If you choose to live in a touristy area, you have no right to complain about annoying tourists.

  1. I live in a touristy area (part of the year, snowbird) and for the most part I just shake my head at tourists antics. However, when I see tourists breaking things or mistreating local wildlife I do tend to get mad about that.

  2. Exactly, they trash the beaches too. Not to mention how vacationers in general tend to treat people in the service industry like shit.

  3. Same where I live but the wild animals end up being killed for the tourists safety. They tend to feed things they shouldn’t, swim where there shouldn’t, ride things like manatees. It’s really frustrating to see the posts on nextdoor from the new state residents like “there’s a baby gator in the pond we need to remove” or “I saw this little bobcat sunning it’s self, what’s the number to animal control!?” Leave them be they aren’t hurting anyone. We’ve built on their land they are now cohabitating

  4. I don’t complain about crowds or parking but I will 100% complain about them leaving trash behind.

  5. Crowds isn’t a big deal for. Even traffic is all right if it’s just due to road way congestion. My biggest pet peeve is driving 5 mph down Main Street to scope out shops and restaurants. Or when they are so focused on said shops that they neglect to stop for people in cross walks.

  6. It is not that they don't expect other people to want experience the natural beauty etc. it is that they don't have to act like obnoxious, entitled assholes to the people that choose to make these areas their year round home. The people that live and work in these areas year round are the fabric of that makes the area special. Without the people who live there year round these areas wouldn't exist. Treat them and the area with respect. They are not on your vacation.

  7. So so true. People on vacation tip poorly, forget how to read, and exist in a permanent state of disappointment. I once had a man scream at me in fury because he didn't make a reservation during COVID restrictions and we were sold out. At one point he said "YOU CAN'T TREAT ME LIKE THIS I SKI AT VAIL". Like wtf am I supposed to do? Grovel?

  8. But my point is it entitled to think that annoying tourists should stop coming just because you live there now, even if the tourists are obnoxious Example- It’s not right for an 18 year old to voluntarily move to Paris knowing that Paris has a bad reputation for annoying tourists, and then want to change it by complaining about tourists.

  9. Bro let people complain. Why are you policing what people can and cannot complain about? You could love everything about a touristy area you chose to move to except the tourists. Why should you not be able to complain about it? No one is saying we should ban tourism. Just letting off some steam after seeing tourists litter and disrespect the landscape.

  10. Or moved there before. I’ve got family living in Los Alamos. I don’t know what Oppenheimer is going to show, but I fear for the number of tourists that will follow for the year or so after it releases.

  11. Absolutely. I went to college at a school which was old/famous enough to be a tourist attraction. The tourist groups regularly were in front of entrances of buildings where I needed to get to class, and acted like I was the jerk for trying to get through. Additionally, one of the alumni had recently become super (cult-level) famous in her own country. The tourists from that particular country did stuff like surrounding the famous person's old freshman dorm (so that the students who lived there couldn't get in or out), climbing up the walls to look inside the windows of where "She" used to live, and thoroughly ticking off the unfortunate young women who happened to be living there now.

  12. I live in a tourist town.. It shits me beyond belief.. $5 coffee, no parking, bakery runs out of pies before morning tea.. people drive like they have brain damage... Thing is.. My town wasn't a tourist town when I moved in.. Now it is and it sucks.

  13. Same, my town and the surrounding towns exploded during Covid when people rolled out in masses from major surrounding cities. Our town wasn’t made to have an extra 10,000 houses built in two years. The people that followed are just as crappy as their cookie cutter homes. I didn’t choose this, it happened. And yes I complain about it lol

  14. Neighborhoods do change over the years, let's say you grew on 9th Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets of NYC in 1980. If you still live there, and the neighborhood isn't called Hell's Kitchen with porn stores and strip clubs anymore but is now called Clinton or Midtown West and has National chains where skeevy businesses used to be, can those people complain?

  15. If you’ve lived there since then your landlord is doing everything in their power to get you to leave. Rent control in NYC only allows them to raise rent rather modestly. Prices are through the roof there now. I lived there in 1996. I used to live on 9th at 46th and would watch prostitutes wander around and get into cars all night.

  16. In that case, yes it’s ok to complain. I’m not against locals input on how a community is changing. Im referring to the people that move to an area knowing that annoying tourists are a problem, but will complain about it.

  17. You assume these people can just get up and leave, when they can’t. Maybe tourists should be more respectful of other communities. Trashing a landmark doesn’t make you cool.

