How many times have you been complemented by the opposite gender?

  1. I love your profile picture mate. The grown out hair and beard, the frown, the little beer belly and its respective frown, the shadow from behind symbolizing an inescapable darkness coming from within, the television screen lights (a hint of escapism), and it looks like he’s holding something, is that a gun? A true forever aloner. Where’d you get this picture?

  2. I think I have been complemented on my clothing or appearance once, and it was a dude saying I had nice shoes lmao. I think I got told like 2-3 by women I'm funny, but that's it personality wise

  3. Twice. Once, on my hat and the other on my shirt. Granted it was a nice hat and a nice shirt so it was more to do with the clothing than me.

  4. From where I am from, girls don't compliment if guys are good looking they just behave in a certain way as an indication that that dude is handsome.

  5. One time a girl complimented my height, which was weird cause I’m 5’10 and she was like 5’8, but it was still nice.

  6. Many times but since they didn't put their pussies or their relationship status where their words are, it means zero. They were probably using me for something,too, since people only text me when they need something from me.

  7. One time by someone who wanted my money, one time from someone who just being nice and I complimented them first (they found a bf like 2 days later), and the last one was genuine. All of these were online.

  8. Completely unrelated but the previous post above me mentioned some jerk of a boyfriend. Makes me wonder what these guys have that I don't.

  9. Sorry to hear that, but I think a lot of guys are afraid to voice complements offline to women. I used to sometimes, but after some negative experiences I stopped giving compliments to women I don't know. That's in person; I've still given complements to women online.

  10. After legal age and being handed adult responsibilities..... None...Mom, aunt, grandma, female teachers and coworkers only complemented me to strive for success but never a flirty complement from someone who I liked or could have some... IDK 😐

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