would have won without Nazi intervention.

  44. People are going to be really surprised when they get to Cali, expecting no guns from the people here.

  45. Imagine not realizing how much more money left leaning states make and the fact most of the south is land locked.. not that that is the point because obviously civil war would be terrible for everyone but.. it didn't go well for the south last time either

  46. I love how they think only conservatives have guns. Some of the most armed people I know are leftists.

  47. Sure, red states, go off and form your own country. Let's see how long that lasts when you can't mooch off the blue states.

  48. They are salivating for a violent civil war and yet so many of them are somehow incapable of thinking their side could have been responsible for the January 6th riot at the Capital.

  49. Lol states like Utah and Texas would be purple if it weren't for gerrymandering, also a lot of leftist carry guns.

  50. Other issues with this meme aside, the pic of the states fighting is clearly outdated af. Swap NC and GA with PA, FL, and WI.

  51. are y'all really ready to start killing your neighbors? I've got rainbow flags and trump flags around where I live. just BTW, I know a lot of lefties with a lot of guns, and those blue states have over 45 million more Americans in them than those red states.

  52. This meme is probably from the Obama era considering Florida, Ohio, and Iowa are put with blue states. Conservatives truly are on the cutting edge of meme culture.

  53. In the event of an actual Civil War it’s going to be the same dunces who attacked the capital getting mowed down in about ten minutes trying to take one city block in Chicago 😂

  54. People please get out there and vote in this next election we are going to need that Blue Wave to make this country back into the American in which we all grew up.

  55. I dunno why so many online republicans think civil wars are based on how many neighbours the average citizen can mow down, and not like who the military sides with.

  56. CA gun owners are way more plentiful then the rest of the U.S. would believe. They just don't talk about it....

  57. It's ok, we know who is going to win. We have seen it before and we selevrate it July 4th. FYI. People woring about a civil war when world War 3 is just around the corner. 🤣

  58. Most red states are underpopulated while others have sizeable blue populations in major cities. Most red states wouldn't survive without mooching off of of others.

  59. I feel like a lot of conservatives are about to be unpleasantly surprised to find out the other side carries just as much 🤔

  60. One side has all the bullets and the other side has the best brains/industry/universities. Welcome to the new America where guns and fake religion are held about real knowledge, research and education.

  61. I mean isn't that the same side? The liberal states let people use the bathroom of their gender, it's the conservatives with bullets making up random laws about it

  62. One side has 50% of the population (coastal cities) and the lions share of the gdp (pays for and supports the red states excessive consumption of social welfare programs). Just one of those states has between the 6th and 9th largest economy in the entire world (California). They also have most of the important military bases (including Norad).

  63. Oh fuck do bullets aim and shoot themselves now? Once they’ve been fired do they also manufacture themselves and transport themselves to the front?

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