who's ready for the Cinema Experience tomorrow?

  1. Im a nervous wreck but also massively excited. I hope whatever the extra scenes are shown are pertaining to the lore. Im way too invested in the Dema/Trench story lol

  2. i still have no clue what to wear, but my partner will sort that for me probably, cannot wait though. first time seeing anything TOP related since getting into them as well

  3. I can’t wait (,: this is literally going to be the best ever. I’m so hype like I’ve cried over it lmao. A traumatic event was happening in my life during the release of SAI and the livestream. I wasn’t able to listen to the album until this year and this will be my first real TOP experience and I just can’t even express how hype I am

  4. Tomorrow is my first day back in the office since March 2020, I have a ton of anxiety, but a nice treat after that is all over…. Tøp Cinema experience!!

  5. Holy Chalupa, I’m so Fu- Chalup’in excited. Bought my tickets day they released for Canada. (we got a later release than US). Can’t wait. I don’t use physical calendars, but I had one, hung it up, and marked the date for this. Happy Birthday Livestream experience, and give me the extended cut, now!!!

  6. EU so its tonight for me!!!! so excited since i didnt see the livestream originally so i have no idea what to expect :)

  7. I got the hour wrong and now i'm looking at fridges with my mom while i'm waiting till 18.00 so we can get in the cinema, i'm so ready for it!

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