Do the optional essays have an effect on scholarship opportunities?

  1. my scholarship required one but if you want my advice I do not see any detriment to writing the essay aside from some wasted time. if it will increase your chances of saving money I say go for it you could knock it out pretty fast depending on how long

  2. Speaking from my own personal experience, the things that matter most when UCF awards the admission scholarships are your standardized test scores, how early you apply and your academics. I applied in early October last year through the UCF portal and was admitted late October (I was also top 10% of my class so I was already guaranteed admission through Top 10 Knights). I didn't submit the optional essay and was still able to obtain a substantial scholarship.

  3. The main factor is time of application -- the earlier the better. After that, it's did you take the time to do the essays -- why should we give you money if you can't be bothered to do just a little bit extra work to show you actually might want to come here. Grades are important, but not nearly as much as the first 2.

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