Local Cheese Festival

  1. This was in my city yesterday for the Cheese Festival in Little Falls, New York. My family owns a diner here and we actually made them breakfast before the event started. The performance is pure art. They walked around most of the day doing random acts like this.

  2. Hey so, we've been together for a while right.. I sorta got this fantasy i wanted to play out for a while now....

  3. Look, I can kind of understand one person coming up with a really stupid idea, but how do they talk another person into joining up? What are the odds of two people, that would think this was a good idea, would be in the same locale?

  4. Art can be trashy. I remember them being hired for a local festival and confused most people when all they needed was a petting zoo. Mating, pooping and all other bullshit confused children watching adults being creepy af. 100% trash art

  5. As this was in my town just yesterday, can confirm it is a cheese festival. But this was odd to see happening in random places all day

  6. Even if they are doing it to raise awareness whatever it is you wouldn’t understand the message they look so weird and cringe, just typical weird npcs

  7. A sheep being a sheep how ironic. No way this is art. If anything it's cosplay or larping. But in the end it is a grand display of social decay.

  8. It’s not trashy, it’s part of a festival, in France I think, where people dress in the costume you see here, and pretend to be sheep. Can’t remember what it’s called but it’s a popular tradition. So not trashy. Weird AF but not trashy.

  9. People keep yout fetishes to other conaenting adults. Those other people came for cheese not whatever that is.

  10. We made these guys breakfast yesterday before this event.. When you wait for your city to pop off but instead you end up in

  11. These aren't protesting people but street artists doing their street theatrical art on a festival. They sure adapter to the subject of it.

  12. And some stupid ass lady in the audience is making a sheep sound when this woman is clearly a cow lol. We need to stop miss identifying species of animals.

  13. Those are the same outfits they were wearing in that bizarre viral video a few years back where there were maybe 10-15 of these sheep women walking around in an enclosure

  14. Not really trashy is it. Trashy would be like fingering your bumhole in aldi and then browsing though the fruit n veg trying to find the best ones before placing them in your trolley

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