A Toronto father was killed while crossing an intersection and the driver was fined $500. The victim’s family is now fighting for stiffer penalties

  1. "The truck driver, later identified as Nicholas Brown, failed to remain at the scene, police said at the time. He was charged with careless driving causing death and failure to yield to a pedestrian. Brown pleaded guilty to the latter charge. Prosecutors later withdrew the charge for careless driving."

  2. He was charged under the Highway Traffic Act. For complex legal reasons, the penalties under that Act cannot be serious as the offences do not require mens rea. Like you said, if you park your car and don't see the sign, you still get a ticket.

  3. $450 for parking in a poorly signed handicap spot is absurd. If they were actually interested in protecting the spots then they would paint the spot or curb blue, or at least stencil a wheelchair on there. Half the signs are buried in foliage.

  4. I honestly don't know how Asim's family could see that penalty and ever get over the bitterness. So awful. I wish them well in their efforts.

  5. Some people manage to do it, some even manage to forgive. Those people are stronger than you or I will ever be imo. I couldn’t forgive someone like this.

  6. Guy who broke my leg in two places, and my clavicle, not to mention gave me a traumatic brain injury and a pretty gnarly scar on my forehead, who was completely in the wrong, plead guilty to turn not in safety, which carried a $110 fine. If you want to murder somebody in our society with no or minimal consequences, you'd be foolish not to use a car.

  7. This is disgusting. Failure to yield? What about hitting a pedestrian? What about killing a pedestrian? Same same? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Per the article, they didn't even give the driver the maximum fine ($1000) for failure to yield. Just a $500 fine. It's honestly hard to believe.

  9. In this province/country you can get away with just about anything as long as you do it in the car.... As someone who cycles and also walks in this city, it good to know what your life is worth to the legal system.

  10. When you're driving a huge truck, you barely notice. That's why you always hear about truck drivers fleeing the scene. Unless the truck driver saw it happen in their mirror, they can't tell the difference between driving over a bad pothole and a person.

  11. My mother was killed by a semi truck two decades ago. Thankfully we were given an okay settlement, though I am not sure what charges were laid against the driver and his company as I was young at the time.

  12. What more proof do we need that our society is designed around cars and highways instead of human beings?

  13. I’ve been in yelling matches several times in the last 6 months with cunts who roll a stop, look left and try to turn right and have no clue I’m crossing the street. The crazy thing is I’m not a lunatic, I just say, “hey you’re way too close can you try and stop at the line?” And I then get threatened, called a drunk or in one case the guy jumped out of his car to fight me so quickly that he didn’t put it into park…so I approached me to fight I laughed and said, “your cars driving away, bud.” It’s not safe walking this city.

  14. A central problem here that causes so many of these deaths is poor intersection design with Canada's road design stuck 40 years in the past:

  15. Yeah, we'd have a lot less issues if we just designed infrastructure according to the CROW manual. It is 99€, yet we choose to try to do the research and design from the bottom.

  16. Well, the US and Canada have cultivated the car culture in general and that certainly doesn't help matters. Roads have always been geared for cars in mind, never pedestrians or cyclists. Just build more lanes!

  17. The Canadian legal system is a joke. Negligent drivers, drunk drivers get off with no punishment whatsoever all of the time. Driving is a privilege and a car can be a lethal weapon in the hands of wrong person.

  18. For years it's been said, why bother killing someone at home, when you can just kill them with your car and get away with it?

  19. Can someone explain to me why we have such a shitty justice system it’s absolutely wild what people get away with in this country

  20. In the States you’d get life in prison for having a joint in your car. In Canada you pay $500 for killing someone. North America as a whole is a train wreck. This family deserves so much better.

  21. This is not a criminal case. He was charged with a traffic violation under the Highway Traffic Act. The maximum penalty is 1000$.

  22. When you have car-dependent infrastructure as your unquestioned go-to for transit, cars are a freedom from the prison of suburbia.

  23. What does everybody here gain from saying that over and over when we know it's not true here in practice?

  24. The biggest change we could probably make for pedestrian safety is banning right turns on red. If we hadn't grown up seeing this behaviour as normal, we'd think it was completely bonkers for a car to run a red light and drive over a crosswalk that's showing a walk signal just to get 2 or 3 cars through the intersection a little bit faster.

