it was a video of how big moon and other thing are in solar system

  1. if you don't know then shut up his error is bigger than you and your mind or dead brain can imagine it would not have happened if you would have readead some books instead of wasting time in here a 5 year old kid is so much smarter than you could have suggest you some books to read but know you don't even know how read properly so wont SO get lost /s

  2. Moron, readead the entire moon Wikipedia before commenting I read all of Wikipedia in hour did you yea that what I thought moron

  3. With there being 3 years between the comment and the screenshot, he is at least now 8 years old. Wonder if he'll ever re-readead his comment...

  4. Never click on those videos, I think one Chanel is metal ball studios, I fell into a multi hour trance of watching like every single video, anything from Star Wars and halo ship size to deaths by dictators

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