Pete Kadens, a Chicago millionaire who retired at 40, created a charity called Hope Chicago that will pay for in-state college tuition, room and board, and books for 30,000 Chicago high school students. Kadens acknowledges that he 'won' the 'birth lottery'/'zip code lottery'/'education lottery'.

  1. This is what rich people need to be. Pete Kadens is clearly a first class individual for helping all of these kids. I hope that each of them can use this gift to elevate themselves, their families and the communities out of poverty.

  2. I hope Jeff Bezos stops being a super villain and starts to try to be like this guy! Instead of actively creating poverty/slaves, especially in his warehouse. We could gain so much as a society and community..

  3. America desperately needs more wealthy people with this mindset, and more news outlets to report it. Cheers to this guy - incredible.

  4. America desperately needs more less wealthy people. We should create a system that funds free college so that this situation doesn't have to exist in the first place.

  5. It's not even "trickle down" though, it's just a straight up wealth transfer, which is what people actually need.

  6. Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't even allow people to get this rich in the first place, instead using taxes to redistribute wealth and fund free college.

  7. We have people like this in Chicago, and then there is Kenneth Cordelle Griffin who lies to congress while stealing Billions only to give a small portion to the police of Chicago to help them with the crime rate. In other words lets encourage nurturing the youth instead of just controlling the end result of unequal education and poverty. Pete Kadens needs to continue being a rising legend. Lets see you succeed in business and charity.

  8. Man, a captain of industry like this, so noble and active is so rare. Wish I could find a leader like this and join his ranks. Kudos to you, good sir.

  9. This is incredible. Its uncomfortable watching this story though and hearing 60 minutes try to subtlety divert or undermine a lot of important statements we don't hear from rich people enough.

  10. Damn seeing this is hella cool. It's also scary that are gonna be people that hate him for the fact that he cares about others NOT in his income bracket. Either way it's a great thing he's doing. Maybe one day there will be more of him.

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