Helena Bonham Carter defends JK Rowling and Johnny Depp

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  2. People who come out with this shit only say it because it doesn't affect them. If Depp said "Helena, I've had to deal with cunts like you in my past, I don't want you anywhere near me and I'll make sure you don't work in our industry" I'm sure she'd have a very different take on it.

  3. Yeah, the whole point of doing therapy to unlearn things that led to unhealthy beliefs. It's not on everyone else to research Rowling's past and make concessions.

  4. People need to learn that their "trauma" isn't an excuse for bad behaviour, especially bigotry. (I am saying this as a person with literal PTSD).

  5. It's a shame these two things have been lumped together. The reasonable conclusion from what has been made public seems to be that Johnny Depp was in at least a mutually abusive relationship, and at times unquestionably the victim. Meanwhile JK Rowling is a bigot with a very powerful voice. Defending someone vulnerable and defending a big aggressive bully isn't really comparable. Actually, from the headline I assumed Depp had said something cartoonishly transphobic.

  6. The way JK Rowling behaves, she's clearly been the victim from a man in the past, though. I think that's the trauma that Helena is talking about here.

  7. Maybe the multi-billionaire who lives in a castle should get some therapy to deal with her trauma instead of using her reach and platform to spread hate and incite violence against trans people.

  8. Most recently that I'm aware of? Hounded Graham Norton off of Twitter for suggesting we listen to doctors instead of celebrities.

  9. She argues against trans rights with spurious “pro-women” arguments, while she actively aligns herself with Conservatives - like Matt Walsh — who fight against all of the pro-women positions she says she cares about.

  10. She won an award for an article where she basically pearl clutches and says"think of the children!". Reading it through was alarmed at her faulty reasoning, if you'd replaced the topic of her dismay to just "the gay agenda" rather than "the trans agenda" then it would be straight of the 80's, still with that sacarine shell of "I'm just so so concerned"

  11. She is incredibly transphobic and not afraid to spout rubbish and fear mongering over an already marginalised and miss understood group

  12. i've had a cisman follow me into a female only space before. if men want to do it, they just do it. the transphobes can stfu with their stupid "omg but the bathrooms!!" argument

  13. Yes, why someone who is willing to sexually assault women (already very illegal) would apparently stop to respect bathroom labels is a bit of a farce isn't it.

  14. First time I clicked, this website had two large ads that overlayed the text, and two running videos that scrolled with the content. I literally could see only two lines of text in the top of the screen, the rest was obscured/partially obscured.

  15. It's always kind of amusing/depressing when someone posts an article like this because they actually agree with the content of the article and then nobody else either takes it that way or is in their corner.

  16. I mean none of the things you listed are reasons to dismiss a a person's perspective outright, they're just meaningless personal attacks. It really it makes me wonder on what basis you would ardently defend people because you're reasoning to not do so seem pretty thoroughly based in bigotry.

  17. A family member of mine is an acquaintance of Helena Bonham Carter. That family member isn't a very progressive person to say the least, so this doesn't suprise me

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