I’m going to the Dallas show tomorrow. Does anyone know if my bag will be allowed? I’m so worried about this.. Des: Clear/average backpack size (if pic doesn’t work)

  1. Check with the rules of the venue. Mine only allowed super-small purses; nothing about being clear or not. I ended up just tucking my ID and credit card and hotel room key into my bra so I would only have to watch out for my phone. 😂

  2. Depends on venue and if you also have any medical needs, then it’s more likely; my sis had a bag that wasn’t clear but they allowed it in cos of medical.

  3. Check the website- if this is allowed I would recommend not bringing too much, as everyone else has been saying. Just phone, keys, wallet should be ok. Personally I like to bring a jacket with zipping pockets.

  4. The zipping pockets is a wonderful idea. That's what I did when I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, since we were going to be out in huge crowds.

  5. I’d check the rules of the venue or ask them for the max size allowed. Also, you’re not allowed to bring drinks anyways, so you wouldn’t need a big bag. I’d bring a folded tote bag and use that for any merch you’re planning on buying, if you’re getting any! For money, phone, etc. just get a small bag that isn’t too heavy. You’ll love the concert much more that way :)

  6. at my show (dc) bags were allowed im pretty sure, however my mom got pulled out of the security walk through thing to get her purse bag searched and put us behind like 4-5 more people. not a big deal but like others said see what your venue says first. i dont recommend unless you absolutely need

  7. Phone wallets will be your best friend. Wear a tank top maybe so you can put a shirt you get from merch on top of it. I try not to carry too many things. But if this is for waiting in line. No one will steal your spot

  8. Check the venue website. I was just at the Capital One Arena in D.C and the venue specifically said they were only allowing "clutch sized bags" anything and everything else was being turned away at the door. I took a slim "fanny pack" that I wore underneath my shirt and just put my credit card, I.D and cash in there. That's all you really need!

  9. I carried a bag the first show. But the 2nd show I went to was a "no bags" venue. Loved it. Never bringing a bag again.

  10. the email i got said no bags at all but when we got to the arena, there people at their seats with clear bags. they just might check them at the front

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