  18. What if you never had tourists in your area and the city made some changes to attract tourists? Are you supposed to move then? What if you were born there?

  19. That's literally all we are asking 😭 just a modicum of research... We only have one grocery store, two coffee shops, and like four restaurants. Everywhere is going to be out of food and out of seating and have super long lines. The trails are going to be packed, the campsites are all taken. JUST GOOGLE IT THEY WILL TELL YOU.

  20. I didn’t move to a touristy area, I grew up here and watched it become overcrowded and nearly unaffordable. It sucks to see because this is my home and I want to stay here. Also tourists will literally block my driveway for hours because they want to use the nearest beach access, it’s disrespectful and irritating.

  21. Really depends on how the visitors treat the area. I lived in a summer touristy town for a stint (top rated beach in the area) which for the most part was completely fine, besides a bit more parking issues. We generally enjoyed the influx of ppl spending money at local businesses, more art, music and food festivals etc than our town of 17k would normally have

  22. If they come and act like entitled twats, abuse our restaurant workers who are just trying to make a paycheck and trash our beaches and trails simply because they're spending some money here, then yes - we have every right to complain about them.

  23. Oh hands down. I bet he's the guy who yelled at me last year because we don't have night skiing in our subarctic climate.

  24. More often than not people aren't complaining about tourists, they're complaining about inconsiderate people who often happen to be tourists.

  25. you do realize most people don’t move there right. like only the rich people can afford to move to touristy areas. most people were born there, therefore they didn’t ‘choose to come to a touristy area.’ nobody chooses to be/where they will be born.

  26. You all saw what happened with the sea lions in San Diego. I live here and regularly see these people harassing wildlife and getting way too close and that does bother me, sorry.

  27. Everyone has a right to complain about whatever they want, and you have a right not to give a shit about their complaint.

  28. There's an evolution of "middle of nowhere" areas that suddenly seem attractive because there's no tourists and still reasonably priced. After the first dozen people move there from wherever, it begins the inexorable cycle of prices raising and local inflation and 10,000 or 100,000 new people later, like one year, you who originally lived there are now living in a tourist haven.

  29. Don’t agree with the “greedy developer” part. It’s great that me as a person in Southern California can surf at Malibu in the morning and end up in big bear snow boarding by 3-4

  30. If they choose to live in a tourist trap, then I agree.. But. Most people don't get the luxury of choosing to move to a tourist hotspot though - they grew up there, or it nosedived into being a tourism spot after they were there. Those people have all the right to complain and more.

  31. You are completely ignoring that some people were born and raised there. I know in some places it’s easy to move, but in others it isn’t. I have a family and career here, and I always get happy when I see tourists enjoying the natural beauty. I don’t enjoy tourists being destructive, obnoxious, rude, inconsiderate, or dangerous though.

  32. Depends. Tourist groups that take up the entire sidewalk are obnoxious. Tourists are fine, it's the congestion that I think people have an issue with.

  33. Except tourists are disgusting and leave trash everywhere and don’t give a fuck about anyone that LIVES there. I am not okay with that

  34. I typically throw anything they throw on the ground at them. The heavier it is, and the younger they are, the harder I throw it.

  35. And people that live in the country can't complain about long drives/lack of commerce/general boredom/ or bugs and wild animals I guess.

  36. There is a difference between being someone who is conscious of others around them, and genuinely wants to experience the city, and someone who stops in the middle of the path every 5 fucking meters to take a photo without looking behind them. Some people have no spatial awareness.

  37. I live in NYC and this is so true. Like I use these sidewalks to commute and you walking in large droves taking the whole sidewalk, randomly stopping, along with walking at a snails pace is why people see New Yorkers as pissy. We have places to be people. Some of us live here and don’t have a choice.

  38. Living in a tourist destination I don’t care about tourists being here, great, come spend your money and add to our surplus budget some more. What I do care about is the blatant lack of respect and pure entitlement that comes with some of them. Not only that trashing the local areas. Be nice and pickup after yourself and we cool.

  39. Sorry I do. I’m stationed here. I have no choice in it. I would never ACTUALLY choose to live here. But let me make something clear: Only because YALL ARE ANNOYING AF.

