CANZUK Union / Federation Flags

  1. I agree luckily Charles is apparently trying to add wales to the royal standard. BTW UK should use the flower more often they look good on the new passports

  2. That's the St. Edward's Crown, the state Crown of Britain. The specific design OP used appears to be the way it's depicted in the Canadian coat of arms specifically.

  3. i would rather make this be a crown monarch flag rather than a national flag, as the British flag is a unchangeable symbol for British and British related counties

  4. These are actually really great As an Australian I love the Australian one It incorporates several cultural symbols and includes what is possibly the only alternative Australian flag there is the Eureaka Stockade flag But the stars have been replaced with the 7 pointed ones of the current flag And don't even get me started with the gum leaves It's just really good

  5. I always tried to find a good take to a cansuk flag with no success, but this? Holy fuck, this looks amazing, I am specially fascinated in the canadian flag

  6. God save our King, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, King of Canada, King of Australia, King of New Zealand, King of his other realms and territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the faith, to whom we pledge our loyalty and obedience.

  7. As an Englishman, I rather despise CANZUK as a concept. But regardless I feel as if these flags are a fair attempt but are a bit too complicated.

  8. Even if you don’t support the British monarchy, these flags are really well designed and are a perfect mix of traditional European heraldic influences and a more streamlined design for modern usage… absolutely gorgeous!

  9. I like the New Zealand one the most, the design is so cool with a lot of details, this would look cool on a passport

  10. Be still my beating heart, a monarchist/imperialist flag that doesn't look like those Facist fucklords designed it! Looks absolutely amazing, friend, you've done well.

  11. im gonna say no to those pearls/diamonds on the crowns.....also I'd prefer the the sun rays on the UIR flag to not be curved.....

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