Seeking Australian whisky recommendations as a gift for a Scotsman...!

  1. The Boutique-y whisky company has some interesting Aussie stuff. I've got the Tin Shed release - and it is good. Been wanting to try the Corowa Distillery Bosque Verde as it got great reviews from the Whisky Waffle guys. Decent price too.

  2. Corowa looks quite reasonably priced indeed! Cheers for that recommendation. :) And at a glance, Boutique-y looks like an independent bottler based in the UK?

  3. I'm a big fan of overeem, especially their port cask, starward is readily available very strong red wine influence with their casks, of course lark is an option but since their take over of a couple of distilleries their labelling is a hot topic (but the classic cask is good if not overpriced ) Backwoods is making cracking whisky if you can get a bottle. Archie rose is an option. There is a lot of smaller distilleries producing very good drops, killara distillery makes great whiskies (I find them a bit lighter and subtle though but that could be good in Scotland as the Aussie stuff is generally very punchy and flavoursome) another I find in this category is fleurieu distillery.

  4. I seem to come across Overeem quite frequently even though (as mentioned) I haven't been specifically paying attention to what's happening locally, so I'm guessing they're doing something right! Backwoods looks like a good option too - even better than they're from Victoria. ;)

  5. I've been meaning to head over to Starward and try a few samples, their standard releases seem alright but it's been their very limited stuff which has caught my eye (but always seemed to sell out quickly!)

  6. I've always thought of Archie Rose as more of a gin brand but given a few mentions in this post I think I gotta check out the rye, cheers heaps. :)

  7. No one has mentioned the Archie Rose Rye yet but it may not be in everyone's wheelhouse, Archie Rose in general is decent stuff for a fair price.

  8. I’ll add one more that I didn’t see mentioned here if you like a rye check out The Gospel … I think they released a single barrel recently that might still be available.

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