  40. I live in a tourist area but it wasn't like it used to be. Like with everything, its grown over the years and now we have tourists year round due to our weather. In the winter, the snowbirds come since our "winters" are high 60's. In the summer, those in the south and deserts come here because we have maybeid to high 80's. It really is a pain strictly for the fact that they don't know how to drive here. It's no secret in California we are known that you don't drive the actual speed limit and we have a "California stop." Yet tourists still continue to drive like their home state

  41. Aye your saying choice. But I was raised here and it wasn’t so bad until they decided to make it into a cycling “hub” it’s. West central Scotland and lots of forest and lochs. And it’s fine for those that want to cycle in the forest- they bring their bikes on the back of their car and head off into the woods. Good for them. But then there’s the Lycra element- who think that road racing is it! They travel in packs on the rural windy road at around 22mph and pull over for no one. When I come home from night duty it takes me 48 minutes. When I come home from early shift on the weekends I can be 1hr 15 minutes- completely due to Lycra pack cyclist. Same when I go in on a Sunday I leave at 12-15 at the latest my shift starts at 1330

  42. I grew up in a tourist town. Behave like a civilized human being and we won't have a problem - but start thinking because you're on vacation you have the right to be an asshole, we have a problem. That's the rule - don't be an asshole. Enjoy your stay :)

  43. Yes. It is a more realistic solution for the goal of your long term happiness than staying there with a bit-into-a-turd expression permanently etched on your face as you fruitlessly wait for it to stop being a touristy spot.

  44. What about people who lived in an area all their lives that recently became touristic and tourism caused gentrification and are pricing out many locals ?

  45. Wrong. Pits of people grow up in sicb areas and lots have no choice but to live there. These are cities where families have loved for generations and its their city and their right.

  46. I didn’t “choose” to move to a touristy area. It’s where I live due to financial circumstances. Tourists CAN be entitled, rude, demeaning, elitist, and destructive to the area. We have every right to complain, especially if we are not in the financial position to live anywhere else.

  47. L take, people who pay taxes and love in a community should just deal with random people who show up for 5 days and fuck around and are generally annoying. Nah, use brain OP

  48. I went to a pretty village in the Cotswolds (England) and tourists were peering through people's windows like it was Epcot. I would complain about that if it were me.

  49. Agreed. I'm from Vegas and have been here most of my life, I work on the Strip as a head of surveillance. I've seen the worst of tourists: the drunks, the fights, the vomiting and them just generally acting like assholes.

  50. I kinda agree. My gf’s stepdad is always complaining about the tourists and the new casinos being put up in Las Vegas like he doesn’t live in one of the most tourist-y cities in the US.

  51. I use to live in Chicago, I didn’t find tourist themselves annoying, what I found annoying were the ones who insist on complaining about how “unsafe” Chicago is and how they won’t venture outside of downtown (and maybe lakeview). Those tourist are the WORSE. Do not come to my city and then disrespect it and talk about how you couldn’t never live there.

  52. I’ve lived in tourist areas all my life and yes, we do have a right to complain. Out-of-towners are often rude to locals, trash our beaches, treat the area like a theme park, litter and don’t know where they’re going, so the roads are full of idiot drivers. During the really high tourist seasons here (summer and festival season, April-October) crime spikes and people get struck and killed by cars driven by tourists all the time. No one chooses to live anywhere because it’s a tourism area. It’s the tourists that choose to come, and it’s on them to be respectful. There’s a difference between being a tourist and being a disrespectful tourist is what I’m saying.

  53. I don't have an issue with tourists that act normal. I understand traffic is going to be higher, things around town will have longer waits, and it will be louder than normal.

  54. There is being a carefree tourist and there is being a brain-dead animal. One gets easily forgiven/understood for getting drunk and yelling on the street at 3 o'clock. The other one shits on the sidewalk in front of Barcelona's cathedral and there is just no excuse for that.

  55. Yeah, when tourists come and litter, leave garbage, throw bottles in bushes, bury garbage in the sand, shit in the sand and bury it, piss on the beach, etc... you get the point, and then some lie and say they didnt do it when confronted by police. They wouldnt like it if people went and shit and tossed trash in their front lawn or in their neighbourhood. Tourists never forget to show some respect for the area, animals and habitat that you're visiting, people live there and you wouldnt like if someone disrespected the place you call home. Some ignorant mind you have coming on here complaining about people not liking tourists.

  56. You get that a lot of people don’t actually choose to live in a big city right? I for one had to move because my parents lived too far from the city my uni is in. Also by this argument nobody can complain about anything the negative effects of anything they do if they knew beforehand. When the pro’s outweigh the cons it doens’t just make the cons dissapear. This is like saying you can’t complain about stepping in dog poo in the park with a lot of dogs because you knew there was a risk of stepping in dog poo.

