The U.N. Wants to Criminalize Climate Change - A new report pushes to hold companies criminally accountable if their actions lead to global temperature rise.

  1. And who determines if it leads to temperature rise? Isn’t global warming/climate change an aggregate issue? Like, nearly every action contributes to it but sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze.

  2. What can they even proove in court without a benifit of a doubt? Do they have hard evidence on how much temperatures are raised in comparison to CO2 emissions? Im not a climate change denier, but it feels like were waiting for global temperatures to rise to proove our studies are correct.

  3. Honestly the shareholders would just replace said executive with another pawn, and keep going about their day..

  4. It would be good if the UN could also hold politicians to be criminally accountable - eg the UK government's climate advisory body has condemned the Tory government for allowing the go-ahead of the UK's first coalmine in 30 years.

  5. The UN is concensus based, it can only hold nationals of a country accountable if the country consents to it. Basically, if you want the UN to hold the UK accountable UK voters need to vote for politicians who are also in favor of it.

  6. The coal mine is used for making steel not for electricity, the main reason it’s in the uk at all is so it doesn’t have to be mined somewhere else and brought here

  7. It looks like the bribes from the other income streams are drying up so they need to branch out into a new line of business.

  8. “U.N., you got problem with that? You know what you should do? You should sanction me. Sanction me with your army. Oh! wait a minute! You don't have an army! So I guess that means you need to shut the fuck up! That's what I would do if I don't have an army, I would shut the fuck up.” -Dave Chapelle

  9. We all have a carbon footprint, though there's a clear separation between the footprint of the vast majority of citizens and the scale and destruction brought about by high emitters, esp many corporations.

  10. A good start would be the responsible people at Exxon who after finding out about the danger of climate change through their own study in the late 70's didn't only do nothing against it but actively lobbied against anything even remotely helpful to combat it.

  11. UN doesn’t and can’t do jack about on going wars and they continue to make statements about other major issues. One of the most useless organizations to be ever formed is the UN.

  12. "wants to" but isnt going to. it would truely be the most revolutionary, groundbreaking "law" of modern society to make this happen.

  13. How on earth (no pun intended) can you connect a specific companies business practices to a direct affect on global temperature rising?

  14. The UN can’t pass laws, has no courts and relies upon the member states to do anything. It’s a giant meeting house, not a government.

  15. Could they instead just waste that money for planting of tree's ? Or buying XY thousand accress of rain forest ?

  16. You mean actually let them do something productive instead of trying to jail people? They lack the common sense to do anything remotely sensible like that!

  17. One big problem with this is that most of the 'first world countries' have already performed the bulk of their 'climate change' industrialization.

  18. Umm. Where to start… developing nations have access to allot of tech and science that developed countries did not have which will allow developing nations to avoid rampant emissions dependence. Stop making excuses for their leaders. Everyone needs to do their part now or we and a hell of allot of what remains of nature will be gone soon

  19. This is heading towards some dystopian shit. I'd say it already has with awful ESG policies but this will likely just screw over the average person more while probably not helping climate change at all long-term.

  20. this sounds like it could end up being terrifying and arbitrary.... there is so much we dont understand about the climate and our impact on it, how could some politicians fairly establish a causal link between a companies actions and changes in the climate? what will be the limitations?

  21. Can we just start by banning private planes for politicians? I think this is something we can all agree … hopefully?

  22. fuck them. they want control. They want to fly around in their pj's (which is fine with me) , but then they want to jail us /tax us for using energy (not cool)

  23. And in the US since corporations are considered people and allowed to donate to elections, corps need to be held legally accountable just like people. A new set of sentencing rules need to be created to financially inhibit corps ability to make money just like prison inhibits people from making money.

  24. Once again ignoring the fact that if the East left coal for natural gas, emissions would drop significantly.

  25. this is all baloney, climate change is going to happen, it's too late, we should spend our money adapting and confronting the fact that our fossil fuel civilization has passed its peak...

  26. Speaking as American here but still general question: Aren’t bad practices that lead to climate change already relatively illegal? Its just that the companies save more money from doing the illegal activity than the fines would be so they ultimately dont care?

