Class 5 driving test tips

  1. I’m taking mine in a few weeks too and took a refresher course. The instructor gave me some tips and random information:

  2. Stay calm. Keep your evaluator comfortable with your driving. Make sure everyone is buckled in before you put the car in gear. Make sure you know the rules of the road, especially around school and park zones (they'll definitely take you through there).

  3. Explore all the roads around your testing center. Know where the school/playgrounds are. Know where the construction zones are.

  4. Keep your wheels straight while waiting to turn left at an intersection. I know several people who were marked down for hanging out with turned wheels, because everybody seems to do it!

  5. Choose an ICBC location nearby an easy highway junction to navigate for the highway driving portion.

  6. Speed limit, stay calm and ensure safety is always first for you, your passengers and others around you. Refresh yourself with the roads and traffic patterns of that neighborhood including school zones, for sure you’re gonna go thru one. Most common habit of a regular drivers are pressuring pedestrians to cross.. make sure you stay back and keep your distance. Consider yellow and red the same at stopping and right turns.

  7. Its pretty simple, the pedal under your right foot is the go button, the pedal under your left foot is the stop button. Green means go, yellow means go, red means stop but only 5-10 seconds after it appeared depending on your mood.

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