What is this Merch item? I can’t figure it out. Thx!

  1. My sister recently got rid of her Sirius Radio and popped a CD into the car. My 8 year old nephew asked, "why are you putting a game into a car?" She said "it's not a game. It's music. Where do you think music comes from?

  2. yeah, I got my CD the day it came out for like $11, the vinyl at Walmart is about $22 bucks (source: I work there) OP, don't waste your money. get it outside the venue

  3. that's the sai cd! get it if you can and don't have it, along with the other cds, the quality is better than streaming services and it's just really cool to own an album physically.

  4. It's the fact that there's a binder clip on the CD for me. That can damage the case over time, or if you're really unlucky, the CD as well.

  5. Don’t know for sure but I think they have just one up there showing the item and price. If you were to buy it they have them all in a box somewhere else

  6. I’m probably?? (18, Oh god) not older than op and even I know that’s a cd. It’s used to play music in older cars that may not have an aux port.

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