Racist Man Calls Black Talk Show Host Joe Madison The N-Word And Gets Schooled by Him

  1. I think we should spread the word not to fuck him so his genes are taken out of the pool and he doesn't get the opportunity to raise a kid. we don't need people like him in this world.

  2. Schooled is a stretch but he was right about not being able to have an intelligent conversation so he results to insults.

  3. Schooled in a sense that how he shut down his entire ego with logic , it doesn't get better schooling than that , when you say schooled you wanted him to just hurl insults like the racist did

  4. He is trying to prove Trump supporters aren't dumb or racist and proceeds to yell racial profanity without back up or context nor an argument to make, well done Mike from Michigan.

  5. If you're asking why he called him an N-word Eagle, it's because the host's nickname is The Black Eagle.

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