Interrupted her ritual

  1. I'd enjoy a movie with that sort of protagonist, similar to Hellboy but goes after demented humans rather than demons

  2. This is my neighborhood. It's not literally my neighborhood but I have these freak outs all the time. It's a way of drowning out or trying to win a debate with the voices. They never win. I was working in a coffee shop and there was a guy at another table he would go from mouthing the words to full screaming match. I ask him to quiet down and he'd snap out of it then slowly start again. Must be exhausting

  3. All respect and empathy but at that point you don’t need a screaming match you need a diagnosis and some meds for schizophrenia plus a therapist who can teach coping mechanisms for what the meds don’t do.

  4. We need to bring back the old school mental asylums... There's a lot of people out there roaming the streets who should not be. Ima die on this hill

  5. Bastards walking around blaming all of society’s ills on “lack of Jesus or god” are the reason she is sitting their freaking out. Bitch needs Medicare for all. Bitch needs a living wage. Bitch needs help and it isn’t coming from your sky daddy.

  6. The guy isn’t telling her “you need Jesus” as in she needs to go to church. It’s literally just way of saying you need help. I know tons of people who don’t believe in god or religious that say that. It’s just a form of expression. Guy was probably fed the fuck up.

  7. Why does it have to be all blurry. So that we can’t see her face shape shifting! Spiritual warfare wasn’t ready for everybody to have a camera. Ol damage control havin ass ni55as.

  8. I almost feel bad, she’s was surprisingly present once she noticed this guy, she probably started drugs as a result of mental issues.

  9. It sounds like she was trying to do it as quiet as possible. I actually feel bad for her because she clearly suffers from severe mental illness probably a form of OCD from past trauma and if she doesn't release these rituals the anxiety of not doing it will torment her.

  10. Guy walking up to a woman who's minding her own business, recording her and telling her she needs Jesus.

  11. How you make this into one of those tik tocks where you show your face while listening/watching the video. I mean. That was an amazing thing to watch just now. And listen to. Amazing. This must go viral. And anyone who slanders the man needs to go on a watch list.

  12. She was almost hearing him out until the Jesus part. If he stuck with the "disrupting the community" angle he may have had a few more moments of silence from the women before she started shooing him away

  13. Salvation contract is written for the the leigon of blinded and lost, let her shine the light in tounges unspoken for communion is the breath of community.

  14. I swear I saw her on Hollywood Blvd chewing on her toes screaming, laughing and bawling. It was surreal and everyone acted like it wasn't even happening.

  15. I think it was along the lines of “ I know you need help and shit , but at the same time. Bitch you need you some Jesus in your life “ …. Accuser of the brethren ass mother fucker…..

  16. Come on man, 😂 the lady is just practicing for her screaming vocal for her upcoming Death Metal concert next week. Please just do as she say and leave the nice lady alone man.

  17. This dude knows how to use his voice, imagine him working the suicide hotlines. You can tell his mama slapped some sense into him.

  18. So now cussing and using the "lord's" name in the same sentence is ok? I mean I'm no religious person but isn't that using the lloyd's name in vein? I first heard that kind of talk in rap songs even still, but people are really getting comfortable with doing that and it's funny as hell.

  19. 100% dude's got a 9mm if not a 45 or 357, its not bravery but well you can't let someone like that touch you out of fear of std's etc.. but god damn! what a hilarious lovely guy, hope he stays safe

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