A father, a medical aid, says he found out she was one of the victims when he arrived on the scene and was helping another little girl covered in blood. She told him her best friend had been shot. When he asked her name, she said his daughter’s name.

  1. It's gonna keep happening vote the cunts out who do fuck all to prevent this shit happening vote in people who will fix this utter shit show

  2. Good luck with that. Republicans love their guns significantly more than they dislike watching children get slaughtered. They don't give a shit about you, about kids, about anything but their own asses.

  3. I felt that too, but I think he was trying to help show who the little girl was and the incredible devastation to this family, to help the audience to understand just what is at stake. I think this is not exploitation of the family, but exactly what the family want, that is, to make change to protect children.

  4. It’s just not appropriate at this moment, it would have been the highlight of the interview and would have reduced the attention from Amerie. The shoulder hug says enough. I hear you, though. I certainly want to hug the guy.

  5. If the guy wanted a hug, he would have set the picture of his daughter down and gestured for a hug. Anderson could tell that by the way the guy was holding the picture, he was hugging her and he didn’t want to take that from him. Maybe a hug would have been nice, but it says a lot about his character that he read the situation and reacted appropriately.

  6. That’s all cops will ever do during an active shooting. They aren’t going to bust down the door and magically take out the gunman. That’s Hollywood. This is precisely why arming more people to prevent this is absurd. An armed person pretty much get into wherever they want do damage. If we wanna fix the problem the guns need to go. Period.

  7. 3 cops. Gunman barricaded inside. They started getting students out if the building first. You can't always just Rambo someone. Or better point, this is why the cops didn't rush Rambo when he was barricaded in

  8. I’m north of Dallas near Denton and this morning, there are LEOs stationed at every school. My son’s class is in the first hallway as you enter the school. I’ve had anxiety about it since the day they started. My daughter is in the second hallway at the end of the hall.

  9. I'm so tired. I'm so ashamed. All I want to do is cry all day but I can't, I'm an adult. I Abe to suck it up and go to work at a job I don't want to do but fake smile the whole day. I'm tired, this is outrageous and I just want things to change. Maybe I should be getting my visa together and finding a way out of this country.

  10. I had to give my 8 and 10 year old, the talk. Which sadly, in America, is what to do if someone starts shooting their school up…

  11. I can’t even fathom what the contents of that talk would be. What to do? Where to hide? When to run? These shouldn’t have to be the things children this young should be worrying about.

  12. What is the solution to this that doesn't involve turning out schools into a prison or implementing gun control? Because I just don't see it.

  13. Starting tomorrow divert 10% of the military budget into teacher training, books and supplies, a national curriculum, better pay for teachers.

  14. PLEASE PLEASE every single person fight to have your local government implement laws that restrict the purchases of automatic weapons AND FIGHT to have mental health be it’s own individual class k-12. FIGHT WITH A PASSION INSIDE YOUR HEART OR ELSE THIS WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN AND WILL EVENTUALLY TOUCH SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

  15. It’s fantastic the GOP lawmakers in these states will ban and burn books for fear those might turn kids into trans or gay.

  16. I had a conversation with a lady from work yesterday who seemed "not like herself". She was quiet and withdrawn and you can tell she had something on her mind. I stopped by and asked her if she is ok.

  17. All that will happen is police will shoot the “good guys” with guns because they have no way of knowing who is good and who is bad, they just see a person with a gun. It’s already happened. Anytime anyone recommends arming teachers just repeat that.

  18. I feel for this father, how damn sad this entire situation is! Great interview and such compelling thoughts from the Dad of this young girl who sounded like a really great daughter. I really hope this nation comes to its senses and gets its gun laws in order. It's been way overdue and we (parents) shouldn't have to continue going through these horrific incidents.

  19. I'm terrified for my daughters future with shit like this. Every time I see a little girls photo from this I see her face and it break me. These poor families and their heartache

  20. cops went into the school and rescued their own kids then stood outside and watched as others got slaughtered as parents begged them to save the people inside, they waited and hour. They should be fired immediately and put on trail. Don't take an oath to protect if you're not gonna protect and instead be a coward

  21. Just gonna leave this here... Republicans already blocked a bill to prevent tragedies like this. Conservative are the scum of the earth.

