Saw some people posting collections, so I thought I’d share my Balvenie.

  1. So jealous! I’ve only had Creation of a Classic, 12 Doublewood and Caribbean Cask but they’re definitely some of my favorites

  2. Where’d you pick up the creation of a classic? I got it from duty free in Scotland, haven’t seen it anywhere else.

  3. It’s definitely good, but I was a little underwhelmed for the price. I only tried it after first opening it, so it’s probably worth another try to see if it’s opened up at all.

  4. Awesome “selection”! Balvenie is one of my favorite distilleries. I try and buy anything from them I can get my hands on. If you’re able, look for any of the Tun 1509 bottles. They are fantastic.

  5. How are the 12 and 15 SB ? I have been seeing those around but not much info. The 14 CC and Sweet Toast are very nice drams. I wish I could find more of their spirit around me, I like their flavor profile.

  6. It’s terrific…it’s also (imho) the woodiest of them. Also: discontinued. So if you see one for under $170 I’d grab it. They’re starting to disappear.

  7. I used the Portwood in a blind tasting to illustrate to some friends new to whisky that age doesn't necessarily equate to quality. It's still awesome: but I don't think it's drastically better than the standard Doublewood. Great collection!

  8. Wow, I`m very jealous. Balvenie is one of my faves. Unluckily my local store only carries the 12 double barrel and the 14 Caribbean cask.

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