[TOMT][2000s] What's that kids show with puppets called?

  1. Uh, lots of good kid's shows with puppets. Mr. Roger's Neighborhood? Mr. Dressup? Lambchop's Play-Along? The Puzzle Place?

  2. I know there was a network called Treehouse TV in the early 2000s (I believe it started earlier, like in the 90s in Canada, but I don't think the US got it until around 2000). Between shows they had bits with hosts doing things like arts and crafts (sometimes with puppets) and they were supposed to be in a tree house, but it was just a room with wooden walls.

  3. What about this Under The Umbrella Tree? Not a treehouse, and there is a human, but there are puppets, a big tree in the living room and a kitchen to the side and a small library

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