  25. Bingo, for prosecution came to this conclusion than the next step should be a suit against the city itself.

  26. This type of legislation is short sighted and should be only a last line of defence. There are so many things that all levels of government could be doing to prevent these incidents from even happening in the first place

  27. In terms of penalties, license restrictions should be severe. Kill/maim a pedestrian, you lose that privilege for life.

  28. Exactly. This is an infrastructure/regulatory issue, not a penalty issue. Higher penalties aren't going to deter poor drivers - no one thinks they're going to kill a pedestrian. License penalties are purely reactive - one dangerous driver off the road per injury or death.

  29. They withdrew the charge..so originally charged but withdrew. Could be a number of reasons...low/no probability of conviction, lack of evidence etc

  30. Wowwwwwww. Canada’s justice system is an absolute fucking joke. They’re saying that man’s life was only worth 500 dollars. I’d go Law Abiding Citizen on all their asses. That poor family.

  31. He wasn't charged with a crime. He was charged with a traffic violation. Police decide who gets charged with what, not the courts.

  32. My mom was involved in a accident, she was driving to work and it was in the early hours of the morning. Long story short, the kid she hit was in the cross walk when he shouldn’t of been, mom did not see him until it was too late. Having to watch the intersection camera was probably the worst thing ever. Anyways, it was an accident, the family did not want to press charges, the crown sure did though. It was dark, foggy, low lighting area, was hit with a shit ton of fines, she promised the kid while holding him she would never drive again. Accidents happen, it’s shitty but people need to understand that they happen.

  33. the police should be handing out failure to stop at a stop line ticket like candy. they should be more common than speeding, they are nearly as deadly.

  34. My neighbours and I kept reporting a driver that constantly would blast through red lights. The cops never did shit. I cut him off and yelled at him one time and he just waved “yeah yeah it’s okay!” Then he told me once he doesn’t speak English.

  35. The penalties for killing a pedestrian are an absolute joke. I see drivers downtown pulling all kinds of tomfoolery all the time that put pedestrians at risk.

  36. Disagree about an automatic lifetime suspension - there should at least be a review of the facts. If the pedestrian was at fault why punish the driver?

  37. Hypothetical- Driving down road, pedestrian runs out by surprise and dies on impact. How does it make sense to ban the driver for doing..... absolutely nothing wrong?

  38. Perfectly in line with typical Canadian justice system. This incident may have been an accident but the punishment is pathetic. Truly the best country in the world to do crime .

  39. It’s also up to the pedestrian to ensure it is always safe to cross the road. There is no point having extremely stiff penalties for unintentional events unless there is gross negligence involved like driving too fast for conditions.

  40. Stiffer penalties would be a huge setback! It has taken decades of bribery and influence around the world by auto, oil, and tire companies to get it like that.

  41. Driving is a privilege not a right. 5 years prison and revoked drivers license for life is the absolute minimum I'd like to see from a case like this. Disgusting.

  42. regrettably, fines for traffic offences, even those that cause severe injuries or fatalities, have historically been low in Ontario. I wish this family luck in pursuing heavier fines.

  43. Friend of the family (pedestrian) was hit by a senior driver recently and was pinned under the car as it hit another vehicle. The injuries are chilling, she's been in the hospital for months now. We don't even know how to talk to the family anymore, they are in such a dark place. :(

  44. The courts are broken. The judges don't care or maybe are paid off. Victims are penalized for being the victims. And the guilty walk away with a slap on the wrist. The whole system needs an utter complete overhaul of all parties that make up the system. Will this ever happen? Not until somebody famous or very rich has it happen to them sadly

  45. You know what they say, if you want to commit murder is Canada and get away with it run them over with a car. We need to seriously rethink how we handle these types of cases.

  46. A young gal hit and dragged a cyclist in Markham , left the scene , then lied about it . Got caught and a slap on the wrist . Another father died. No repercussions for killing.

  47. Wow. I had to pay 600$ for holding my phone while I was lining up with other trucks at an inspection station. Got a ticket for distracted driving.

  48. For context it was a sober driver in a dumptruck making a turn at an intersection, not some drunk guy in a pickup truck running a light.

  49. I nearly got hit by a car taking a turn without slowing down while I was crossing with the light. Tried to kick the car as it tore past me and barely missed. Probably could've had to pay more than $500 in damages if they sued.

  50. With all the social justice shit these days you’d think this would anger people as much as police brutality however this is acceptable to a lot of folks.

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