Have not found the whole interview yet. Some officers got their children out.

  1. They bravely tazed the parents that tried to save their own children from the bullets of a crazy killer.

  2. The guys who went in and got to work were USBP BorTac. The 40 minutes that blue took chilling was the time it took green to grab gear get on scene and execute. Kinda sad that BP had to do their job for them.

  3. God I hope their kids resent them for the rest of their lives holy shit. Imagine having to live with the fact that your entire class is dead because your parent is a failure

  4. "Brave Men and Women of the law enforcement" LOL i know its sad to laugh but at this point i feel its better than the rage.

  5. No that’s the thing though, SWAT would probably move on that no problem, they have literal years of training and are usually an example of what we want every cop to be. These sheriffs and beat cops are the ones that sit on the sidelines.

  6. I fuckin love how shit americans are, lol. They're all self centered uneducated fools. You don't have an ounce of bravery among you. Just corporate loyalty.

  7. Well, most Americans aren't like these police officers if you haven't been paying attention. The parents actually wanted to do something. You can generalize as much as you like though.

  8. Granted these cops were failures but you realize that without us you'd be speaking German, right? And likely, we're the only thing keeping our neighbors to the north from glowing and speaking Russian.

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