Islamic Jihad rockets killed more civilians in Gaza than IDF airstrikes

  1. Yeah, but they occupy too important a geopolitical position to implement many solutions. Hawks on both sides find support far too easily.

  2. Hamas was literally offerred a lifting of the siege and development of the Strip with full international funding in exchange for a long-term truce, and they refused. Shows you their priorities. The Jihad against the Jews is their topmost priority. They dismantle their own water pipes to make rockets out of them. It's fucked beyond repair.

  3. There was a plan for both sides to accept the green line, but the Palestinians rejected it iirc and now the Israeli public wouldn't accept it

  4. Fundamentally the solution is two states, with approximately the pre 1967 borders (with land swaps), most of the settlements removed and a demilitarized Palestinian state (they have stated they do not need an army). With symbolic right of return and cash compensation.

  5. Israel has attempted to offer a treaty as such many times, offering up land in exchange for land they occupy/want and freedom of movement and such.

  6. The last, best chance at a peaceful resolution was the 2000 Camp David Summit when Israel and the Palestinian Authority came close to negotiating a peace treaty that create a separate state for the Palestinians. However, the negotiations fell apart.

  7. Honestly at this stage, Jordan reannexes the most of the West Bank and grants the people there Jordanian citizenship, Egypt reannexes Gaza and grants them citizenship. Israel annexes the remainder of the West Bank and grants the Palestinians there Israeli citizenship.

  8. A Palestinian state should have been created in 1948. It should have happened while Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt controlled Gaza. It should have happened when Israel first took over the West Bank. It should have happened when Israel returned the Sinai. It should have happened who knows how many times since.

  9. In the recent condition I do not think it is possible - largely because of groups like PIJ. PIJ's purpose for existence is to peel of the most militant and anti-peace elements of Hamas if Hamas makes serious peace efforts with Israel.

  10. The solution would have been to give the jews a promised land where people weren't already, like a chain of islands peopke didn't already live on. Instead of shoving them somewhere that all their neighbors hate them.

  11. The fact that humans have been fighting for this area for over a thousand years leads me to believe there is no resolution as long as humans are human.

  12. It it was about land and money it could be solved with a few meetings but when it’s about religious ideology it’s impossible. There is no reasoning with people who would rather believe in some fairytale than actually think. God is not great.

  13. Israel spends billions of dollars to intercept those cheap shitty rockets, and usually warns Palestinian civilians about air strikes with inert bombs and sometimes text messages.

  14. The headline is saying the rockets kill more people in Gaza, not overall. The rockets are so poor they don't all make it to Israel and kill people in Gaza.

  15. Iron beam will revolutionize this conflict. Palestinians are on the cusp of losing any and all leverage. Rise up against your oppressors (Hint: it’s not Israel)

  16. Have to say this conflict has been illuminating. Thank god all the people who haven't read one word from any article from the past week that just spew out generic path of least resistance social media dribble are getting pushed down.

  17. It's like seeing comments explaining why what the UK did to ISIS is wrong. Pretty worrying that there are so many people like that.

  18. Perhaps it is the concept of anti-apartheid that motivates “them”. Perhaps the belief in the right the self governance? Perhaps the asymmetry of the conflict? Perhaps the cyclical blockades that enforce desperation and poverty? Perhaps the continued theft of property and livelihoods?

  19. What nobody has been able to explain to me is that these rockets are headed towards cities like Jerusalem right? So even of they didn't fall short they would still be hitting Arab villages and neighborhoods

  20. Wow real shocker a terrorists group that targets innocent civilians in Israel is killing innocent civilians in Gaza. This isn’t just about land it’s about hating the existence of Jews

  21. So now it's about the existence of jews when Israel just came in and stole arab land and is illegally occupying a significant portion of Palestine? Yes, that definitely sounds like the palestinians want to destroy the jews, they totally don't just want their homes back ffs

  22. It’s clear Palestinian Islamic Jihad lost this war, just like when it lost the 2012 March war. The facts point to a clear Israeli victory

  23. Does it break down how many were used as a human shield? Or how many we’re taught since kindergarten to suicide-by-soldier? Or how many died of lack of medical care, cause they weren’t lucky enough to be treated in Israel and the tens of billions of dollars of European aid were stolen? Bottom line: 4 kids were killed by terrorists and none of the snowflakes said one word about it - cause they were killed by the “wrong” people. Just goes to show how it’s all business for Hamas and their likes (Islamic Jihad, in this case) and how all the “Palestinian cause” supporters are USEFUL IDIOTS

  24. Hey, at least it looked impressive at the time said the jihadist trying to explain to God while wildly looking around for his virgins!

