Proper AMZN YOLO. Give me karma, bitches.

  1. Holy shit dude YOLO! Honestly its fucking risky as FUCK and youre trying to catch a falling knife and all signs are pointing to bearish lately but props to you for having huge balls lmao

  2. He's playing the Fed meeting pump. So the curve shit doesn't matter. Most people think it will pump if Fed increases rates by 0.50%. I think OP is right.

  3. Good luck, i'm 10k shares at $102 average, my stop loss is set at $93. I'm selling no matter what come Dec 30th. Just hoping to break even at this point.

  4. I would reference... Balls to the Wall. If that hits for you then my cheap ass losing ass Googl calls will print. At the close today.. were both looking good.

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