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  1. Then they get dogs out. If the dogs alert to something, it’s probable cause and they will search it anyways.

  2. Never allow ANYONE to search your vehicle, or home. Regardless of their "authority", if you do not want them in your business, tell them you're uncomfortable with it. A warrant is required for everyone you don't want around.

  3. Agreed. This is gonna sound awful but quite frankly if your white their is a pretty good chance that they won’t bother with a dog… I can’t tell you how many times I should’ve been fucked but suffered literally zero consequences.

  4. if your being a hassle that’s probable cause right there. if u just comply get out the car they aren’t gonna do anything to you. if they do they have dash cams body cams and microphones so if they do end up doing some fuck shit don’t resist or do anything. complain about it later. YOULL NEVER WIN A ARGUMENT OR SOLVE THE ISSUE RIGHT THEN AND THERE. this is how the system was made it’s corrupt.

  5. I feel like it’s from the 90s or something and more of a vintage “look at this an laugh” post rather than actual tips

  6. While "dont smoke a bong while driving" is great advice, that #5 is completely wrong to the point of misinformation.

  7. Number 5 is not true. As you step out of your car, you lock your car behind you. This is an automatic warrant needed to search your vehicle. To further your security have your things locked in your glove box! This requires a second warrant! A warrant that must be requested after the first. If you’d like to triple your security.. lock your trunk!! This is an automatic third warrant on top of the other two warrants. By this point(the second warrant really) you are allowed to ask if you are being detained as they are far past the allotted time for holding you

  8. Whoever posted this is as much of a knob as the FBI agent who created it. All terrible advice except for the keep your car in good shape part. You CAN refuse a search of your car. You SHOULDN'T smoke before you get in the car, because then you smell like weed, which is a probable cause for a search. NOBODY should smoke weed in your car. As if the cops are even going to believe the driver when he says "Oh I wasn't smoking". Complete bullshit written for idiots by (probably) either the DEA or FBI.

  9. Was facing a felony possession w/intent, felony resale equip. Possession, and felony trafficking(dismissed) charge a few years back in rural small town Bible Belt USA.

  10. Once you refuse to let them search your car they bring the dog and then your fucked. So no. A good 10 years ago i had just grabbed a oz and got pulled over I had my work truck with a big ass tool box in the back seat I shoved the whole bag under and prayed for the best. Well these fuckers took me out asked if I had any I said no they said if we bring the dog will he find anything I said no and finally if they could search i said sure. And sure enough they didn’t find anything and I was on my way so number 5 is not so bad. You tell them no and they are going to end up searching your shit anyways and be pissed off about it because u made it difficult. So iono. The most important thing is to keep your cool tho. Any sign your nervous and your fucked. I went to jail for weed a few times when I was younger and it was always cuzz I was with someone scary as fuck that would start shitting bullets from the get go.

  11. You did not consent to the search, if he has no reasonable suspicions, he can't search the car, not call the dogs. Refusing search IS NOT reasonable suspicion.

  12. Louisiana passed a law that states the smell of cannabis in a car or your house is not probable cause to search. On the other hand, in typical Louisiana fashion, corruption is rampant in this state so now we have $160 grams of distillate.

  13. lmao as a big ass pothead who recently traveled 38 states with pot the whole time, i’m so surprised i didn’t get pulled over. i even have a pot sticker that i covered when i went through non-legal states. very hippie looking van easily 15 stickers but fl plates as opposed to say ca or co with weed culture.

  14. Lol what never consent to a search that’s rule #1 no matter how guilty you know you are or how busted you are. Idc if the cops literally says he saw the weed in the exact spot it’s at, you don’t consent

  15. Absolutely unbelievably terrible advice. You CAN refuse a search and you SHOULD refuse a search. They can’t keep you longer than necessary for a stop so unless they see weed or have another way of having probably cause you’re in the clear to dip out as soon as theyre done with the stop no matter what the cop wants to incriminate you with.

  16. This is so fucking stupid. How about just don’t drive while high as fuck so you don’t endanger others. Wtf

  17. This is pretty useless advice tbh. For one, they have no ability to search your car unless they smell it. Yes you can have a bad cop that “smells it” but generally if you don’t look the part and they don’t smell anything there’s no reason to suspect that they’d even think about searching your vehicle. Just travel with it in a sealed mason jar or similar. Don’t give consent to a search, even if you have nothing on you. Only escalation that you can’t get out of in that regard is if they bring a dog out and they alert to your car, in which case, lawyer up. Always ask if you’re free to go and hopefully it doesn’t get to that point, but if they can’t smell anything they can’t do anything.

  18. Nah bro there are these 2 lawyer guys on YouTube who make videos on how not to get fucked (pot brothers at law) and they say to never let them search. And usually that works out

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