  22. And the Republican party leadership is doing everything it can to deflect and to not allow gun control laws through. They are in the pocket of the NRA and gun manufacturers. They care more about their bank accounts than they do about preventing child murders.

  23. Alright, i’ve had enough. Ban assault rifles, I don’t care anymore. We’ve done nothing for far too long. No more thoughts and prayers, no more “arm all teachers”, just fucking take them away. I do not care.

  24. It’s is so sad. It makes me angry. I support the 2nd. But we need to have federal gun laws. Not laws based on the state. Because abbot is to blame for this. Making it extremely easy to get a gun in Texas. I’m from CT after sandy hook the CT government changed a lot of its gun laws. It’s not easy to get a gun here. But watch the death of children not change Texas gun laws. They will double down on there lack of gun laws. Saying something about freedom and some other bullshit. It’s ironic how the pro life party really doesn’t care about life

  25. He was shot dead, not by the chicken shit police force but by a border control officer. The police force was incompetent asf.

  26. How does someone look at a beautiful little girl and shoot her?! What kind of a monster you must be. So much unnecessary pain. A lifetime of pain.

  27. wow, that's rough. The people who do this are those who believe they have no future and have a weapon to express their anger with. The people who got us here are those we voted for. And they have so little empathy or care that unless it actually happens to them, nothing will ever change.

  28. Why do media orgs interview grieving parents. I do not understand how this is an acceptable practice for any media company in the US expect for pure profit and clicks.

  29. Fuck Senators, Fuck the government and their complete and utter lack of testicles to easily prevent this heartbreak from happening to innocent families over and over again

  30. Actually came across some genuinely sick in the head right-wing folk immediately declaring that this guy was a hired "crisis" actor.

  31. None of this should ever happen, but we allow it by not speaking up until it’s our kids. Entire states need to show up on the doorsteps of their capitols and demand better policing, better gun control, and better school security paid by TAXES. Enough of this shit.

  32. Impossible to watch this and not tear up. Everything about this situation is wrong. The people need to unite and get fucking angry. This shit needs to end and the government needs to start working for the people. I can’t imagine the founding fathers envisioned a future for America like this when they wrote the 2nd amendment.

  33. I heard that in the last 2 days a copycat gun shooter was stopped in Canada by cops actually doing their jobs with zero bloodshed. Don't have all the details except that he never even got in his targeted building.

  34. Its sad that this happens. Its a big reason my nephew and nieces are now home schooled. Its fucking appalling how little our government is doing.

  35. Parental accountability. How tf does a kid have access to firearm unsupervised and where tf are the parents when that kid is taking that firearm to school? Eminem said it the best a long ass time ago " and they blame it on Marilyn, but where were the parents at?"

  36. what body cams? the body cams of the police outside following the feds orders to control the perimeter? after the shooter was already dead?

  37. Incredibly sad. So hard to watch. Children should not have to fear going to school. Parents should not have to fear sending our children to school. A crisis was averted at my kids highschool last October involving a potential shooter because a couple kids ratted the gun carrier out before he could act. Changes need to be made.

  38. Being a father of my little girl I just couldn’t imagine… watching this broke my heart & I just can’t imagine loosing my babygirl.. prayers for those little angels 👼🏻 & there families. We got to do better… my heart is heavy & I pray for all of you… may God Bless🙏🏼

  39. Even as a person who believes in the right to bear arms, I will NEVER understand why normal citizens are allowed to own automatic weapons, they were designed for the military, for one explicit purpose to kill PEOPLE. They are not designed for defense either, they are designed for attack, they are designed to spray bullets and kill a large amount of people as fast as possible. Military grade weapons shouldn’t be available to the normal public, end of story.

  40. The national approach after Columbine was literally don't do that. Go in so they can't keep going from classroom to classroom.

  41. Omg I am crying with him! Poor, sweet girl, same age as my son. He’s also begging for his first phone; this resonates so goddamn hard!

  42. Solution : Vote for the people that want to change. One issue at a time. Vote for whoever supports the issue most important to you, your family and community.

  43. Heartbreaking, but why would you interview someone who just went through the worst moment of their life?

  44. The guy wasn’t forced to be interviewed, he obviously agreed to it… maybe it’s part of his grieving process.

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