  25. People don't realize that just because Israel is a prosperous and developed country doesn't mean the people are exhausted from the conflict. Yes, the Palestinians suffer more death and destruction as a result of the conflict, but Israel also just wants this shit to end.

  26. This conflict is the hardest i ever seen, many arabs still support anti-Semitic actions against jews and do their best to kill as many as possible of Israel civilians , they know that they can't stand against Israel s military so they attack poor civs , hamas and jihad are the main reason that the conflict is going to the worst

  27. Palestine would be turned to dust and destroyed if they laid their weapons down. What a stupid take. Israel has been getting military funding for free from the USA for decades. Israel wants nothing more than for Palestine to cease to exist. Join or die seems to be the motto. Tons of Israeli propaganda to dehumanize the “enemy” works wonders on Redditors. The Jerusalem Post surely wouldn’t be trying to spin this in a way that paints Israel as the victim for sympathy, would they?

  28. Kinda weird that killing civilians and invading land would cause a militant group to rise up and attack back? It's a big head scratcher isn't it.

  29. Or, just convert to REALITY and realize there’s enough hard evidence that shows humans have a long history of religion with many different Gods and that no matter which one people pray to, they still murder and kill one another (in support of some god or god-like human (dictator/king/emperor/whatever).

  30. Us about Ukraine: They should reject all peace deals that include losing an inch of land to Russia! They're so brave!

  31. I would say the difference is that Ukraine was the one being invaded, and Palestine was the one who invaded Israel. When you lose land in a war that you started don’t expect any tears to be shed.

  32. If Ukraine resorts to suicide bombers in cafes in Moscow, I would say it is time to give up. If the people of donbas and crimea have more freedom, more democracy, higher quality of life, longer life expectancy, I would say it is time to give up.

  33. Isn’t the Jerusalem Post the right-wing newspaper who reported that there was a few dozens of Palestinian civilian casualties during the 2014 Gaza war, when there were over 1500?

  34. What’s the conclusion of that chart you copied from your favorite propaganda pages? That there should be more dead Jews?

  35. Do you say that from prior experience or because it has “Jerusalem” in its name? That seems like suppressed anti semitism. What does Jerusalem have to do with it?

  36. Are facts propaganda if you don’t like the person who says them? All of this is verifiable by many sources.. including many videos filmed locally and linked all over this thread.

  37. Could I ask why you think so? Like, do you have contradictory evidence or articles, or do you just feel like you don't believe it?

  38. That's what I got out of the headline too. It doesn't matter who killed more. It's not a race to the bottom 😭

  39. It's not a competition. Pretty crazy when the armed forces of a country are competing with a terrorist organisation from another country.

  40. You don’t get it. Islamic jihad targets the Israeli civilians, not the Palestinians. It means that the IDF air strikes were accurate and minimal in collateral damage, while the IJ rockets malfunctioned and landed back at them. It isn’t to gloat at death, it’s to highlight the differences


  42. How come people (that aren't hasbara affiliated or similar) are missing that this is Jerusalem post saying this!? Basically Israel saying they aren't killing civilians? How is that a good source for information, they target journalists they don't like for sports... Numerous violations, killing children adn targeting cilvians to cause life long injuries is a common practice.

  43. This isn't a state-controlled outlet, though of course it has bias. What doesn't? Did you have similar complaints when the front-page coverage of these past few days was largely from Al Jazeera, which is state-owned by Qatar, the open supporter of Hamas?

  44. Tons of video evidence showing that an PIJ rocket killed those kids, but sure, go on spouting what makes you feel good.

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