1. Because for some, selling at $30 would/could be life changing. Waiting for $40 and seeing it sell off AH down to $20and below would crush alot of people who Yolo'd into weeklies with bad strikes.

  2. Some of the gains today were probably pre reg sho shorts closing and that drop most likely new shorts opening. Making the same mistakes that they did with gme.

  3. Cringe as F. Don't see the point of explaining to someone who is messed up enough to make a post of this level. This isn't regarded, this isn't even medically regarded. It's straight up malicious BS.

  4. Well, i'll give you a good reason! I have 1500 shares at $13 after some fuckery (had 2000 shares, a margin call was involved). Put a $43 sell order for 500 of them so, if the price goes to that and my sell order fills, i'll have covered my initial investment and will be much more relax knowing i'm playing with pure profit money. Pretty easy and i did the same exact thing with GME for good results (5k to 50k)

  5. why you ask? Because the company is literally on the brink of collapse. disgusting financials, they will be dead in 5 years.

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