  57. it's not that tourists shouldn't come, it's that you can be a tourist with out annoying behaviors like: littering, being too disruptive, and acting way too entitled.

  58. I live in wine county, I have a passionate hatred for tourists who think it’s acceptable to visit and drive drunk. I can deal with slow drivers, jay walking, long lines, etc but I refuse to be tolerate people who can kill people due to their negligence.

  59. There is a difference between complaining about tourists and complaining about annoying tourists, it's normal to complain about people who can't behave normally in public because no one knows them there.

  60. What if the area you live and grew up in becomes touristy? i.e. east TN with the Smokies being the most visited National Park in the country? 14+ Million visitors last year.

  61. Same goes for students, but arguably people born or have lived long enough to see the development of tourism are fully allowed to complain, it most likely has always been their home

  62. Do you know that there are people who are from those areas, don't you? Do you know that people needs to move to some of those places because they tend to be where colleges are and students need to move close to college to get a degree, or are where most jobs are and need to move to not starve and die, don't you? Tourists impose gentrification over a population trying to get by on their own country. You have no superior right to come see ruins, get drunk and jump from balconies, not your country, not your taxes, not your bussiness. We will complain that you use our homes as a junkyard for your party time and an amusement park for your middle-class entlitled ass. Don't come, stop destroying monuments, raising the price of everything and aggravating the housing crisis by drastically raising rent prices.

  63. I moved to London because it's the only place I can pursue my career. I am absolutely going to complain about large crowds of tourists in central London that walk slowly and block streets seemingly completely unaware there's people around them that have shit to do and places to be.

  64. There's a dofference between moving into a touristy area or live in a quiet area, which transforms into a touristy area over time. The people who move into it shouldn't really complain, yeah.

  65. Tourism has ruined the life for locals in many countries all while lying to them that it will give them opportunities. Opportunities to remain poor!

  66. If a tourist is being disrespectful, trashing and breaking stuff, and just an ass after starting something or breaking the law- trust me, I do have a right.

  67. My tiny N. MI town of 40k has over a million tourists descend upon it from June through October. Everyone loses their minds every year, like it’s brand new, and it’s like they forget that we wouldn’t have Target, Costco, Starbucks, etc. without our tourism. The bitching is unbelievable. And yeah, the tourists (“Fudgies”) are annoying, disrespectful to nature, filthy, and can’t drive for shit, but they keep us employed.

  68. i agree but hawaii'i is the exception due to the culture people who live there have which gets ruined because of its tourism

  69. I live in a tourism destination. Every summer the roads get clogged with people from other states who are a driving nuisance. They don't know where they're going and blindly following their gps, which means they aren't paying great attention to the traffic around them. They go REALLY slow, causing traffic and accidents. They're also prone to last minute, multi late crossover, when they realize they're supposed to turn right instead of left.

  70. I was raised in a touristy area. Was not my choice. And it got busier and busier every year. People discovering spots us kids would hangout in and then wanting to make it their own, leaving garbage everywhere, disrespecting the workers in the town, messing with wild life. People can absolutely complain about that especially if you have been raised there your whole life. I wouldn’t trade where I grew up for the world but it’s still valid to complain about tourists.

  71. No, the worst is those who were once tourists, deciding to move to their beloved tourist destination that then begin to hate on tourists. Like all the haoles in Hawaii. Locals complain about tourists, but it's on a whole other level when it's Chris and McKenna from California complaining about tourists.

  72. I'm just a wee bit torn on this one, only because Hawaii is part of the US, and people DO have the right to move wherever they want to move. Shit, I'd move there if I could afford to.

  73. People complaining about tourists know full well they brought it upon themselves. But some people just feel better when they voice their frustration. Even if they originally caused it. And yes those people can be as annoying as tourists. But no one is asking you to fix anything and you can choose not to listen.

  74. So, I live with my parents in the house of my grandfather that give it to my mother 50 years ago, I cannot afford to rent an apartment near my job because of tourists prices are ridiculously high, I had to call the police more than once because some drunk tourist has forced my door to have some sex with another drunken tourist, my neighbourhood started to decline because people who lived here before me are so tired of the situation that they decided to leave and now half of the neighbourhood are Airbnb apartments... but hey! I can't complain because I choosed to live here.

  75. I live near Paris, fuck touristes. We live here and we are not gonna bend over backwards cause it's not exactly like your home.