  27. lol. they’re just gonna have to eat a fine after the damage is already done, not like they haven’t already been doing that for years though

  28. Good luck with that. They can’t stop countries from invading neighbors but will be successful here? Right

  29. Begs the question, what sort of actions? This is a redundancy that will lead nowhere because emissions will rise with global demand, as more countries are lifted out of poverty and population grows. In the main, fuel-combusting technologies are more efficient over time, so it will be trivial for companies to argue they aren't contributing to a rise while more people are consuming their product. This is still true even if you completely ignore electricity-generation. Food requires ammonia for fertilizer and plastics for greenhouses, steel requires blasting furnaces, cement uses coal and coke, etc.

  30. How does that work for a company like DHL? Sure their carbon footprint is more than Peru's but that's because they are moving millions of tonnes of freight a year because we want that freight brought to us.

  31. No worries, Al Gore single handedly defeated climate change with the democraps carbon credit scam back when he invented the internet.

  32. Weird how you don't mention America in that calling out, almost as if you want to only mention countries that have had their cultures fucked over by the US or UK through imperialism/ colonialism....

  33. When one considers per-capita emissions, India and North Korea have contributed very little to the problem. Heck every Indian produces only 10% of the US's per-capita emissions, and it's even lower still when one considers historical emissions. And a large part of China falls into that bracket too.

  34. No, this is a direct route to a global authoritarian government. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars

  35. When will ppl understand the earth has patterns!! Every several thousands of yrs it goes thru temperature changes. How many ppl know the earth has moved? How many know the chances of earth flipping grow every day. Stop blaming climate control and ask what the hell is really going on?!?

  36. So literally everyone? Every single company uses energy to produce something, and that energy will mostly still be fossil.

  37. Exxon execs & lead shareholders 1970s must be tried for genocide. They shouldn’t get any better treatment than the Nazis. This isn’t some silly little mistake. This is deliberately conspiring to kill hundreds of millions of people for money.

  38. Not before long: citizen X is hold accountable to increasing global temperature due to excessive exhaling and farting.

  39. In other "Never gonna happen" News tonight, Donald Trump was Charged and Arrested today, following many Crimes.Coming up, Livestream of Putin's arraignment in the Hague.

  40. If we are talking about what the companies make then yes if we are talking about the overall carbon then no their is a simple reason why overall they produce more carbon and that’s due to having the highest population so even if they were making less carbon per person then let’s say people in Sweden the carbon could still be much more then that country, still needs a solution tho.

  41. Watching how effective the UN has been at everything else, and being from a country with veto power, I get the feeling the companies in my country aren’t especially worried.

  42. Fat chance. Look at Investor-state relations dispute settlement. You want to stop something negative happening to your country from a corporation and you get taken to court saying you cost the corporation $ so you gotta pay up the $. So your country is out of pocket stopping a corporation from harming you.

  43. Wouldn't this mean that everyone who uses energy is contributing? Let's send a swat team to that damn hotdog vendor, that propane tank he uses is filled with dead dinos. He should have an EV or wood fired hotdog stand.

  44. Maybe your take just sucks rather than there being some kind of conspiracy of boomers who love oil coming to reddit to downvote your single digit karma post.

  45. Now, let's all patiently wait for the un to penalize the US for their actions contributing to climate change. It will happen any day now

  46. This should also apply to companies selling carbon credits. There shouldn’t be a secondary market to legally evade carbon emission taxes by buying credits from another company. The company selling the credits should be responsible for additional carbon capture.

  47. What i would really love is if the PR firms were held responsible for the destruction their lies and stalling has cost us all. Like the company Shell hires to slow down adoption, have them all charged with misinformation or whatever and then civil sued personally for everything.

  48. Another smoke show, nothing will be done or changed. Look simpletons we are holding them accountable! Riiiiiight 👌🏼

  49. If companies are people, then they can be criminals. This is going to take some finagling, but I appreciate the effort. If they cross their ts and dot their is, it could work.

  50. Ascertain the carbon footprint of every individual and corporate personhood and if it's over a certain accetpable threshold, then they should be held accountable for all emmisions over that threshold.

  51. Hopefully more effective than the UN’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Doubtful unfortunately.

  52. Wouldn't this essentially kill the internal combustion engine for regular transportation (cars, trucks, etc...) since the company making them would be damaging the environment? And what about logistics companies? There isn't any mainstream electric semi trucks out there yet as far as I know. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding

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