Morph is a very philosophical song and it ties a lot of concepts about Trench together brilliantly

  1. This is so great!! I think Morph is my favorite song off trench, and I have always wondered if other people thought about it this deeply as well. I love to dig into the philosophy of the lyrics, and you really summed it up well. I also like to think the “if I keep moving…” verses are about the insecurity of not allowing people to get close to you and really know you, for who you actually are. You will always change your personality to the people around you because you don’t feel comfortable letting people see the real you “defense mechanism”. But if you really put your guard down and allow people to actually know you, you will finally find security in who you are.

  2. I like this a lot, but want to clarify that while Camus is associated with existentialism, his dominant work was in absurdism, and he rejected the existentialist label.

  3. Gosh I didn't know some people think of this as well, though I think of Above, Under and around, differently but not far from what you say.

  4. I agree w/ most of what you said. My own interpretation is that Nico represents Tyler’s own self-loathing. It is an inner negative voice telling him that he is not authentic, that his ideas are not original… At this point in Tyler’s journey, he still has a blind spot in that he thinks he has to run from the negative emotions and self doubt. He is Blurryface because he is constantly morphing his personality to escape his inner “imposter syndrome”. The topology link is on point. Mathematically Nico is saying, “No matter how much you try to change, I can still spot you as a fraud. You might as well give up your life.” Clancy/Tyler is still under the delusion that if he morphs fast enough he will be undetected. But in reality, he just hurts himself by running. He later realizes that with the help of the banditos, the better approach is to stand a deliver.

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