Are there any song lyrics you've misheard that you think actually make more sense than the real lyrics?

  1. I used to the the intro to hometown was “A shadow tilts its head at me Spirits in the dark are waiting I won’t let them win, go quietly”

  2. In migraine, the line “I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead” I thought until like last month was “I’ll get some sleep when I’m dead”. Which I think kinda makes a tiny bit more sense just because it’s like he’s saying eh it’s fine I’ll sleep when I’m dead like it’s a confirmed thing. Idk if that makes any sense lmfao

  3. Oh also I thought “homie just sued me” was “hold me just soothe me” which would make sense for someone to say after they lost their job their wife and child hahahahahaha

  4. I thought in Morph he was saying "if I can morph and they won't know". I mean it was a little more redundant but it made sense lol

  5. Fake You Out: "Our brains are sick but our head's ok" should be "...but that's ok". Idk I kinda like the brain is sick, but my head's OK sorta like, "I'm depressed but physically I'm fine". I prefer that meaning.

  6. Is doesn’t necessarily make much sense but in Cut My Lip I at first heard “Lean on my pride I’m reliant” instead of “lean on my pride I’m a lion”

  7. I'm pretty sure I'm hearing properly, but most lyric sites have it wrong. In Before You Start Your Day, it's "Know you were made holy, open up your eyes and see," not "nowhere were they holy..." Completely different vibe, makes the song <3 Also, I misheard "entertain my faith" as "annotate my faith." I know it's wrong, but I still sing it that way because, well, I'm a geek and he's a writer!

  8. Personally, I think "nowhere were they holy" makes sense. Given the context of the song especially in relation to the rest of the album, I believe Tyler is speaking to someone going through similar issues he has, which includes a lot of self-criticism. Especially with the line "you don't have much time to make your slits look just right" I'd say it's safe to assume that the subject of the song is self-conscious and self-critical. By the line "nowhere were they holy" I believe Tyler is saying that none of the other people saved by God, including Tyler himself, were holy people, and yet they were still forgiven and saved, (by this point in the album, post-Taxi Cab where, if we assume the album is a single narrative for the most part, Tyler has been saved.) and that it is alright that this person may not be a perfect person themselves, there is still plenty of hope for them. I also hear "where" a lot more than I hear "you".

  9. In Trapdoor, i thought he said “Do me a favor and try to ignore, as you watch him fall through a bleeding trapdoor.” but up until like 2 weeks ago, i was looking at genius and found out the lyrics are “fall through a bladent trapdoor” as in an obvious one. but i mean bleeding makes sense because the trapdoor represents the ones seen under the noose in older times

  10. I used to think, in Stressed Out, Tyler said: "Wish we could turn back time, To the good old days, When the mamas sang, I still sing but now we're stressed out."

  11. I read that in Choker he sings ,Alone you gonna change my circumstance‘ but I always sing it ‚Alone I‘m gonna change my circumstance‘ I think it fits better with the line ,like a little splinter burried in your skin, someone else can carve it out, but when you‘ve got the pin it hurts a little less and you can push it even further in‘

  12. In the lyrics book it's "I'm" but it definitely sounds like "ya/you/you're" on the album. Live he just says "...alone. Gonna change my circumstance."

  13. In Friend, Please Tyler says "You say that spiders crawled inside and made themselves a home," and then says "Where light once was" (According to Spotify). Now for quite a while I thought he said "Where Lions once were" instead. It just made more sense in my head b/c it sticks with the animal metaphor of the line before.

  14. I thought I was the only one who thought it was the"good dope days." I also thought in Cut My Lip he says, "latte on my tongue" but it's "blood is on my tongue."

  15. In ride, the line "yeah I think about the end just way too much" I always thought he said "I think about the interest way too much"

  16. In Chlorine I thought he said “can you build my heart with peices” instead of house. I feel like heart sounds more metaphorical and cool.

  17. Not TØP but still Tyler's song from NPI...In "Hole in the ground" he says " There's a vision but you won't save me this time. My decision for living ISN'T mine to decide" I always thought he says "is mine to decide" because I thought the point of the lyric was that God won't save him and it should be his decision to save himself, but no...

  18. Idk if this makes more sense, but in message man the lyrics are: these lyrics aren't fir everyone, only few will understand" but I thought they were "these lyrics aren't for everyone so leave if you understand"

  19. my interpretation of chlorine was so bad. i used to sing something like "can you break my heart, he sayyys i’m just a chemical" instead of can you build my house with pieces and everything..

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