Whatcha doing after smoking this?

  1. Eat McDonalds,listen to pink floyd while doing an Irish dance in the middle of my living room while I'm Canadian (based on a true story)

  2. but honestly when i’m high and let’s say i’m at home nothing to do ima have the time of my life, make myself some bomb ass food, play some music play the game. sometimes i might even walk my dog sometimes and run w him. whenever im high i feel like i could just run and run and run without stopping honestly cuz im calmer and my breaths are calm and slow and in thru the nose out thru the mouth. especially even like swimming in a pool. one time on vacation i got so fried before swimming in the pool and i did a mf back flip “which i never was able to do before” and i was so proud of myself. and i learned how to dive in the pool like a mf dolphin too bruh. shit was crazy. sometimes i might even drive my dirt bike while fried. everything is so much vibrant and clear. thoughts are easier to process and js cooler to ride honestly bruh.

  3. To some people, a joint is virtually a cigarette and is almost the same as not smoking at all. As someone who completely agrees with that, smoking a joint is a quick and fun way to get high for around 30 minutes at most. I could neck this and directly after handle some serious shit (like getting grilled by police / authorities). Its all in the tolerance. Joints to me are basically fun sized candy bars. A quick taste and a novelty. But do they really get me high after extracting for over a decade and being spoiled on that? Not a chance. Used to be nice to ball out and smoke joints so thick its difficult to tuck the paper. However in all honesty my cannabis tolerance has always been far too high to consider different.

  4. Take a t break if u cant get high lmao. Not a good thing to have a high tolerance. I smoke a .5 and get super blazed for 2-4 hours every time

  5. Nope it's a silicone bowl that can be used as a nectar collecter too. Got it 2 years ago greatest little piece I've ever bought.

  6. That's a lot of motions, I'd offer you to stand up. Raise your arms up. Offer some water. Make a suggestion to take smaller hits lol?

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