  76. It’s not the residents who are making problems. They’d have nothing to gripe about if there wasn’t issues with tourists. I live in a tourist town. The tourists forget that people actually live there for whatever reason - it may be work, luxury, retirement or just location. It’s not Disneyland where there are staff to follow around these folks and pickup after them and insure they are acting orderly in an acceptable social fashion. I only treat people with respect that deserve it. In Jerome, AZ the amount of peoples homes that get trespassed on and loitered is sad. Move along folks and dear God don’t knock on the residents doors asking to use the toilet.

  77. Honestly, I completely agree. My parents complain constantly about where we live and when it's tourist season and it's irritating af considering they CHOSE to live there and knew about it beforehand. I on the other hand personally quite enjoy the tourist buzz because it makes me feel like something is going on. I used to live in Sydney, and so I miss that aspect to it and all the people from everywhere.

  78. I feel like anywhere you live is gonna have downsides and just because you know they’re coming doesn’t mean they stop being downsides????

  79. Yeah, or you were BORN there and the tourists decide to move there eventually because it was sooooo nice, get there and inevitably raise the cost of housing, pushing out the locals, who made it was it was in the first place, then try to change it into the place they left, then yeah fuck those tourists. We're sick of all of them. Especially the goddamn Texans.

  80. That's like saying if you live in an area that is effected by global warming, you have no right to complain if your home burns down in a bushfire.

  81. Anyone want to know how a tourist Karen acts? Imagine cooking dinner in your beautiful home and a woman, her man and 2 kids walk up 2 flights of stairs, pound on your door like they are the police. This would be like the 3rd time tourist asking for access to a bathroom for the summer In Jerome, AZ.

  82. People saying "well what if I was born here, etc" bruh did you not even fucking read the title let alone the actual post 💀💀💀

  83. Acorn St, Beacon Hill Boston comes to mind. For all my life just a mundane cobblestoned street with brick row houses. But come the Insta crowd, Oh so quaint. Rarely a photographer free day since and by people who see the street as a Disneyland setpiece. Residents step out their door and get yelled at for ruining the shot.

  84. I think most people would be fine with tourists assuming they have common decency and don't trash the place. IME it's usually the entitled asshats that people complain about. Roll into town for a week, leave shit laying around, annoy everyone by acting like massive Dbags, and roll out.

  85. What if I have lived here here for 30 years since I was born and only suddenly it’s started becoming touristy and I can’t afford to move? Should we move and shut up and succumb?

  86. Same as people buying land next to a farm and complaining of farm smells or building a house near an airport and complaining of aircraft noise.

  87. I love tourists. They pay a ton of taxes. I don't see much of it, but 20% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

  88. I live in a surburban city that has a place that is considered a monument but I doubt people care about the existence of my surburban city and I can understand why the existence of my city may be considered insignificant. What if you live in a surburban city that has a few monuments but has a mostly insignificant existence besides those monuments?

  89. Choice words here. I (23,M) was born in Cornwall and given the opportunity I’d leave. Between stupid living prices and super low wages, it’s not possible for me to save to move. Not a fan of tourists. Hate being one myself!

  90. I moved to a small village many years ago when there was no tourists, but now they come. We have narrow and steep roads with a lot of trees. I hate when bikers come here and ride down the entire village 50km/h not looking where they are going and usually nearly crashing into vehicles. Same with tourists who park their cars in forests/drive 15 km/h and block the road for others. If you ever go to Poland and see a car with a licence plate reading "PO" at the beginning flip them off please, it's not a stereotype. I also hate developers who build ex. 35 ugly modern-looking houses that look the same/middle-aged buisnessman who come build their ugly modern house and mow grass on sundays

  91. I was born, raised and have lived in a touristy area. I choose to live here because it's where I grew up. This area became a really popular tourist area about 5 years ago. I think I have a right to complain about tourists.

  92. Well, those who live in big cities in the 1st world are just a lower class of people anyway. Can't expect many of them to not be assholes about everything.

  93. The problem is when you don't live in a touristy place and it suddenly becomes one. But, change is inevitable and there are too many fucking people. That's just life currently.

  94. I half agree half disagree. I think people can complain about anything that annoys them. I used to complain about having so much homework all the time even though I knew nobody was actually wronging me by giving it to me. It is bad to actually take out that frustration on other people though. Like if someone was rude to all the tourists they met or tried to make them feel unwelcome in any way.

  95. I was born in a touristy town. I'm still here. When people move here and then bitch about tourists, all I can think is, "my brother in Christ you are a tourist"

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