Y’all see anything worth snagging? EC Rye?

  1. Just bought a bottle of belle meade reserve, really good stuff. Bardstown fusion and discovery are both good bottles as well. I want to try the bowman port finish, but I can’t say it’s a good bottle until I try it.

  2. For a cheapish wheater without an age statement, Nelson’s is pretty good. Very graham crackery, especially once it’s been open for a while.

  3. Haven’t tried Clyde mays but just picked up their 5yr single barrel. Haven’t read much about them in general so it’s a real shot in the dark - any insight?

  4. Not what I was expecting compared to the 1920. Anazingly went from average to great (subjective taste) with a little orange bitters.

  5. KC 12, OF 1920/1910, woodford double oak, BELLE MEADE RESERVE!(so good), angels envy rye(maple syrup in a bottle), KC single barrel, rare breed. Get all of those and you’ll be good for the year sipping very nicely 😂👌🏼

  6. Knob Creek Single Barrel & definitely Elijah Craig Straight Rye, if you've never had it. If it's $35 or less buy multiples and thank me later.

  7. Wondering the same thing and why no one else commented on that. Price is always relevant, otherwise we would all go out and buy PVW or WLW without blinking an eye.

  8. Woodford double oaked/ Old forester 1920/ makers 101/ single barrel jack/ rare breed/ knob creek 12 belle meade (regular not reserve)

  9. Any of the Rye’s in any photos minus the Whistle Pigs are worth every penny. I’m not real sure sure how WP’s cost as much as they do… imho

  10. The Bardstown Discovery Series is dang tasty. Only ever seen it for $120+ so depending on the price. Also, why are all the prices scratched out? Hard to give great advice without all the variables.

  11. Kc 12. Kcsb is ok but not what it once was. Rare breed depending on price. Maybe bowman port. Idk your area but this looks pretty standard/ nothing that hard to find besides maybe the kc12. Nothing must buy but if price is right and you need some whiskey then these will do you fine.

  12. All standard fare so it’s a matter of preference. This looks like every grocery store and liquor store in Michigan

  13. Since i havent seen mention of it yet i would recommend the yellowstone. Its good simple stuff, they also have a rye that ive been meaning to try but havent gotten around to yet

  14. Bowman brothers is phenomenal. My favorite whiskey for <40. I'm sure that Isaac bowman port finish is also good, wish I could get that!!

  15. Knob 12/15, Any of the old forester, bib & tucker, the bardstown discovery if it’s 4, 6 or 7 (unsure on 8) the 101 and rare breed.

  16. Big fan of angels envy rye but not everyone’s taste. Otherwise it’s the cost effective staples for me out of that lot. Elijah bourbon and rye, knob, big High west double rye fan.

  17. The Old Forester set (1870, 1897, 1910, 1920). Always good drinkers. Old Grandad 114. Angels Envy Rye. Wild Turkey Rarebreed. Yellowstone (makes a mean Gold Rush).

  18. Smooth ambler is a sneaky good pick. Rare breed and WT101 are safe choices. KC single barrel and Yellowstone are also solid.

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