impossible question for this sub. lets hear it.

  1. I saw this a while ago. Idk, I’d say some of Scaled And Icy. Trust me, it’s not easy to ignore a dragon that large

  2. Oh man I fucking love heathens. Like the second or third song I heard from them. First was Stressed Out and I was and am pretty meh about it.

  3. i’ve been a fan for like a decade and love nearly every single one of their songs but i think “before you start your day” is not good. the fact that he calls eyes “slits in your face” no

  4. That’s crazy, it’s literally one of my favorite songs by them. I think it’s really soothing and hypnotic, especially the piano. I didn’t realize that people didn’t like it lol

  5. can someone explain to me why people hate Before you start your day so much but when it comes time to explain why, they only bring up the fact that the terms to describe the eyes are poorly chosen?

  6. If you listen for the drums especially in the solo(s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The double drummer aspect of that alone is amazing

  7. I think in general their newer music is less appealing to the fanbase than their older albums. The songs are moving towards a more generic pop genre and personally I’m more used to the older songs that are almost the opposite of that.

  8. While I do agree that their newer music might not be as appealing to old time fans, I don't think they're moving towards pop. Blurryface was quite pop and radio friendly, but it helped skyrocket the band to worldwide fame, which I think Tyler was very aware of when putting it out. Scaled And Icy was a very one time pop experiment, I'm sure of that.

  9. I agree with you. Anytime I tried to explain that I had no empathy for the rich during the height of Covid I would get bombarded by people defending their loved celebrities. I’m a healthcare worker. We were all terrified and for the most part still are terrified. I don’t want to hear songs by people who are living completely comfortably and aren’t worried about their livelihood. Do I still love their music? Yes. Do I want to hear their song about quarantine while they’re sitting in their mansions with everything they need? Nope.

  10. The only thing that saved it for me was the live version of it - I forgot what show it was, Jimmy Fallon maybe? It’s not IN YOUR FACE quarantine, it has a parallel meaning, but you know even using the word quarantine got to me. But at the time, life WAS quarantine and COVID.

  11. The lore made it a little better for me but it sounds like the most poppy garbage basic song which I can't stand.

  12. some of the comments in controversial makes it seem like everyone from every other fandom just came on here to shit on tøp songs they hate…

  13. I usually have some dislikings at the launch of new albums but as I hear them over and over they become bangers

  14. Christmas saves the Year did exactly what it was supposed to do: Make you question TOP and their motives. When SAI dropped everything made sense.

  15. None of their songs are trash. That's not to say I like every song by them, but my opinion on a song does not make it good or bad. If I hate a song and others like it, then it's not trash. Music is not objective.

  16. I don't always like Formidable, depends on my mood. Otherwise I think I like all their songs, sure there are song I don't like as much but there isnt any one song that jumps out at me for being trash. I don't like Guns for Hands and Semi-Automatic as much as I used to, it's just that I heard those too often

  17. Christmas saves the year was straight up worse than any song on scaled and icy. And people seem to hate on SAI a ton and I don’t get it. I thought SAI was a bop and exactly what I wanted after all the lockdowns

  18. not downvoting, because everyone is entitled to their opinion + this is an opinion thread, however it's one of my favorite songs from Trench and we may have a fight to death

  19. I really like this song once we're past the first verse. But the use of the word "slits" makes my skin crawl. I wish he had chosen different wording.

  20. There are a lot songs I like the lyrics of but just can't like the music. For example, Car Radio has the best lyrics, but stop listening after Tyler stops rapping the lyrics.

  21. For me personally, i like every song from tøp on a different level each day. There are days where i go for a walk and listen to SAI, days where im going by bus early in the morning and listen to self titled, etc... But seriously- Have you ever listened to Be Concerned without it being a part of a album re-listening? dont get me wrong, the song isnt like bad, but its just not too special for me in any way.

  22. y’all can downvote me idc but i don’t scaled and icy and i will stand by that. it’s not trash but it’s not my style :,)

  23. ty has said that the next album will sound more "twenty one pilots" so I'm really hoping for something closer to rock/alternative

  24. I'll sau trees rab, not because lyrics are bad, I genuinely like the newer version, but it's overdone w the vocal effects and it's uncomfortable to listen to for me.

  25. Same for me! The worst thing about it is that it wasnt even supposed to be on the album but just a song to get tyler over his writers block. Imo any other song they made is better so I wouldve loved it they made one more for trench. But hey, at least I'm happy other people enjoy it a lot.

  26. I appreciate the difference in tone between both the og and the cover, but I can't listen to either because for some good forsaken reason my fam says "ay we gots a history of cancer, but are we telling the rest of the fam??? ABSOLUTELY N O T we will just keel over and die like a good American " and it hits way to hard for me at this point in my life

  27. Everything else grows on me over time; tracks I never expected to like, get added to my favourites (Bounce, just last week) but this... Cancer... NO

  28. I'm not judging cause I know everyone has different taste in music but this one shocked me cause it is one of my top 5 favorites from them

  29. That song is great. Sounds like The Cure in their pop rock phase. You have to be into a particular style of music to get it though.

  30. I don't remember which one it was, but I heard one off the new album and was unimpressed enough to skip the rest. I'm glad they're going in the direction they want, but it's just not for me.

  31. Wait, does this mean you skipped Redecorate? I’d highly recommend going back and listening to that song specifically. Tonally it’s completely different from the rest of SAI, and imo it’s one of their best songs ever.

  32. So many ppl are writing formidable, but can we just agree that the song had so much potential? If there would be a proper refrain and better instruments the song would be a gem

  33. I kind of agree, but that's because it's not what you'd call a fantastic song. It was just catchy so people caught on, and now it's and 'okay' and overplayed song that gets annoying

  34. This is one of the worst fanbases you could say this too... most of them are going to be unwilling to admit any of TOP's song are anything less than stellar.

  35. One of my favorites. But I think its just because it's one of my hubby's favorites. Everytime it comes on in our house he finds me to dance!

  36. Fairly Local. That is a god awful song. I would say Fall away is also pretty bad just because of the vocals, and the RaB vessel songs (except guns for hands and Mabye ode to sleep) are all bad.

  37. Sure I won’t disagree but it was the lead single for blurryface. It was definitely like a hey we’re back and this album is about to go crazy. I feel like it makes a little more sense in that context.

  38. Never take it is the worst song I have ever heard from them. I absolutely love everything else but this one makes me mad

  39. Not really trash in the sense that it’s trash, but in the sense that its so overplayed it’s trash… Stressed Out and Ride. I’d put Heathens but I tolerate it. The rest 🤌

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