For all depressed people out there you are not alone :)

  1. Imagine not the parent that you have, but the parent that you needed. Treat yourself like they would have - someone who understood, and was gentle and kind to you when you needed.

  2. I actually don’t really like this meme. Depression causes me to not feel happiness or joy in this way, so just getting out of bed definitely doesn’t feel like a “win”. It feels like nothing.

  3. Showering and brushing teeth are my hardest. I have to get up to pee at least. A bucket next to the bed was used when I hurt my back badly and unfortunately a few times after when I saw how easy it was to use. I've gone weeks without showering and months only brushing a few times.

  4. I thought the same. Especially since I can relate having Seasonal Affective Disorder living in PNW. The sun has started to come out and I already feel so much better

  5. Thanks for making me feel less stupid. I had to check the comments to see if I was alone on that lol.

  6. That’s how I feel about saving for my first car. A lot of people inherit one at least, but I still was able to find a solid career and relationship without one.

  7. I like the sentiment, but I must say it doesn't work here since everyone "runs" this particular race.

  8. Dude, I never get caught by these memes, but today... I'm fucking sobbing rn. It's so hard. It seems insurmountable at times.

  9. Day in and day out. BUT one of those days you’ll get out of bed and stay out of bed. That’s an accomplishment. Then one day you’ll leave the house and feel the sun. And then one day becomes more days and eventually it becomes your new normal. And in the future one day you’ll be able to think about what you’re going through now and it’ll just be a memory (looking at you, months of December and January) of a worse time that you overcame. Things will get better!

  10. Yeah I'm still in bed despite having a decent amount of work for college. I don't know how much longer I can live like this, I think it's easier to kill myself at this point

  11. Hi everyone, not contributing and dumb post but, just having a very hard week and just about coping.. can I get some encouragement please?

  12. you got this, your mental state doesnt define you, sometimes ill feel like shit and be like wow life is shit, blow it up, and then another time ill feel great and you just look at those mental states where you feel bad and have to realize its a mental state, it doesnt define you, its some fucked up chemistry experiment going on in your brain, but thats not you, you are the one who in spite of that reaches out for help, in spite of the difficulties keeps going, you are a winner

  13. Hard weeks come and they feel never ending and insurmountable, but look at you, you're doing it! You are so much more capable than you think, be gentle with yourself, move through this hard time and the better times will come. I hope things get easier for you.

  14. Don't worry. In the overall scheme of things, it doesn't matter. Two days from now you'll think - I won't even remember this, because I'll be in the midst of yet another equally compelling set of stressful circumstances that will also eventually be forgotten, and if billions of years preceded our existence on earth, billions of years will surely follow our existence as well. So our life here is but a flash of a strobe light, the wink of an eye.

  15. I cleaned my room, changed my sheets and took care of a mountain of dishes a couple days ago after hardly being able to make it out of bed for a week, felt pretty good ngl

  16. I don't know about that. If I were the single person with depression - that would be fucking great because then no one else would have to deal with it and I'm already fucked so it's a huge net gain.

  17. Last weekend I got out of bed relatively early and I was feeling pretty good about that. I checked my phone, saw a Snapchat coming in and saw that a friend just ran 10 kilometers...

  18. You know, it took me a long time to realize someone else's accomplishments don't belittle my accomplishments. No matter what Oprah is accomplishing, I am a different person living a different reality - different opportunities, different hormones. It's not fair of me to compare. I've been practicing being my own best friend, loving myself fully. I'm not good at it yet, but it makes a difference when I tell myself that I'm ok to feel what I feel. I have a right to my life, and I'm ok to love myself and encourage myself. It's the best thing I can do for me.

  19. i recently discovered a great method for when you feel like you’ve dug yourself into a whole and can’t escape, build a latter

  20. I once read this article or something that essentially sad it was better to do a poor job at something than to do nothing at all. Little victories are still victories. I hope you all can try to remember that on your tough days.

  21. Dude. This attitude no doubt saved me. I was suffering from a physical depression. My body was dieing basically. I was getting up to use the restroom every 20 minutes or I'd be shitting myself.

  22. Aye depressed people unite, keep hope. My favorite word is sanguine- optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. One day at a time we can all get through it.

  23. from someone who has been suicidal before and really didn’t think ide make it out the other side, the most beneficial things to me where the things i did for myself. little things like wiping the crumbs off my sheets and making my bed. opening a window and letting fresh air and sunlight into my room. being gentle with myself always because everyday you wake up is still a day you live. start slow. it’s not impossible

  24. It's someone getting out of bed. They are celebrating the fact that they can get out of bed by pretending there's confetti falling around them, and that they are crossing a finish line.

  25. Maybe if you had a job or some other type of obligation you'd find it easier to get out of bed when you're finished sleeping in it.

  26. This is not to say you can’t be high functioning and still have depression, because you most certainly can and for any high functioning folks out there it’s also ok to enjoy a little relaxation without having the anxiety of waiting for the shoe to drop.

  27. Is this behavior unique to depression? I've never considered myself depressed but it takes about an hour and a half every day to get out of bed.

  28. Even tough I suffer from crippling dysphoria and borderline anxiety and depression, I still do everything that I used to with no excuses, it’s hard, but I know that if I stop my life will only go even more downhill, and I can’t afford that

  29. 40% of your depression comes from poor dietary choices. Diet can lead to hormonal inbalance which can exacerbate depression. You are what you eat, if you eat crap, you're going to feel like crap. If you eat good it will improve everything, and may push you over the edge. I know lots of people who improved their depression enough to ditch their medication following good nutrition and some basic exercise.

  30. I've been trying to get up early and consistently for the past two weeks to have more time in the day to get stuff done, and today is the first day I've succeeded in getting up before 8am. I was turning off my alarm and sleeping til 11am, cuz big sad. This meme is exactly how I feel today.

  31. I feel u ....just caught my gf cheating on me ....this sucks ...but I know after the rain comes the sun . Relationships suck

  32. Now they have in-office treatments using a few different glutamate inhibitors, such as ketamine (glutamate builds up in the nerve synapses over time and can prevent success of antidepressants. Also, "atypical" antidepressants are now out on the market, that are not tri-cyclic or ssri's and have significantly less side-effects than the aforementioned. The only problem is, sometimes we have more knowledge on our disease tha. The dr.s and mine had never heard of the atypical anti-depressants, so she doesn't feel comfortable prescribing them.

  33. I needed a cane and the alarm went off twice but I'm up and ready to battle with the dreaded plantar fasciitis. The back yard hasn't been mowed,is two feet tall and full of dog shit but I'll knock it down when I feel better. I'm up!

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